His Hand in Mine

This poem was about love and the journey that is leading to love. Driving is a metaphor for steering their way towards love and stuff.
Fun Fact : This was the first poem I wrote about my last boy friend (February 14th, 2016- August 12th, 2016.) He is not dead, that was just the time period of how long we were dating.



We’re Sitting in a Car and Silence is Filling the Air

Your Hand is in Mine

and My Heart is Beating Fast

 As the Soothing Music Echoes in the Background.

The Road Seems to Be Leading Us to the Future

and I Can’t Seem to Think of Another Way to Go

As His Hand is In Mine.

I Don’t Want to Live in Another World

As I Listen to the Soothing Music.

I’m Reminded That the Future’s Approaching.

I Squeeze His Hand Harder

Hoping to Tell Him That I Want Him to Be Mine Forever.

So As We’re Driving

The Road Ahead of Us Becoming Dreadfully Obvious

and He Squeezes My Hand Back

and I Know He Feels the Same.

He Takes an Exit and I Looked at Him as He Pulls to a Stop

And Turns to Me.

“Baby, I Know You’ve Been Thinking About the Future

And How You Think It’s Coming Fast.

But Baby,

Stop Thinking of the Future and Start Living Here in Time.

You Don’t Need to Worry About Us

Because Baby, I Love You.”

I Know He’s Right

And I Pull Him In

And Suddenly

The Road is Moving Slower

And I Don’t Feel Like I’m Being Killed.

Time is Moving Slower

And I Don’t Mind

Because I’ve Got His Hand in Mine.

I Know

Everything is Okay.

We’re Driving in His Car

and Silence is Filling the Air.

He’s Kissing My Neck and the Music Echoes

Through the Air.

Time is Moving Slower.

I’ve Got His Hand in Mine.

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