The Rose Petal – Short Story


Why Was it Written : This story was written for Prose contest that I ended up not being able to join because my English teacher couldn’t find a sponsor for me (she had forced me to join in the first place.)


The Story :


The rose was said to come when you first have eye contact with the one. Each time you make eye contact, a rose will appear and start to grow, and then you must take a petal. I only knew the details from what I had seen between my mother and my father.


I was sixteen when I got my first dose from the powers of the rose. I made eye contact with a boy, his brown eyes boring into mine. The shock I felt made me look away from him and instead at the rose. When I looked back up, I noticed that he was also staring at the rose that was growing. A lot of people were now looking in amazement by the speed of the flower.


“Funny how it started when we saw each other?” I joked, and the boy laughed. “I’m really sorry, I’d love to talk but I have to go. Bye!” he told me, as he began to leave. I just smiled in response, and stared at the rose, before grabbing one petal and leaving for home. On my way home, I was already planning to talk with my mother and find out what to do with the vibrant rose petal.


What my mother told me came as a surprise, at first she got really excited before she said, “Honey, there is something I must tell you,” losing her excitement. She then began to tell me of the rose petal. “The rose petal is used for a very specific reason, sweetheart. When you see the rose petal for the first time you must make a choice. You feel a strong attraction to him, but he will not feel the same way just because you made eye contact with him. The magic the rose has, makes you use the petal you have to make him fall in love,” my mother had explained to me.


“Then he will be in love with me?” I asked, and she smiled.


“Yes, for as long as the rose petal survives under the potion, which is why you must take a petal every time you make eye contact or you will not be able to do it in time.”


“What if I want him to fall in love with me naturally?” My mother gave me a sad smile at the question.


“After you make eye contact, it will either be love or hate. Love, if you choose to do the potion or hate if you choose not to. However, if you choose to cast the spell and he had already begun to have feelings for you before the first time you made eye contact, then he will hate you,” my mother explained further.


The choice turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, did I want an artificial love from the person, or did I want the man I was destined to love, to hate me? By the next morning, I had been looking everywhere for him, excited to see him, and wanting to talk to him in general. I had wondered if he liked me, but I had dismissed it quickly. When I finally saw him, I was near the rose.


“Hello rose girl,” he greeted, smiling.


“Hello.” This was followed by a short conversation about a few things but I was happy to hear him talk, and I found myself enchanted by every word he uttered. By the time we had to go to class, I had made my choice.


When I got home from school, I went to my mother and we got straight to work. I was surprised by how easy the potion was to make, needing only sprinkles, the rose petal, and an incantation. Then you are supposed to put it into a food you loved and give it to him. The following day at school, I was excited to give him the cookie.


“Here you go, rose boy!” I told him, smiling as I had seen him early.


“Thanks rose girl,” he replied after I gave it to him. I had blushed, knowing that the effects of the potion was almost instant. After he took a bite, his nose scrunched up in disgust and I knew right away that I made a mistake in our relationship. As he walked away, I heard him mutter how he couldn’t believe he ever liked me. That was the day my heart broke as I lost my chance with my true love.


My Thoughts : When I first wrote the story, it was originally longer and was forced to cut down a lot for this contest, taking away essentially all conversation that was originally here. I personally liked that version more, however I no longer have it.


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Sabrina Ingram

Hello, my name is Sabrina Ingram. I am the author of The White Butterfly and The Girl in the Cage. You can find me on my website ( where I talk about writing, books, personal things, and much more!

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