Veterans for Peace -#ReclaimArmisticeDay


Going to Raleigh on Veterans Day… It was an amazing trip but it caused me to learn so many things that I was not expecting to learn.

Living in such a small town, you don’t really have any memorials or anything in regards to our History and the one thing we did have was torn down out of hate and anger.

On this day, in the capitol of North Carolina known as Raleigh, there were no riots or members of the KKK that were required to be acknowledged and instead, I was face to face to the morning that came along with Veterans Day.

There was a statue… Of three men, one of the men was holding a dying man and they were all holding rifles. It was clear that at least one of them had died doing whatever it was that had happened.

And perhaps this piece wouldn’t have mattered to me as much as what was laid down and hung on the statue in memory of those who have fallen and those who have died.



Laid on this statue was a bouquet of red roses and hanging off the rifle was an angel ornament. While I may understand the fact that the angel caused some… controversies. It causes you to think, truly think about the power behind such a statue.

You think about the men that have died and even though I don’t personally know any who have died, when I saw this monument, I was reminded that this was not the case for everyone. Just because I was fortunate enough not to have my military family members to die doesn’t mean everyone was…

Which honestly lead me to this… group made of veterans, family, and allies which I am fortunate enough to share pictures of it with you.

Veterans for Peace made this large tower made of recycles soda and beer wrappers and had children and even adults write things about their experience with veterans, those lost in the war, or anything else.

Then they had a pine of many papers streaming letters that were written by anyone dedicated to veterans.

“We accept veteran members from all branches of service. We are dedicated to building a culture of peace, exposing the true costs of war, and healing the wounds of war. Our networks are made up of over 120 chapters across the United States and abroad.” –

Their organization, which has been in effect since 1985, aims to increase public awareness about the costs of the war, restrain our government from intervening in internal affairs of other nations, end arms race to eventually eliminate nuclear weapons, seeks justice for veterans, and abolish war as an instrument of national policy.

In their attempts to tell their story and help citizens understand this, they have pledged to use NON- VIOLENT means.


This event on such an important day such as veterans day, or Armistice Day, has allowed me to have a new outlook about this event and has allowed me to realize the effect that this has on the those involved.

So, that was how my experience on Veterans Day was… And I hope you guys found some amazing insight as well and if you did, I would love to hear about it. Or even if you have any experiences with veterans. I feel as though, even though it is no longer veterans day, we should be supporting what they have done for us and I would love to hear the stories you have to share.

And if you would like to learn more about Veterans for Peace, click on here to go to their website!


Hope you had an amazing Armistice Day,

Sabrina Ingram.


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