What Shutting Down Feels Like…


Even though many of you are probably unaware of this, earlier this year, I went through an emotional roller coaster that caused me to reevaluate a lot of things in my life. I lost myself for quite some time and a part of me is not entirely sure that I am completely whole again.


However, I have made it a long way so I am confident that it is still possible to grow stronger and I wanted to share my thoughts with you about what shutting down social media was like.


For those of you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I took a 5 month hiatus from Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat which allowed me to gather myself together without posting anything emotionally gargled or ridiculous while I went through this process.


Around the same time, my mom actually did the same thing. She took a long hiatus (not quite as long as mine) and since then, there has been a question. Does this disconnection genuinely work?


Well, I wanted to answer that question because I have put a lot of thought into this topic, especially during my deliberation about whether I would come back to social media at all.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and whatever other social media platform that you use has become an insanely large fixture in everyone’s every day lives to the point that I highly doubt many of us remember a time where social media wasn’t apart of our lives.


It is because of this that I do genuinely believe that it is partially taking over our lives though I would never make the argument that it is necessarily taking us away from the human connection, especially after my own personal experience.


Without having social media, I noticed that I was starting to feel lighter. I wasn’t having to deal with the toxic people in my life any longer nor was I reading about the excessively happy (or unhappy) people that were around me. Emotionally, I was getting better with the ability to take a deep breath.


I grew more confident in myself, I began to love the important people in my life more, and I felt a lot lighter. So, if it was so positive, you’re probably wondering why I did ultimately choose to return to some of my social media accounts.


My ultimate reason would be means of communication, it allowed people that I needed to converse with about school and other subjects without feeling obligated for them to have my phone number which is not something that I enjoy giving out.


Another reason is because social media was a big part of people’s lives. They shared their intimate and personal details and gave announcements such as a new pregnancy or an engagement. Because of the fact that I didn’t have social media, I felt like I was missing a lot of things in my friend’s personal lives.


Because of this, I did choose to only reopen certain social medias such as Facebook because it was a good communication tool that I had previously however Snapchat which was very short lived moments felt unnecessary while I just never truly enjoyed Instagram enough to deal with the hassle of returning.


So, I did walk away for a long time and I did ultimately come back but I came back on my own terms. I came back when I felt emotionally strong enough to do so and it because of this time that I have grown more confident in my ability to detach myself from the internet.


To answer your question, yes, I did feel happier for walking away while I sorted my feelings out and became stronger and while I did choose to return, I would completely understand your lack of interest in doing so.


Did you ever disconnect for social media? If so, for how long and how did it feel for you?

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Published by

Sabrina Ingram

Hello, my name is Sabrina Ingram. I am the author of The White Butterfly and The Girl in the Cage. You can find me on my website (www.sheswritingmore.com) where I talk about writing, books, personal things, and much more!

4 thoughts on “What Shutting Down Feels Like…”

  1. I recently decided to reduce the amount of time I spend on social media too by deleting the apps from my phone. I find that I am not only lighter but I have more time and I don’t fall into the time suck quite as easily.


    1. I’m glad that you found that it has helped you. I am in a similar situation, I don’t have my Facebook on my phone still nor do I have my Twitter. It is all on my computer. Shutting down has taught me a lot about dependency on technology and social media. I went a bit more drastic at the time but I do think having social media off of my phone has helped me tremendously since then!


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