My Harry Potter Questions

As many of you know, I am a huge Harry Potter fan (especially considering Apple’s name!) and on my account Hogwarts Extreme, I had to create a profile so here you go and I would love to hear your responses.

House? Slytherin.

Ilvermony House? Horned Serpent.

Magical Creature? Demiguise.

Pets? I would totally have a Kneazle, an Owl, or a Cat. But I actually have a ferret.

Wizarding Job?

Probably a Magizoologist thanks to Newt Scamander whom I would personally love to marry myself, dang Tina for ruining my relationship dreams.

Best Classes?

I really enjoy learning about Care of Magical Creatures as well as Charms and Transfiguration. I think I would also enjoy History of Magic but not if I was stuck with Professor Binns as a professor.

Worst Classes?

Most definitely Potions, I think my nerves would be terrible in that class as I know my nerves are dreadful in Chemistry and the teacher in that class was actually incredibly kind so that would definitely be my answer. I also think I would do pretty dreadful in Arithmancy though I probably would never take the class to find out.

Patronus? On account of my Pottermore, I know my answer to be a Rat.

Order or Death Eater?

Unsurprisingly account on the stereotype of my house, I would like to say I would be a Death Eater though I completely understand the fight of the Order of Phoenix, on account of Voldemort being a bit insane and over zealous in his mission not to mention the complete distaste for muggleborns, I find myself understanding the side of the Death Eaters more. In their eyes, they were forced into hiding around the same time as the Salem Witch Trials and probably had horror stories as the generations passed down so I can only imagine the fear of Muggles finding out once more though I don’t think those with magic should be treated differently like Muggleborns or Halfbloods, I just think Muggles shouldn’t be trusted.

Favorite HP Book?

My favorite would have to be Order of Phoenix because it delves deeper into the backstory of Tom Riddle which I found to be incredibly fascinating as we got to know Voldemorts character a bit better and in general, I think it was the most gut wrenching due to the beloved Sirius Black passing away.

Favorite HP Movie?

My favorite would have to be Prisoner of Azkaban as I am a huge Marauder fan in the movie, my fangirling was at an all time high though the book had the same affect.

Least Favorite HP Book?

My least favorite book would have to be Chamber of Secrets simply because of the child like atmosphere for the book. The entire thing basically delves deeper into the concept of racism and while I understand it was a series for children, this book especially made me wish for it to be a series for adults as I feel like this topic could have been explored better otherwise.

Least Favorite HP Movie?

My least favorite movie would definitely have to be Deathly Hallows as the entire thing was like a huge let down, I was continuously let down due to the lack of spells being used in the final battle. For a kid who managed to beat Voldemort countless times, you would think he actually had dueling skills but in this movie, it is like they completely ignore logic as both him and the rest of the Death Eaters are basically only using disarming spells while in the actual books, Harry Potter was pretty awesome and even used all three of the Illegal Curses which I give him mad props for.

Favorite Professor?

My favorite professor would definitely be Minerva McGonagall as she was continuously the only professor who never treated Harry Potter differently. She treated him as a human being who made mistakes but was still a good kid, effectively taking away points when appropriate and giving them once more when appropriate. She was the most influential teacher in my opinion and the best from who we actually got to see. Filius Flitwick was a bit of pushover, Severus Snape was too stuck in his past, and Dumbledore had clear biased against anybody who wasn’t Harry (Gryffindor should not have won the House Cup in first year, points for a good game of chess, seriously?)

Favorite Character?

My favorite character would have to be either Luna Lovegood or Draco Malfoy. I enjoyed Luna as I thought her to be a great addition to the series as she was rather wonky and peculiar but she was fascinating and I personally would love to read more of her story, particularly an in depth analysis of her mental well being and an explanation on the stories and I still secretly hope she was not imagining those creatures but a lot of me suspects that a lot of it was probably her compensating with the loss of her mother and being bullied (If you like Cho Chang, leave right now!) As for Draco Malfoy, I think had we seen a less biased view of him, a lot of people would have liked him more. He whole heartedly believed in what his family had taught him, something every body should understand and unfortunately didn’t fully understand why everything he said was so crude and disgusting. Despite all of the misunderstanding, I think he was a human being that never really got to see kindness from the other side, not saying he deserved it, but didn’t necessarily want to be a Death Eater like his father and struggled greatly with this.

Favorite Marauder Era Character?

As I believe it should be pretty obvious, I am a huge fan of the Marauder Era and I personally believe had we seen more of Regulus Black, I probably would have fallen hopelessly in love with him which is actually something that I think would be fascinating to write and he is one of those characters that I will fight with you about if you insult him. Don’t you dare. Beyond him, I really liked Xenophilius Lovegood, whom is Luna Lovegood’s father and while I continuously write the actual Marauders as good people, I generally dislike most of them for being bullies. There are countless examples of them being a bully, not just Severus and because of this, I am still upset with Lily Evans though I understand her point, at least a little bit.


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