Career or Family?


In the question of choosing between my family or my career, I would choose my career. Family should be able to realize that your career is crucial as the career is how you would support them and I could never choose them over that. They are my family so no matter how much work you put into your career, they are still obligated to love you.  I can understand one’s decision to choose family however it is not the decision I would make and I think this decision is something that should be mentioned in relationships so they are aware of where they stand. If one were to marry somebody without knowing that they would constantly be working or doing something involving their work, it is common for a break up to ensue due to the lack of understanding. In every future relationship I will be in, this choice is something I would make prevalent early in the relationship rather than later.

I believe that it is important to balance your career and family but in the end, I do believe that one’s career should exceed. One’s career is something that you go through twelve or more years of school and it seems illogical to choose your family over something that you have spent more than a decade of your life to reach. In any career, life is constantly changing and the working environment is constantly in motion and one should make sure that they keep up and in order to excel in your career, you should choose career over family.

My choice to choose my career is not over a lack of wanting a relationship but in my personal opinion, it is the most logical choice out of the two. I would hope to find myself able to balance the two but this would be the choice I would make if I were forced to. In addition, relationships have been declining and in a recent study, The State of Our Unions 2011, it has been recorded that only 60% of people are even happy in their relationship so why would I choose them over my career, something I love, which could very well fail anyways.

If one were to ask somebody if they would like to work more hours for more money or less hours for less money like the study at Cornell University, it is shown that many people would choose the same answer as me although unknowingly. While this was not in consideration of family or home life, it is implied in the answer and the fact that an average of them chose more work for more money proves that I am not the only person who would choose this. In the same study, they asked if they regretted choosing work over happiness and only 24% of them said “yes.” ( Par. 6.)

Alex Blackie wrote a heart breaking article on The Guardian called ‘I couldn’t have it all’ – choosing between my career and my family. In this article, she talks about the fact that she had a family before she started her career and that at one point, her daughter said “Mummy, I don’t recognize you anymore.” (Par. 1) This is something that is heart breaking as she dreamed of being “the perfect mother” however this is not a dream that I have. I dream of making a good career for myself so I have a hard sympathizing with this concept. I wholeheartedly support her decision in stepping back from her career and being more involved with her family, however I wonder if it was really a wise decision. Clearly she was making it big in her career and while she was unhappy because of her family, she was proud of her achievement with her job and choosing to step back may have taken away her chance of doing well in her career.

While I perfectly understand the choice between family and career and choosing family, it is not something that I would do. The likely of the relationship salvaging no matter what along with my goals in life not paralleling with my family but my career, I would choose my career in a heartbeat.


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