I didn’t know where I belonged

I felt so alone


Because we were in the same room

And yet somehow not seeing the same things.

Everything was different

The colors were spontaneous

And yet I would answer differently.

I used to think we could do this

With our different words

And our different speak

And even our different eyes.

I thought everything was spontaneous


And yet here I am in the same room as you

And we’re no longer connecting like we used to do

And I’ve never felt so alone

With you by my side

And I wish we connected

Like two pieces in a puzzle

Instead of a Tetris game that we were losing.

We were no longer together

And we no longer fit

Despite our differences

And while I used to think that was to my advantage

I was clearly proven wrong.


And I wish we fit better together than we do apart

But unfortunately that’s not the case.


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