I don’t know if any of you guys know this but I actually have a book published on Amazon!

The Title : The White Butterfly

The Author : Sabrina Ingram (Of course!)

Price : $3.99.

Genre : Romance.

What Is It About : 

‘The White Butterfly’ is a story about a girl’s journey through the stages of a break up.
As she begins to go on a mission to understand her break up, she creates a stronger bond with her best friend Rose, and becomes closer to a childhood friend by the name of Chase Mathews, who she had recently gone estranged to.
This book teaches you that you can find love when you least expect it, that you can create a bond between all the tears, and sometimes, the person you’re truly looking for has been there all along. It just took a long time to find them.
This is the story of Belle’s breakup and how it was the start of a new story as well as the ending.
Read as you see her go through the stages of a break up, as well as the stages of falling in love. Along her ride, is the surprising relationship between a pair that once hated each other.

The Link : https://www.amazon.com/White-Butterfly-Sabrina-Ingram-ebook/dp/B01EE9GLZ0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470196123&sr=8-1&keywords=the+white+butterfly+by+sabrina+ingram#navbar

I hope you guys check it out!

Hope you have a good day,

Sabrina Ingram.


Published by

Sabrina Ingram

Hello, my name is Sabrina Ingram. I am the author of The White Butterfly and The Girl in the Cage. You can find me on my website (www.sheswritingmore.com) where I talk about writing, books, personal things, and much more!

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