This is For the Single Ladies

This is not for the happy couples, not for the ones who imagine themselves on this day, this day known for love and is sickening with pink and red. This is not for the happy couples who have hearts in their eyes, this is not for those with beauty in their souls.

This is for the people who, on the day of love, remember the pain that love brought. A year ago, today, I got into a relationship. At that time, I was convinced that it would be that Valentine’s Day that stuck in my head. The one where I was happy and newly in love.

But it’s not that Valentine’s Day you remember, it’s not the one you’re happy that you remember. It’s not that Valentine’s Day you remember, it’s the one directly after that when you’re single.

Because on a day of love, if you’re no longer in it, you are plagued with the happy couples and romantic gestures happening all around you. It’s that time that even when you think you’re perfectly okay, you are reminded of it. The love you once had.

Me? I was the naive one who thought we would last. The one who created an event reminder, telling me it was going to be our one year. I was convinced there would be that I didn’t think about it.

When I went around my room, when I threw the things he once gave me, when I read old diary entries I made, or even when I found that stupid little notebook that we tried to write a love story with. I remembered all that, I remembered the things we put thought into but I didn’t think twice when I made that event reminder.

I completely forgot about until 11:40 when my phone decided to remind me, when it told me our one year anniversary was today. I had been so convinced that I didn’t think twice after I made it.

But honestly, let’s be real, I so do not want to talk about Valentine’s Day. So yeah, this may be a day for happy couples and love but I so, so don’t want to talk about it. So, happy (and most definitely cute) couples, for the love of Cupid that hit you in the ass, go away. Because honestly, if you’re not in love, you guys are just annoying assholes.

But hey, I promise that when I am happy, you will earn yourself a cute little Valentine’s Day bullshit about how great love is.

So, my fellow single ladies, you want to know what the BEST part about being single is? Well, there are quite a lot. So instead of dwelling on the fact that you’re single and not happy about it. Let’s dwell on the great part about it!


  1. You didn’t have to spend, what like 30 bucks on some random bullshit gift that he would probably eat all within like 20 minutes or it would take time away from you.
  1. You don’t have to laugh at jokes that are not funny. Because seriously, the best part about being single is not being forced to listen to ridiculous jokes and laugh about it. Unless you’re the one making them.
  1. Let’s be real, his friends. You might like some of them, you might even like most of them but there will always be somebody that you do not like. But now that you don’t have to, you can spend time on better things. No more sucky friends!
  1. You get to hang out with your own friends!It’s funny how everyone pretends that they will not take their time away from their friends in comparison to when they were single. Can I just say, bullshit? You are spending less time with your friends when you are in a relationship. Those Friday dates? Saturday dates? Sunday dates? Once upon a time, you would have had a sleepover during those dates. You can have that back!
  1. You don’t have to deal with the embarrassing encounters.Embarrassing encounters happen all the time but they happen a lot more when you’re in a relationship. You have the parent’s issues because let’s face it, families walk in at the worst times! You have the friends issue which is honestly no difference. They happen all the time but the likelihood of them sky rockets when you’re in a relationship.
  1. You can catch up on your shows.When I was in a relationship, I constantly found myself running behind on my shows. I remember once when Grey’s Anatomy updated on Netflix and when it would have taken me two or three days’ tops to finish, it took me that long to even try and find time to finish one episode. It was my all-time low in my binging habits…
  1. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of your phone.I know that some of you may be obsessed with your phone and in a lot of ways, I am too but I suck at keeping track. When I am in a relationship, my phone is glued on me. I am constantly texting somebody! But now, I struggle even remembering to bring my phone to school (I forgot it the last two days I had school…)

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Sabrina Ingram

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