Top 10 YouTubers



10. Aspyn Ovard

Channel : Aspyn Ovard

What Is It About?  Aspyn Ovard is a beauty guru who joined back in 2010 and has since then gained over 2,000,000 subscribers. Throughout her channel, you can even find videos of back when she was just friends with her now husband, Parker Ferris, all the way until now, a year into their marriage.

Why Is She On This List? Aspyn Ovard was one of the first YouTubers that I ever began watching as she always managed to find interesting topics to cover and is all around a fun and creative person. With as much as I do adore her, she doesn’t reach any higher than 10 due to her now hectic schedule, making her seem further than ever from us as she works on her online store (which you should totally check out) but due to all of this, it feels like she is in a completely different world now.

How Often Does She Upload? Once a week, approximately.


9. Sarah Baska

Channel : Sarah Baska

What Is It About? Sarah Baska is a comedic talker, well, that sounds wrong but Sarah Baska is full of stories from her past as she also posts comedic videos such as “Cooking with Sarah” and other various videos. Although she is not super famous or popular, with only a little over 500,000 subscribers (pretty good but not the best) she definitely deserves many more!

Why Is She On This List? Sarah Baska is hilarious, straight with the truth as she talks about real life and hilarious stories of her past, she doesn’t hide anything from us and we all love her for it. However, she isn’t higher up on this list due to while she does post a lot of videos of her stories, making us more aware of her personal life, we know virtually nothing about it.

How Often Does She Upload? Every Saturday!


8. Jess and Gabriel Conte

Channel : Jess and Gabriel

What Is It About? : The Youtube Channel is about the two of them as originally boyfriend and girlfriend, then fiance, and now that they are married, I can not wait to see what the channel becomes. They have been slowly rising up in fame with a little more than 500,000 subscribers.

Why Do I Like Them? : They are really funny and sweet and their relationship is absolutely adorable.

How Often Do They Upload? : This is basically their vlogging channel so just about every day.


7. Keegan Acton

Channel : Keegan Acton.

What Is It About? : Keegan Acton is a teenage girl who talks about her relationships, beauty, school, and so much more. She is very relatable as a girl and she is also super realistic which is amazing about her. She does not have a whole lot of subscribers at only a little over 100,000 subscribers but that does not affect how amazing she truly is.

Why Do I Like Her? : I like Keegan because she is really realistic and relatable, I feel like I am not watching somebody super fake and she is just real. She doesn’t lie about herself and it’s really great.

How Often Does She Upload? :  Just About Weekly.


6. Jessie Paege

Channel : jessiepaege.

What Is It About? : Jessie Paege is a really pretty girl who is also really nerdy which allows you to here a lot of fandom related jokes, references, and she is really funny. If you’re someone interested in Harry Potter, Music, or anything else, I suggest checking her out! Apparently a lot of other people have noticed how awesome she is as well as stands at more than 1,000,000 subscribers.

Why Do I Like Her? : She reminds me of myself (because of the super nerdy stuff) and she is really funny which lets me watching stuff about her constantly. I really hope she one day is able to become a true mermaid.

How Often Does She Upload? : Just About Weekly.


5. Mikey Murphy

Channel : Mikey Murphy.

What Is It About? : Mikey Murphy posts a lot of different types of videos and for the most part, it’s about his life but honestly, he also posts about stuff that he tried to dare people to do things that might make them uncomfortable but it’s stuff like “Tell your crush you like them” or stuff like that. Mikey Murphy is in a similar standing with Jessie Paege with a little bit more than 1,000,000 subscribers, he deserves so many more (just like her!)

Why Do I Like Him? : I like him because he is super sweet and I love watching his videos where he tries to make people happy which I think is really awesome.

How Often Does He Upload? : Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (“Or As Often As I Can”)


4. Taylor Nicole Dean

Channel : Taylor Nicole Dean.

What Is It About? : Taylor posts videos that are primarily dedicated to animals such as fish, hedgehogs, mice, sea horses, and a whole lot more. She also posts videos randomly about things on her mind which are always new and refreshing. She has had a lot of different accomplishments and has even officially decided to focus solely on her YouTube career and I hope she gains many more subscribers and viewers as she has a few more than 100,000 subscribers and she is awesome.

Why Do I Like Her? : I like her because she is very informative and interesting, she knows how to explain things very well and you can tell that she has a lot of knowledge on the things that she preaches which is always very refreshing and interesting.

How Often Does She Upload? : Randomish?


3. Joey Kidney

Channel : Joey Kidney.

What Is It About? : “Stay You, Stay Beautiful” is honestly the best way to explain who he is. Joey Kidney is kind, sweet, and inspirational. Many of his videos are regarding guys and girls in relationships, giving advice, and honestly just supporting his fans and trying to help them in any way he can. With a little over 300,000 subscribers, he has proven himself as a role model for a boyfriend but also as a staple for a friendship.

Why Do I Like Him? : He is so supportive and kind to his fans and I hope he finds happiness with whoever he is with.

How Often Does He Upload? : One a Week.


2. Tal Fishman

Channel : Reaction Time.

What Is It About? : Tal Fishman reacts to a lot of videos involving videos, music, games, and much more. He is one of the more popular YouTubers on this list as he stands at a little more than 3,000,000 subscribers as he posts amazing videos such as music comparison, and a lot of other funny videos.

Why Do I Like Him? : I like him because I think he is really funny and he is really nice even though the videos are sometimes very awkward.

How Often Does He Upload? : Usually daily but it’s rather relative.


  1. Jonathan and Ben Carlin

Channel : SuperCarlinBrothers

What Is It About? : This channel creates video to talk about a lot of different topics such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Pixar Theory. They stand at a few more than 1,000,000 subscribers and they are both super interesting to listen to and much, much more.

Why Do I Like Them? : This channel is very interesting as they debate theories, interests, and much more. They are very interesting and they allow you to think way too much into things.

How Often Does He Upload? : Every Tuesday and Thursday.


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