Every Pixar Movie Ranked


SuperCarlinBrothers, one of my favorite YouTube channels recently came out with this ranking that I found myself disagreeing with so in honor of this video, I wanted to create my list of Pixar Movies ranked.


18. Wall-E

Wall-E and my general dislike for the series was how slow it was. The idea was pretty good but honestly, I feel as though it was created in the wrong time period. I was not a fan of Wall-E himself as I found his voice annoying and the people were disappointing though the plot itself was interesting.

17. The Good Dinosaur.

The Good Dinosaur is one of the only movies that I vividly remember watching in theaters and I went to see it with a friend. I pretty much knew nothing about this movie and I was expecting a happy ending and while the animation was amazing, the series made me desperately want to cry so badly (and I did!)

If this was not a Pixar movie, I would not dislike it as much as I do simply because I wouldn’t have considered it a children’s movie but I did and almost five minutes into the movie, I was crying my eyes and never got the chance to stop.

Of course, regularly I would give the movie points for this portrayal of family and sadness however I think a children’s movie, while it’s amazing to deal with these subjects, need to prove that it is good to feel sad or depressed but it will turn out better. I didn’t get that feeling for this movie.

16. Cars 2.

So, my problem with Cars 2 is the same as SuperCarlinBrothers, it was not a movie that could only be about cars. They were spies, for no actual reason other than why not? The show, while interesting, was just all around disappointing.

15. Ratatouille.

Ratatouille is a movie that I personally think was primarily for boys. While I am not sure why, I just found myself really grossed out by the fact that there was a rat cooking my food, pretty much the entire point of this movie. I was rooting for Remy, the rat, but I just was not a fan.

Not only that but I found the animation for this movie really awkward and weird.


14. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 was, in my opinion, much worse than the rest of the Toy Story’s, they were disconnected from Andy who had gone off to college, a concept that I understand but I am still upset with it.

Despite this, they show up at a daycare where they were, for the lack of a better term, tortured and harmed by the children and the other toys turn out to be just as evil.

I felt as though the movie was incomplete, everyone seemed to be a villain and the ending didn’t feel like the end, like it was unfinished. (But of course, now there is a Toy Story 4 where Andy is a ventriloquist doll. What even?)

13. Incredibles 2.

Incredibles 2 is a great movie, I will never deny that however Incredibles 2 doesn’t have the nostalgia factor that a lot of the movies ahead of have. Unfortunately equals to movies simply are not as good as the originals and while that is unfortunate, it is just simply a universal fact.

This movie has great animation, an interesting story line, and much more but it really just doesn’t the same nostalgia or love that movies above this had.

12. Cars.

Honestly, I kind of consider Cars to be the “little boys” movie, it is a movie about super fast cars with the childish aspect of them talking. It’s a great movie and I think it did a really amazing job for this fact.

Since I was a six year old girl at the time of the movie coming out, I didn’t have a lot of interest in it as a kid but when I grew up and I was watching it with my cousins later on, I actually understood the big hype surrounding this movie and I was really invested in it. This movie had you laugh, smile, and it had you hooked to the edge of your seats. Because of the nostalgia credits this movie has with many kids and the general interest in the show, I am ranking it here.

11. Brave.

Okay so Brave, Brave is a cute adorable movie that I will admit that had I been younger, I would have absolutely adored everything about this movie. Unfortunately, I wasn’t younger than 9 or 10 and I struggled with this movie on the nostalgia level.

My biggest problem with her at the time was that she became a Disney Princess, which while makes sense, I actually have not liked a lot of the new ones simply because I feel like they are invading my childhood.

So while I found the movie interesting and watchable (Unlike Frozen) , I still had a few troubles with it in the nostalgia departments.

10. The Incredibles.

When this movie first came out, I was about 5 years old (about a month from being 5) so this came out right around the time this movie would have been popular and in many ways, it was.

I loved the portrayal of super powers and how even girls had them (even though I was disappointed that she was basically ignored), I found myself getting hung on every word of the events and I will admit that to this day, I love this movie.

However, my biggest problem with this movie is that is caters almost exclusively to boys, the older sister is annoying and whiny and dealing with boy issues and everything is focused on what the boys can do while the girls are like side plots.

Of course, this problem largely comes anyways but it’s still disappointing to see such an amazing movie and it was completely focused on the boys in the audience and I personally believe movies need reasons for both genders to like it, which is why some of the more feminine based of gender neutral movies ranked higher though it did have great potential.


9. Monsters University

Monsters University was clearly a nostalgia stunt, one of which that focuses of the love we had for Sully and Mike, enjoying the references and new characters.

This movie was absolutely fabulous and entrancing however they did have a few plot holes that didn’t fit very well with the original movie which ultimately confused me and lost a few rankings.

8.  A Bug’s Life.

As a child, I was a little annoyed and disinterested in the show but I can’t really tell you why. The movie was (and still is) very different than any Pixar movie that I have ever seen. At some point, I did watch the whole movie and I loved the “lady”bug and the accuracy to the life of Ants however due to the initial disinterest and lack of attraction to the movie, I have to rank it further than I originally would like to.

I still love this movie though.

7. Finding Dory.

I was 16 when this movie came out (I actually went to see this movie 2 times in theater) and to this day,  I can’t remember why I went twice but I did so whatever. One of which was on a date… But regardless of my age and gender, I still loved this movie.

I loved that they brought back older characters but the story still had amazing new characters (Who doesn’t love Hank!?) and I also enjoy the animation and story line regardless. I found myself laughing, crying, smiling, and completely entranced with the story.

6. Inside Out.

Inside Out, while bypassed my generation, was still an entrancing movie that you could relate to, finding yourself understanding certain emotions compared to others and I feel as though the movie handled dealing with your emotions and understanding them in a creative and helpful way for any child.

Not only that but the movie was entrancing and interesting.

5. Toy Story 2.

Toy 2 is another one of the movies where they are unfortunately separated from Andy (who this time is gone for Summer Camp. ANDY, STOP LEAVING!) This time they are kidnapped by a toy collector, which by the way, I am kind of against the idea of them being worthy money though it did explain Woody’s back story.

It was an interesting movie that kept you on your toes but it was not my favorite by far.

4. Toy Story.

My personal favorite Toy Story movie in the franchise, from the aliens at the beginning of the movie to the creepy neighbor’s toys (By the way, am I the only one who realizes I have become him?) 

This movie seemed the most likely to me, having the movie set in about three places and having it develop the relationship of Lightyear and Woody as well as playing with the concept of growing up and out of your toys (Poor Squeaker!)

3. Monsters Inc.

Nostalgic. Creative. Lovable. Funny.

Those are the four words that I think of for this movie, the creativity of the story line, the fear versus laughter debate, the lovable characters, and even Boo, the child we wish we were.(Simply because it means we would have met Sully!)

The movie had me laughing continually as a child which is why this is so high up on the list. However the reason why this is not higher on the list is because it’s not something that I still enjoy as an older teenager, sure the memories behind the movie is great but I struggle to keep my attention on the movie like I once had.

2. Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo was one of the first children movies I ever remember watching.

I absolutely loved all the creatures in the movies as I have always had an interest with fish and other aquatic animals. Such as Nemo, the clown fish and Bruce, the shark, and so much more.

The animation and story lines made me root for Marlin to find Nemo, made me love how forget Dory was and so much more. This movie makes number two on this list for sheer nostalgia alone but it wouldn’t resonate so much with all of us if it wasn’t truly an amazing movie.

1. Up.

Up is honestly my absolute favorite Pixar movie, not for the nostalgia portion such as Finding Nemo or Monsters Inc. but because it was a genuinely good movie.

I loved the relationship between Carl and Ellie, also known as a romance better than Twilight in 5 minutes rather than 4 movies, and I even loved the friendship between Carl and Russell and I also love Dug.

Up was a movie created with an amazing characters, great story lines, and a great artistic style.


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