The Iridescent Dragon – Short Story


Why Was it Written :  This story was written for the ‘Ron L. Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.’ The only requirement was that it was Fantasy or Sci-Fi (I chose Fantasy) and under 17,000 words (3,051 words.)

The Story :

His skin was pale, his hair was as dark as night and his clothes were of a black origin, black pants and a black shirt with a long velvet black rope surrounding his body, swishing around as he walked. His face was planted with a sneer, and his eyes were stuck in a menacing glare.

Nothing about him was good, his soul matched his clothing as he glared towards the beautiful castle. Thinking of the girl that lived in the highest tower, sneering at the idea of the woman who denied his hand in marriage. But a laugh bubbled in his chest, he was going to get his revenge and he knew how. He spun around, his black cape hitting against his ankles as he spun around the stairs, down to the cellar where he kept his prized possession.

She brushed her hair, her blond locks curled softly as her hair fell from the brush. Her soft blue eyes watched the dark hut that laid miles away. She felt bad for denying his hand in marriage, he was a sweet boy but she just didn’t love him and she didn’t want to marry a man she didn’t love. She was a princess, her skin was porcelain and perfect. She was of average height and of delicate build, She wished she loved him but she didn’t.

Her friendship with the boy was long, dating back to when she was just a child and the idea of marriage was far away in reality, they had participated in a fake marriage, a beautiful white dress that looked similar to a wedding dress and a toilet paper veil while he wore a simple black tuxedo. Though, she never saw him as more than friends, she just wanted to wear the dress in a wedding and he readily agreed. But they were no longer children and the kisses on the cheek he gave began to no longer seem innocent.

Her family would have never agreed anyways, they didn’t even accept their friendship. When he came to the doorstep, an engagement ring and a pig for an endowment in hand, her father laughed in his face but still allowed him to ask her. He just wanted her to be happy, she believed. It was my mother that was so against our relationship.

When he asked, he greeted her as a friend before giving a speech that unveiled his feelings before moving onto one knee, a ring on display for her to see. The shine of the diamond glaring at her, wanting her to say yes, his kind expectant eyes wanting her to say yes. But as she looked into his eyes, she knew that he was nothing more than a friend and as she shed a single tear, she told him no.

He vowed revenge, angry as he stormed out and she was left, falling to her knees in tears. But her mother simply told her to get up or she would wrinkle her dress. She wish she shared the feelings he felt for her, everything in her wished she shared the feelings. It hurt her heart that she didn’t.

The scales of his prize possession was of the iridescent type, a beautiful blue and green that looked of the ombre fashion. The creature was of a beautiful type and he knew that she would fall into the trap. The beautiful creature was ordered to stop at her home, feigning to be injured and allow the princess to help him. The creature was then ordered to wait for the perfect time and then kill her, bringing back only her head and his award was the permission to eat the rest of her.

The creature flew, ready to devour his meal. He imagined the princess as something gruesome, skin the color of rotten eggs, nails the color of urine, and hair similar to a bird’s nest. However, as he arrived, stumbling to the ground from his flight as he pretended to be hurt and hit the ground with a large thud, he caught sight of a beautiful girl from the top of the tower. He landed, hoping that wasn’t the girl he was ordered to eat.

He let out a pained cry, smoke erupting from his lips. He hoped they had heard, hoped the bait would work and he knew it did when the beautiful woman appeared from the castle doors, running towards him. Her blond hair shined in the sun, making it seem as though she had an angelic glow about her, her beautiful pink dress danced across the grass as she effortlessly ran.

“Oh my, are you alright?” she whispered in fear, staying back a few feet in fear of him killing her. The dragon knew he had to get her to trust him as he feigned tears, milking the pain for all it’s worth. He watched the Princess’ face, her concerned facial expression growing as she caught sight of the dragon’s tears. She took a tiny step forwards before she began talking, “I’d like to help you, I promise that I will not hurt you.” He knew she was trying to make nice, trying to get him to trust her so he wouldn’t kill her.

“I’m Aria, Princess of Triabethania,” she whispered. “I’m sure you have a name, what’s yours?”

He watched her for a moment, her blue eyes wide with curiosity and an aura of concern. He wondered what this beautiful woman did to anger his master in such a way. “I’m Edgar,” he decided not to give a title, knowing it might scare her off.

“Edgar,” she whispered as though remembering something that happened long ago. “Such a handsome name for such a handsome dragon.” She finally stepped up to him, close enough to touch him as she looked around. “What is hurting Edgar?”

“My foot,” he whispered, sniffling as he talked.

“Oh my, you poor thing!” she exclaimed as she moved to his foot. “Where is it hurting?” she asked, gently as she looked at his feet. “Which one?”

“My left, I’m not sure, it just hurts a lot.” She nodded in understanding, gently lifting his left foot to inspect it, massaging it a bit in attempt to find the sore spot as he watched her soft hands on his scaly skin. She was so gentle, so kind, he wondered what she did to his master, finally he let out a pained cry at a spot in his foot.

“Hmm, I doubt it’s broken…” she whispered softly. “But perhaps you need some ice and rest, I’ll be right back!” she shouted, running off back into the castle. When she comes back, that will be my chance. It’s time..

However when she came back moments later, carrying many tiny bags full of ice, he got stuck on how kind she was, how beautiful she was. “Tell me something,” the dragon ordered before adding, “To take my mind off the pain.”

“I’ve only heard the name Edgar one other time, an old friend of mine used to have this imaginary dragon he called Edgar. He would use him as an excuse when he had to leave or was uncomfortable or whatever,” she whispered. “I miss him.”

“What happened?”

“He asked for my hand in marriage and I couldn’t accept. I couldn’t accept a marriage offer from a man that I did not love, I refuse,” she whispered. “He hates me now, wants some sort of revenge.”

His master hated her and wanted her head simply because she did not accept his hand in marriage? He watched her for a moment, her clear blue eyes filled with tears, reminding him that her eyes were incredibly similar to the color of water. He hung his head in that moment, knowing that killing her would not be an option.

“Don’t cry,” he begged. “You’re too beautiful to cry,” he added after a moment as he watched her, her cheeks pinkening as she looked away. She truly was, her porcelain skin that reminded him of a doll, her blonde hair that shined in the sun, her blue eyes that was the color of the ocean.

Meanwhile, her parents were speaking to a king from a kingdom far away. “She will be married to your son,” they promised. “They fall in love first, however.”

“And if there is no love?”

“I assure you, that will not happen,” as they said this, they glanced to the table in front of them, the tiny pink vial that promised the wedding between their princess and the prince. She would be engaged to be wed by tomorrow night. The prince smoothed his red hair, smiling in the mirror as he thought of the beautiful princess. He was excited to wed her as he has loved her for many years, only watching her from afar as she spent time with a simple commoner.

The princess smiled at the dragon, his foot now wrapped up in case of a sprain, they began to talk of millions of things. She found herself laughing at his jokes, smiling at his stories, blushing at his compliments. She wished him goodnight before she found herself in bed, realizing with a start that she may be falling in love with the iridescent dragon.

He sat on his red recliner, awaiting the sounds of feminine screams, of the realization that he had indeed gotten his revenge. He awaited the death of the girl he once loved but with no avail. Around nightfall, he became anxious, wondering what happened to the creature and where his head was. He looked out his window to see the brightly colored creature with the girl and sighed, perhaps he would receive her head in the morning.

The dragon knew he was falling in love, he wondered what he was going to do. In the night, he scoured the village, looking for a meal and a head similar to Aria’s to give his master. He knew that going back would cause him to be locked away but as long as the beautiful princess was alive, that was all that mattered.

In the home of a small hut, he found the girl that would pretend to be his beautiful Aria. He killed her in her sleep, eating her until he reached her head before delivering her to his master, in hopes that he would believe him.

Aria woke up, excited to see her beloved Edgar, to tell him of her feelings in which she discovered. She knew her mother would never approve but it did not matter for she was in love. She dressed in her very best, styling her hair to perfection before running down the stairs. “It’s not lady like to run!” she heard her mother shout before she was out the doors. She looked around excitedly for Edgar but to no avail, he was gone….

“You’re quite the runner,” announced a deep voice and she glanced to the origin, noticing a red haired boy that was about her age. He stood in formal, princely attire and she recognized him immediately. “Zacharias!” she feigned excitement.

She remembered vividly him staring at her throughout parties and such before taking the chance to bully her friends once she stepped away. She found him unkind and arrogant. “What are you doing here?”

“We are getting married, haven’t you heard?”

She stared at the boy in disbelief, “Like hell we are.”

“We are, our parents set it up! I must admit, I didn’t know you felt that way of me but I am glad to hear you came to your senses,” she falsified her smile, glaring at him as she muttered, “Well if you’ll excuse me for one second.”

She stormed into the castle, letting out a shriek of anger as she stormed towards her mother. “MARRYING ZACHARIAS!?” she screamed, she felt she was going to erupt with anger. She turned down a marriage proposal from her best friend, no way was she going to marry a man she hated!

“Yes dear, he has a good family and morals, his money and power is abundant as well.”

“It just so happens that the man I love has power and morals as well, he is kind and smart and I love him!” she shouted in anger. “I will not marry such a vile human being!”

“You have fallen in love,” her father interrupted. “And why is that I have not met this man yet.”

“Because I know that you will never approve but I don’t care! I love him and it is him I will marry or no one!” she shouted before leaving the castle doors, storming past Zacharias in hopes of finding her beloved Edgar.

“This is not her head,” he growled out after one look at the blonde haired maiden’s head that laid on his table. “WHERE IS HER HEAD?”

“Are you sure it is not her, my master? I can almost swear it is,” Edgar whispered but with no avail as his master did not believe him. “YOU FOOL, YOU CAN NOT EVEN KILL A SIMPLE PRINCESS, WHAT KIND OF DRAGON ARE YOU?!” Edgar glared at his master before taking a deep breath and roaring, his mouth erupting in flames as he gave up. He was in love with Aria and he was going to have her, he was not going to lose her to some jealous lunatic.

Edgar looked at the lifeless body of his master, not remembering the good or the bad but imagining the future that he was now capable of having. He was free and free to love with princess. He left his master’s hut, ignoring the smell of charred flesh that he flew away from. He began to fly towards Aria’s house as her blonde hair caught his attention from a few miles away and he flew towards her. “Aria?” he called out in confusion.

“Edgar!” She screamed excitedly, running towards him and hugging his scaly chest. “Oh you’ll never believe it! My father and mother are trying to force me into marrying some Prince of assholes! But I don’t love him,” She cried as he felt her warm tears sliding down his scales. He felt as though his heart was going to break as he heard her say those words. If she didn’t like a prince, there was no way she would have feelings for him.

“You’ll find the person you love soon enough,” he whispered in response as he heard her tears grow louder. “I have fallen in love!”

She braced herself, awaiting his refusal to share her feelings, awaiting her body to be turned to a crisp from his disgust but instead, he just hugged her tighter and whispered soothing words.

“It’s going to be okay Aria, you won’t have to marry him. I love you.”

However the Prince looked at this affair in disgust, seeing it as nothing more than the monster casting a spell on her, delusioning her into thinking that the creature was somehow handsome or lovable.

He looked on in anger, his hand slowly creeping up to his sword and taking it out. The long shield was sharp, glistening in the sky as much as Aria’s as it awaited for the blood of the Dragon in front of him, hungry for power. He moved forward blindly, his sword gripped in his hand as he moved forward, the couple blind from the act that was about to be committed.

Edgar felt it before he knew what happened, he looked down feeling the searing pain in his chest as he heard Aria scream. His chest had a sword going directly through his stomach, the blood dripping from the tip of the silver sword. He felt the pain searing throughout his entire body and suddenly he fell to the ground, not strong enough to keep up.

“No, no, no,” he heard her whisper, he heard the tears in her voice, he saw them in her eyes when his eyes finally met hers. “This can’t happen to you,” she whispered as she fell down with her. “This wasn’t supposed to happen to you, I love you,” she mumbled again as her tears fell onto his chest as she hugged him. “It’s not fair, no, no, no.”

“Ar-Ar-Aria,” he choked out, his hand caressing her cheek and she finally looked into his eyes. “I love you too,” his hand continued to caress her face as he leaned up, wincing in pain as he kissed her tears. “I love you and I want you to be happy,” he whispered, “Be happy for me.” With that, the light in his eyes disappeared and she knew he was gone, she let out an agonizing cry, not even acknowledging his murderer yet.

“I did you a favor, now you can kiss me,” he finally voiced after watching their exchange in disgust as she tensed up. He waited for her to move away from the monster and waiting for those lips he dreamed of to meet hers but it didn’t come.

He watched as she took the sword from Edgar’s body, the blood splattering all over her body as the blood pooled around his body, bleeding out even though he was already dead. She slowly looked up, her eyes blazing in anger as he watched himself in her eyes. “You’re a murderer,” she finally whispered out, “And you expect me to kiss you?” her voice raised as she screamed at him.

“Why would I kiss a man who killed the one person I loved?” she screamed at him, gripped the sword more as she readied herself for what she planned to do. “But that is okay, I’m getting my revenge. Just because I’m a princess doesn’t mean I won’t get my revenge. You killed my knight in shining armor.”

“I was supposed to be your knight, I killed the monster,” he argued but she just laughed in response. “Actually, I killed the monster,” and with that, she stabbed him in the same way he stabbed Edgar, the look of confusion and shock plastered onto his face. Sometimes, she learned, you fall in love with the person you’re not supposed to fall in love with. Sometimes, it’s the monster who is your true love and sometimes, it’s the Prince that is supposed to die in the story.

My Thoughts : I worry about this story, I think it’s fascinating but it might not be enough fantasy for the story. I think it’s interesting and definitely new for me though.


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Sabrina Ingram

Hello, my name is Sabrina Ingram. I am the author of The White Butterfly and The Girl in the Cage. You can find me on my website ( where I talk about writing, books, personal things, and much more!

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