It’s Not Okay by Andi Dorfman : Book Review


Book Title : It’s Not Okay : Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After.

Author : Andi Dorfman.

Publication Date : 2016.

Rating (Out of Five Stars) : 2.

Book Review

Andi Dorfman, if you guys are reading this book review, it’s probably because you recognize the name. She was an attorney back when we knew her, the sarcastic, sassy, and maybe even a little bitchy as we watch her sexual relationship with Juan Pablo (and their fantasy suite break up) on the Bachelor all the way to her being the star of her love story on the Bachelorette.

When I heard that Andi had written a book, which was revealed to me because of her runner up and winner being on Bachelor in Paradise, I just had to read it.

What could she have possibly have revealed?

Clearly since they were on Bachelor in Paradise, something didn’t go right. I mean, the one who she got engaged to is now trying to fall in love with somebody else. Red Flags USA.

Now I must admit, when I was reading the book, I pretended to be in the group that was reading it just make fun of her, an option she had given into the possibilities of why you’re reading the book but honestly, and truthfully, I realize now I fell under the category that was going through the process of breaking up (another one of her options.)

Based off the title, you just know that the book is about a break up and while this is not what I expected, I found the writing style appealing. The writer of this book was good, they knew how to write a book with a relatable tone and an understand one at that but I realize that their topic absolutely sucked.

First, you’re dealing with a bitchy girl who is clearly going through a break up that she saw coming and is probably taking it a little further than she should be taking it, she also spending the entire time truly and utterly, well, complaining.

She complained and complained and reminisced and while I love the writing style, the only reason why I continued reading the book far after I realized this book sucked and barely deserved one star, I continued reading it because the writing style was interesting which earned this book two stars.

If you’re into a bitter ex-girlfriend who might be an alcoholic and majorly annoying, this book might be great but honestly, the book is probably only going to be bought because of Andi Dorfman’s name that is printed right across the book.

Bachelor and Bachelorette fans will read this book and possibly hate it or love it. (If you love it, may I ask how and why?)

But hey, that’s just my opinion,

Sabrina Ingram.



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