Recently life has forced me to think about divorce and these are my thoughts…



As a writer, one assumes that I am against divorce, that I think that everybody must stay with their once loved one no matter what but honestly, that is bullshit.

I am not religious, I know that and my lack of religious views has nothing to do with my genuine views about divorce.

I do believe that when someone gets a divorce, they probably loved the person that they married. They cared about the person and they probably still do.

Something I have always seen as a big reason for divorce is “they have changed” and while I do understand that you must grow up with the person, I do believe that someone can change so much that they truly are no longer the man they married.

I have been thinking about divorce lately because my parents are getting one, I am already living with my mom and my brother in a separate apartment from my step father. I had no connection with my step father, I had known him for a very long time but I didn’t consider him a father so the actual divorce between them did not bother me. It just got me thinking about it.

I write romance, I always have and I adore writing though it is technically a tragedy, all of them are technically tragedies, including The Butterfly Effect (YES, I DID DECIDE TO CHANGE IT!)

So yeah, divorce is actually a very likely thing to happen in one of my books and this divorce has actually inspired me to write a story that leads to a divorce.. It’s realistic and it seems appealing. #NewStoryIdea.

I don’t know, I just don’t see anything wrong with divorce. There is a point where you just can’t continue on, no matter how much you once cared about them or even loved them, divorce is sometimes the answer.


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