The Top 5 Greatest Grey’s Anatomy Ships



So I am currently watching Grey’s Anatomy for the upteenth time and I realized that I have so many ships in this show that I want to give a shout out for. Almost none of these ships ever became canon but I still hardcore ship it.

I am also aware that almost all of them are already in their own special little relationship however I still ship it. My reasoning for their ship might be a mixture of chemistry, witty banter, genuine romance, or whatever else I feel is super cute.


Next week, I will probably do Top 5 Worst Grey’s Anatomy Couples.



5. Jackson Avery and Lexie Grey

Lexie and Jackson in the shower 7.16

I am not even going to deny that almost these probably would fail in the end but let me give you my reasoning, so please, don’t judge me on my shipping.

Lexie Grey and Jackson Avery would have been completely perfect. They were both good looking, kind, funny, sweet, attracted to each other, and were capable of having conversations.

However, unfortunately, Lexie Grey was under the impression that Mark and her were meant to be and their relationship was ruined due to her love of him.

In one of the episodes when Lexie is helping the writer chose who her character was meant to be with and Lexie was completely adamant about her being to be with the “perfect” guy but even the writer understood that she didn’t love him but somebody else. This was obviously one of those “it’s secretly about Lexie and not the patient episodes” as the other character was clearly Mark.

I realize that Lexie and Mark were “meant to be” but I would also like to point out that they were not even together at the end of the show, they were just mutually in love.


4. Mark Sloan and Callie Torres

Callie and Mark.png
Callie leaning on Mark 7.07

Mark Sloan and Callie Torres were not only just best friends that were always there for each other. They had amazing sex, great banter, and could talk about anything.

Unfortunately, they never took their relationship seriously beyond him “helping her” or vice versa with her sexual frustrations as she moved on from Erica to Callie.

But regardless, they were always on the same page. They even wanted kids at the exact same time when Callie and Arizona were fighting and Lexie and Mark were fighting.

Had they given each other a chance, I’d like to think had he not died, they would have gotten together at some point.

3. Alex Karev and Meredith Grey

Alex holding Meredith

I will completely admit that before Derek Shepherd died, I wouldn’t have shipped them together mostly because of Zola and the children in general and I knew that she would just break his heart because of her love for him anyways.

However, he was always there for her.

He helped her after she was attacked, he held her when she was sad, he talked to her like they were best friends and without a shadow of a doubt, he was almost there for her.

Because of this, I ship them and I get that the relationship is more of a friendship than anything but I think that they could be absolutely amazing together.

Alex: You’ll be okay.

Meredith: Me? This is about you. You think this is noble, what you’re doing? It isn’t. It’s giving up. And it’s buying into everything you’ve ever said about yourself, and I won’t let you do it.

Alex: You’ll be fine.

2. Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey


Webber and Bailey, regardless of the large age difference, are absolutely perfect. They are caring of each other, they love each other, they were even considered “work husband and work wife” and their relationship was not completely preposterous because even Adele thought they were a thing.

They even talk to each other about everything, helping Bailey with her anxiety and even helping Richard with his alcoholism.

1. Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman


Teddy and Owen understood each other like no one, they were in Iraq together where they were in love but he was already engaged, they were best friends, and so much more.

They talked about everything and they helped each other through everything, but unfortunately, they were never given the free time to truly have a relationship, mostly because Hunt was already in a relationship.

Of course, even if she came back now, there would be the Amelia issue but I really do like their relationship.


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