Undergone Some MAJOR Changes!

This site went through some major changes and I really wanted to address them and do something special for it!



As some of you may have noticed, I did a bit of an upgrade with this site. I have had this blog for over a year which has allowed to me to decide how I felt about doing this, if I really liked doing it, and what I wanted from this.


In that year, I have learned that I actually love having this blog. I have been able to get my word out properly about how I felt regarding certain topics and have been able to receive feedback from a larger community that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to have.


So, after some time of genuinely thinking about the next step that I wanted to take, I have decided to do so which means that I did a bit of an upgrade with this site and hopefully this upgrade will give you guys a better experience as I continue doing this.


If you haven’t noticed the differences, I’ll tell them to you. I did an upgrade for the design of my blog which has allowed an easier time finding older posts and I have changed the overall color palette. If you guys are having any difficulties reading, please tell me and I will work on fixing these mistakes.


I have also done a bit of an update for my domain. As some of you may know, this site was originally http://www.sabrinaingramblog.wordpress.com however after some deliberation and thinking, I have decided to change it to http://www.sheswritingmore.com which is my username for a lot of other accounts. I chose it because this is primarily in regards to my writing and every single thing I post is myself writing more.


In honor of this upgrade, I have decided to do something a little special. For this week, so from August 20th until August 27th, I will be posting once a day before returning to every Sunday. I really wanted to do something special in honor of taking a step forward with this blog.


I love you guys so much, thank you so much for this support.


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