Types of Vampires

So I haven’t been posting a lot of stuff lately and I am so sorry but I thought this would be a good way to make it up to you. As of right now, the Breaking it Off series is over but I could very well randomly add stuff throughout the time that I post things. However, since Breaking it Off is temporarily over, I am starting something new. The Vampire Series.

You guys have no idea why I am starting the Vampire Series and this blog will not be the explanation for it BUT it will come soon.

So without further ado, here are several different types of vampires.



Okay guys, these are several different types of vampires that I found while I was researching vampires. There are a lot of types (some you might not have ever heard of before but nonetheless very interesting!)

All of this information was found in various different places at the bottom of the article will be the citations for these places.

1. Blood Drinkers.

Also Known As : The Sanguine Vampires.

  • They Most Drink Fresh Human or Animal Blood.
  • Can Not Be Satisfied From Blood of a Dead Animal.
  • Can Be Harmful If The Blood is Infused With The Strong Force of Religion, Love, or Large Quantities of Garlic.
  • Is the Most Common Type of Vampire.
  • Found in All Types of Myths and Cultures – From Ancient Babylon and Greece to Asia and Back To the Balkans.
  • Balkans Was Where Blood Sucking Vampires Originated.
  • According to Many Myths, One Single Feeding Can Subside a Vampire For Up to 2 Weeks.


2. Psi- Vampires.

  • Does Not Physically Harm Their Victims or Willing Donors.
  • They Extract Life Force Which Enables Them to Continue Living.
  • Psionic Ability Can Both Work with Single Victims or Even Large Groups of People.
  • Most Often, Victims Can’t Even Notice That They are Being Feed Off Of.
  • Effects on the Human Can Be Short or Long Term Fatigue But Rarely Results in Death.


3. Empathetic Vampires.

Also Known As : Elemental Vampires.

  • Can Feed From Emotion.
  • Mostly Positive Emotions Such as Happiness and Love.
  • Can Also Be Negative Emotions Such as Anger and Fear.
  • Vampires That Feed from Negative Emotions are Often Responsible for Causing Them.
  • Most Vampires Feed From the Current Emotion Already in Existence.
  • Elemental Vampires are Similar But Also Feed From Lightning and Wind.


4. Sexual Vampires.

Also Known As : Female Succubus or Male Incubus.

  • Sustain Life by Absorbing Sexual Life Forces from Willing Partner.
  • Especially Works During Orgasm.
  • They Either Do Their Feeding Physically or By Consuming Bodily Fluids.


5. Soul Vampires.

  • Feeds Off of Soul Energy.
  • Usually Shortens Life Span.
  • Sometimes Kills Them.


6.  Genetic Vampires.

  • Created Scientifically.
  • Children of Vampires.
  • Possess Some But Not All of The Vampire Powers.


7. Insane Vampires.

Also Known As : Malkavian Vampires.

  • Willful and Sometimes Unwanted Conversion of Human into a Vampire.
  • Can Sometimes Induce Mental Illnesses.
  • Very Hard to Control.


8. Disfigured Vampires.

Also Known As : Nosferatu Vampires.

  • Prolonged Life of a Vampire.
  • Bad Case of Conversion into Undead Life Can Induce Dis figuration and Rotting Flesh.


9. Slavic Vampires.

  • “Causes of Vampirism Include Being Born with a Caul, Teeth, or Tail. Conceived on Certain Days, “Unnatural” Death, Excommunication, and Impropr Ritual Burials.”
  • Many Believed Having Red Hair was a Trait of Being a Vampire.
  • Preventive Measures Include Putting a Crucific in a Coffin, Placing Blocks Under the Chin to Prevent the Body From Eating the Shroud, Nailing Coffins to Coffin Walls, Putting Sawdust in the Coffin, Or Piercing the Body with Thorns or Stakes which Pins the Body to the Ground.
  • Evidence that a Vampire was activ in a given locality included death of cattle, sheep, relatives or neighbors, an exhumed body being in a lifelike state with a new growth of the fingernails or hair, a body swelled up, blood on the mouth, and coupled with a ruddy complexion.
  • Many reported that vampires feel compelled to count grains of salt, rice, sawdust, and anything else.


10. Romanian Vampires.


  • Live Strigoi are live witches who will become vampires after death. They have the ability to send out their souls at night to meet with other witches or with Strigoi, which are reanimated bodies that return to suck the blood of family, livestock, and neighbours.
  • Ways of Becoming a Vampires : Those born with a caul, an extra nipple, a tail, or extra hair was doomed to become a vampire. The same fate applied to someone who was born too early, someone whose mother encountered a black cat crossing her path, someone was born out of wedlock. Others became a vampire by dying unnaturally or before their baptism day, the seventh child of the family (if all of the previous children were of the same sex) , the child of a pregnant woman who avoided eating salt, a person who was looked at by a vampire or witch, and being bitten by a vampire.

The Varcolak

  • Was More Closely Related to a Mythological Wolf that Could Devour the Sun and the Moon.
  • Which Later Became Lyncanthropy instead. Those inflicted with lyncanthropy could turn into a pig, dog, or wolf.


11. Greek Vampires.

  • “Greek customs may have propagated this belief, notably a ritual that entailed exhuming the deceased after three years of death, and observing the extent of decay. If the body was fully decayed, the remaining bones were put in a box by relatives and wine poured over them, a priest would then read from scriptures. However, if the body had not sufficiently decayed, the corpse would be labelled a vampire.”
  • “Could occur through various means: excommunication or desecrating a religious day, committing a great crime, or dying alone. Other more superstitious causes include having a cat jump across the grave, eating meat from a sheep killed by a wolf or having been cursed. It was also believed in more remote regions of Greece that unbaptized people would be doomed to vampirism in the afterlife.”


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