The Cat Car – Short Story

Why Was it Written : It was for an ‘English 111 : Writing and Inquiry’ assignment which was my college class for the Spring semester of 2016. This was my favorite paper I wrote because it was simply a describing thing like I had to use Imagery, Metaphor, Alliteration, and some other stuff.

The Story :

I had never believed a car chose it’s owner until I came across the creature that I would forever remember as the cat car. I had watched Harry Potter many times as a child and even into my teenage years, listening to Ollivander speak of how the wand chooses its owner but I never believed that this happened in the muggle world.

The black car, the color of midnight, was innocent at first glance but if I had learned anything, there was a reason the night was correlated to monsters that hid in the daylight and of all other evil creation. I walked towards the silent car, watching it nervously as I expected the vehicle to take a bite of her. I opened the door slowly, waiting for the millions of insects to run across the seat but to no avail.

I finally bit back a sigh of relief and sat in the car, turning it on as it roared to life noisily. I cringed at the sheer volume and suddenly a white cloud enveloped her and I jumped out of the car in terror to see the back pumping out large amounts of white hot air. I exhaled, testing the cool air to see her own breath, hoping that may be the reason behind these clouds of smoke but her breath was just as invisible as before.

I bit my lip, now more wary of the car and having very little trust. I finally willed myself to step back into the monster, closing the door to trap the smoke outside before moving the gear shift to drive. The car lurched forward and I cringed at the noise that erupted in complaint.

I knew then there was no way that I would be getting this car but continued to press the gas pedal, curious to see the pluses of the loud monster. With each moment I pressed on the gas pedal the louder it became as the seconds passed like years. The death march seemed to be the tune it followed.

I turned a corner and knew this ferocious beast was a cat disguised as a car. The monsters original complaint had clearly had enough as it turned into a powerful hiss. The roar of the engine accompanying it made it seem as though it were a tiger hunting her. I looked around the inside of the car cautiously, looking for the cat’s teeth but knew it was too clever to leave its weapons out in the ocean. This car, the color of midnight, was another creature of the night that could not be trusted. I quickly returned the creature to its owner and silenced her and the angry cat quietened into a peaceful slumber. This car, I believed, would never see another owner as long as it had a say and was silenced forever.

My Thoughts : I actually started writing this story on my phone while my dad and I were leaving that very same car so yeah… I love the story actually, I thought it was cute even though it was kinda stupid.


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Sabrina Ingram

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