Top Ten Authors

These are the top 10 writers from all around the world. This is completely coming from my opinion and is ranked accordingly. Number one being the best.

10. J.K. Rowling.

J.K. Rowling, known for her famous series Harry Potter, ranks number 10 on my list. Many people would argue that as she is “Queen” then she would be ranked higher but the only reason why she is on this list is actually for her ideas, not her material. Her works are magical the Muggle (Or No Mage, poor Americans) population. Her work captivated readers for her magical capability and her ideas for the story were amazing. But her work itself is disappointing to say the least. Harry’s “jealous endeavors” in the 5th book (Order of Phoenix) was called “the green monster” and that is just one example of her crappy writing.

9. Sharon M. Draper.

Sharon M. Draper, known for her work, Copper Sun, is actually amazing. Her work is admiring and interesting. You actually feel like you are living the life that you are seeing and it’s amazing. However her endings are rough, at best, and you find yourself wanting more information on it.

8. Ayn Rand.

Ayn Rand, known for her Objectionist views and amazing writing, leads her to land on this list of phenomenal writers. Her work, such as Anthem, causes you to become absorbed in the work and her unrealistic views of characters is admiring. However in her earlier work, such as Fountainhead, the words are awkward, stumbling as you attempt to finish the sentence stopping her from reaching a higher level of excellence on this list. This does not stop her from being one of my favorite Authors.

7. Frances Hodgson Burnett

Frances Hodgson Burnett had this amazing ability to create characters that we want our daughters to be. I mean, I would love for my daughter to be like little Sara Crewe. She has always done really well with characters and story plots, reminding me of Lewis Carroll in many ways however I feel as though her work was drawn out and that A Little Princess could have been like 4 chapters shorter. She is on this list for being able to creating amazing characters that we can still love today but just like Lewis Carroll, she had potential to do more and never did. While I would consider Lewis Carroll and Frances Hodgson Burnett to be equal, her drawn out feeling causes her to fall behind.

6. Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll, known for his work with Alice in Wonderland, is a writer who I believed had a lot of potential. His work was interesting as he continued to write, capturing the love of children and adults alike. Though there is a big reason why I didn’t rank him up higher. He had the ability to become phenomenal, the ability to change the way people looked at books and while he did amazing, he could have done so much better. The people that beat him out however created something so genuine and affected the world in so many ways that it was impossible to put him any higher.

5. Nicholas Sparks.

Nicholas Sparks, known for his cry-promise scenes and phenomenal writing, he has written books beloved by all such as The Notebook, The Last Song, The Choice, A Walk to Remember, and even Dear John. His work has caused readers of all ages to fall in love over and over that they don’t even mind that a box of tissues might as well be a requirement when it comes to his work. He has changed the world of romance as we know it and he did it all without dying first.

4. Bram Stoker.

Ah, Bram Stoker. He is known for being the start of the Vampire Revolution by writing the story of the famous Dracula. While he might have done amazing portraying a blood-sucking soul less creature, many have failed (Such as Stephanie Meyers, I mean, sparkling murderers, really?) He is ranked rather high for his structure in writing, professional sense that might be hard on new readers but old readers greatly appreciate the attention to detail. He is not my favorite writer but I did give him a high position for his ability to change the writing and reading world as we knew it.

3. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is well known for his Sherlock Holmes series. He created the story of the narcissistic know-it-all that we all love and know, Sherlock. He has captured the hearts of all with his portraying and attention to detail and we acknowledge his amazing work. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ranks high due to his amazing characters, his knack for getting people on their toes, and for creating a series that we all know and love by changing the world. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, thank you for creating my beloved, Sherlock Holmes.

2. Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe was amazing, his attention to detail and his ability to show and not tell has caused him to be a subject in schools as well as a case study in writing itself. Edgar Allan Poe was both a poet and an author and his most well known book is probably The Tell Tale Heart. While his work was dark and interesting, nobody seemed capable of putting down his work and knowing Poe, that’s a complete possibility. He is ranked number two for his attention to detail, his profound way of writing, and for his shocking endings.

1. William Shakespeare.

Ah, here he is! William Shakespeare was practically expected to be on this list, I mean. He is William Shakespeare and he deserves to be on this list which is why he gets NUMBER ONE. Not only did he change the writing world, he was one of the first to do so as he was in the Renaissance Era. Not only did he change the world but his creativity has given us more than 100 common sayings and words. On average, you probably use one of the words he created at least three times a day. William Shakespeare is known for many things but his most famous plays was Romeo and Juliet. He is an author that all aspire to be and for good reason. His amazing performances of creating characters that we can’t help but love and causing us to cry our eyes out when someone we hate dies and I don’t even know how that works.


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