Free and Crowned


Free and Crowned is this amazing company that was started up by Chief Designer, Daira Curran who had a love for designer headbands.


However this company wouldn’t be as noteworthy if it wasn’t for her interest in playing her part of the truth that is human trafficking.

Important things to note in regards to human trafficking?

27+ million people sold into human trafficking, with the average age of a victim being just 12 years old.

Thankfully, just her simple acknowledgement of the problem wasn’t enough for her because she wanted to do more when she came up with the amazing idea that would soon become Free and Crowned.

What was this idea exactly?

“-She would design and sell headbands where a portion of all the profits went to help free those impacted by this horrible epidemic.” – Found on their ‘Our Story’ page of their website.

Why Free and Crowned exactly? Why this name?

Well to Daira Curren, she believes that each headband symbolizes a girl’s worth and beauty and how they deserve to be treated, which is like a princess.

World-class headbands that solve a world- sized problem.

And now, Free and Crowned works with a promise that 25% of all their proceeds will go to these organizations to help in the epidemic that is Human Trafficking. These proceeds will help these girls realize that they can be princesses now that their chain is broken and they are free.

What are these organizations that these proceeds go to?

  • Project Futures : End Human Trafficking

PROJECT FUTURES works to help individuals take action on the issue of human trafficking and slavery by raising awareness and funds within their own community.

By aligning with them, it means that they are working directly with survivors and helping them directly with ending human trafficking.


  • Love146

Love146 is an international human rights group that working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention. The exploitation of children is one of the darkest stories and most severe human rights abuses imaginable.


“Join us and take a stand against human trafficking by purchasing a Free and Crowned headband. This new “crown” you wear will not only go towards freeing the enslaved and helping them to experience their worth, but it will serve as a constant (and fashionable!) reminder to every girl around that they too can be a part of the solution.”


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