Guys, the election is in 8 days and I would really like to stress that this decides who our president will be for the next four years.

So ignoring all the stigma behind each candidate, please look at each of their stances on various and important topics that are heavy during this time and age.

Stop insulting every candidate and realize that both Hilary and Trump have baggage and please realize that while they are apart of the two biggest parties, that does not mean that they have to win.

The reason that we have as many parties as we do is so that everyone has a voice in what their country will be for the following years.

Please do not vote for Hilary simply because she is “better of the two” or vice versa.

If you don’t like them, please vote for somebody else.

And for those who are eligible to vote, if you have been complaining all year about the candidates or if you are the type to complain about our president, vote.

If you do not give your opinion then what is your right or reason to complain for the next four years. Use this chance to have your opinion out there.

This election has been hectic, I do agree but it would be so much easier if you acknowledge the countless other parties.

Do your research, look at their stances, ignore social media rebuttal, and choose the right side. Not the popular side. Not the last option side but the side that you truly agree with and want to win.

We have more parties than simply Republican or Democratic so acknowledge this if you are unhappy with their candidates.



Published by

Sabrina Ingram

Hello, my name is Sabrina Ingram. I am the author of The White Butterfly and The Girl in the Cage. You can find me on my website (www.sheswritingmore.com) where I talk about writing, books, personal things, and much more!

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