My Message to Freshman


As a senior in high school, I have a lot of experience. I know what it’s like to be a freshman and I know what my choices in freshman year has caused to happen up until now.


I realize that my choices as a freshman greatly impacted my entire high school career and to this day, I can’t decide whether it was a good thing or a bad thing but I do have some advice for you so this is for you. Read it and do with it as you please but do read it. Because if it helps even one of you, I’m glad.


As an upcoming freshman, I went to a brand new school in my area where I only knew a handful of people and when that school year started, I remember vividly how everyone sat with their respected schools. If you came from one middle school, you sat here. If you came from another one, you sat there.


It might take a while for this to change but there is an entire sea of new students and unfortunately, it will change and I was actually the first from my table to walk away. I met a boy pretty early on in Freshman year and as a kid who was boy obsessed but knew nothing about relationships, it was a really stupid move on my part. Obviously, when that relationship started, I moved to his table which caused a chain reaction.


Looking back to those first few weeks, my first piece of advice to you is to be very careful. Don’t just date the first guy that you meet simply because he’s cute. Be nice and be his friend but wait. Because if you end up regretting your decision, you will forever regret the moves following this.


During that time that I sat with that particular table, I met some of the best and funniest people that I have ever met, to this day and they are the biggest reasons that I think fondly of my Freshman year. I was one of two girls at the table but those guys were hilarious but unfortunately, when the relationship failed, I was to leave the table…


Which resulted in my next piece of advice, unfortunately that wasn’t my cleanest break up that I have ever had and of course, somebody followed me when I left. Well, two people actually. The other girl and one of the boys.


My second piece of advice is this, don’t ever date a guy from your ex’s friend group because a multitude of things happen. You get an insanely bad reputation, even though you didn’t mean for literally any of it to happen.


Next, the guy you started dating will end up choosing sides which will cause either bad blood between your ex and him or you end up with a broken heart. I, stupidly, made that mistake not once but twice.


Don’t do it. Nothing ever ends well.


This part is possibly the trickiest part to give you advice on and I have to tread this topic very lightly for many reasons but choose your friends wisely. Because while you might not realize it, those choices do greatly affect you.


Based off your friends, people will forever judge you and think of you a certain way even though none of it may be true. Friends are an important thing and it is a very good thing to make friends but be careful about it.


Befriend people but if they are bad for you, walk away and be comfortable enough to walk away because down the line, you’ll regret it.


Finally, my last piece of advice is that you join clubs. Find something that you’re interested in and join it, whether it be Sports, Gamers Club, Yearbook, History, or Spanish Club. Just join something because you will find amazing people that could be your best friends long after you’ve graduated.


I am not saying that just because you join one of these things that your high school experience will be the best, I will be the first to attest that I am apart of a lot of clubs and my high school experience has been fairly terrible so far. But you will make friends, you will have something that you love while you’re dealing with everything, and the memories that you make are not ones that you will ever forget.


I know that you’re terrified about what will happen, whether you’re worried about your friends or your classes, it is perfectly natural. We have all been there and we all know what it is like, including the people surrounding you.


So, have fun and be nice. You never know what will happen.



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