This Story is Real…

This story that I have been working on, I think a lot of it has been harder than anything I have ever worked on in my life.


The emotion in this is mind boggling not because of a break up but because it all starts with losing a friend, a thing that is so common yet so unmentioned in stories, a thing so real and so heart breaking.


I think losing a friend is so much worse than losing a relationship, with a friendship, the entire thing is emotion regardless of how bad the friendship was or how dysfunctional it was.


When I started writing this, I had just lost my best friend and all my emotion was thrown into and this story has helped me put a lot of it on paper. The sad thing is about losing a friendship, especially your best friend because you lose that person you can tell everything to.


Losing a relationship, you still have the friend to cry onto and talk to about everything but when you lose that person, it’s hard because you have no one to talk to about it. People can say that they are there for you but they aren’t because they are not your best friend and it’s hard to talk to people with that level of emotion when they aren’t. Which is why getting over a friendship is so much worse than losing a relationship.


Regardless, this story unfortunately has very few good moments. This story is not considered good or happy which makes this story even harder. It’s interesting to read because it is relatable, realistic in all the most devastating ways.


This story is not about losing a friend and then finding a lot of happiness, this story just starts with losing a friend and unfortunately in the real world, the sadness does not end there. In this story, the sadness doesn’t end. The sadness has a break but it never ends.


I don’t want this story to be the one that you can read straight through and have no emotion, I don’t want you to read this story and not understand what is happening. I don’t want this story to be romanticized for there is no romanticism. This story is real.


This story is one of loss, of cheating, of hatred, of love, of friendship, and of so much more.


This is the story of finding yourself after you realize that you have been in a cage for far too long.


If you want to read the first few chapters of this story, it can be found here:

This story is updated every other Tuesday!


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