Routines and Researching – My Aspect of The Whole Ordeal as a Writer


So you want to hear something about a writer that changes within every writer? Routines.

There are writers such as E.B. White who wrote Charlotte’s Web among many other books who is strongly against listening to music while he works. There are other writers who write while they have earbuds in their ear or the people who write for hours at a time like Haruki Murakami who wrote Norwegian Woods and those who write for sporadic amounts of time.

Every single writer is different in one simple thing, their routines. Honestly, if I knew a lot of writers, that is the thing that I would grill them about? Because the routine is how you learn about the writer as a person, a very clear cut giveaway to the inner working minds of them.

Can they listen to music or have a television playing in the background or do they need complete and utter silence? Do they need to be alone or can they get sidetracked while you are having a conversation and zone out because of it? Do they write for hours and hours at a time or can they write for 20 minutes a day?

Research is actually involved in their routine, well the prep for their routine. Do they know exactly what is going to happen from the second they sit down to write? Or do they wing it for a while? Maybe even the entire time?

I am one of those people who wing it until the characters are speaking for themselves. When I am no longer scratching for what the characters would say or do, that is when I make my plan. That moment is also the deciding factor for if I finish the story.

When I am finally able to make the plan, it means that I understand my characters well enough and also means that my love for the story is strong enough to propel me to the end.

I know that there are writers who write for a set amount of time for a long period of time but I am not like that at all. I can go about a week without writing or writing or just even a word a day until I feel like writing. Then there will be those moments, usually in the dead of night where my inspiration as it it’s finest and I can write thousands of words in a matter of an hour, all of this done while I binge watch some random show like Limitless, Quantico, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, or even One Tree Hill.

I am not a writer who needs silence, I am not a writer who can not multi- task, I am not a writer who needs to write for twenty minutes a day in order to write any other day.

Writers are not ones of a specific routine, they are not ones for specific rules of writing. They are writers who write and their passion is writing. It’s a myth that we are structured or that every single piece of work we do is magic, but we are writers.

Writers come with their own rules.



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Sabrina Ingram

Hello, my name is Sabrina Ingram. I am the author of The White Butterfly and The Girl in the Cage. You can find me on my website ( where I talk about writing, books, personal things, and much more!

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