Beauty and the Beast Book Review

Book Title: Beauty and the Beast

Adapted By: Elizabeth Rudnick.

Screenplay By: Evan Spiliotopoulod, Steven Chobsky, and Bill Condon.

Publication Date: January 31st, 2017.

Rate (Out of Five Stars) : 3.5.

I read Beauty and the Beast after I had already seen the movie, a movie that I found to be absolutely amazing despite my general distaste for musicals however with the nostalgia factor that the movie definitely granted, I found myself absolutely adoring the movie.

But I’m not here to talk about the amazing movie, I am talking about the book that came along with the movie, one of which I believe to be so much better than the movie itself. The book allows for a nostalgic atmosphere that anything Disney related is basically promised but not only that, the book allows for you to relate to a Disney princess, something I never got beforehand.

Disney Princess’ before reading this book seemed like an unattainable dream of beautiful clothing and dream boyfriends however this book allows you an entrance in the mind of various characters such as the Beast, Gaston, and Belle though the most notable would have to be Belle as you able to see the inner working thoughts of one of the most beloved princess’ in the Disney Princess franchise.

Not only that but if you hate the musical portion of the movie but you never have to deal with any of the music, no lyrics, or even music belting from the pages and instead you are able to see what the character’s thoughts actually are during what would have been the song.

Have you ever thought about what Gaston was thinking when LeFou was singing? Have you ever wondered what Belle was thinking as she walked down the road? Yes? Well, this is your answer!

Not only that but the many plot holes throughout the movie are pretty well explained such as what book Belle was reading at the beginning and why Gaston was still wearing a military uniform years after any war had transpired.

While I do suggest reading the movie, there are a few complaints that will make such as the lack of description within the book, something that I would have loved had they taken more care in the description of the castle or even the mirror. They allow the separate movie do a lot of the talking which I’m not the biggest fan of considering in school you are taught to act as though you don’t know anything when writing and this book totally ignores the golden writing rule however it is made up by giving the writing it does have a magical, fantasy vibe as well as taking great care in making it relatively accurate to the movie (or vice versa? Which came first?)

Basically, if you’re a child, Disney lover, or a genuine fan of Beauty and the Beast then I highly suggest it! But please be aware that despite the lack of music and the more in depth analysis of the character’s thoughts, it is incredibly similar to the movie and you might feel like you wasted your money so please take extra thought before you buy the book but otherwise it is amazing!

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