Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden : Book Review

Book Title: Memoirs of a Geisha.

Author: Arthur Golden.

Publication Date:

Rating (Out of Five Stars): 3.5.

Book Review

My original interest towards this book actually stems from a random buy and I had actually never heard of the story beforehand until I was doing some research for a blog post (that I have yet to post… Sorry!) I thought it was so funny that I had found the book that I had literally just bought.


My attraction towards the book was kind of random, I was walking through the store when I saw the title from the corner of my eye and I continued to walk without even thinking about it. I had no idea what a geisha was and the story didn’t sound familiar to me but I kept noticing it out of the corner of my eye so I finally picked it up.


When I read the back of the book and how a geisha’s virginity was auctioned off, I was fascinated and quickly looked up the book on my phone to read more about what the story was about which is surprisingly hard to explain without giving up what the story is about.


Basically though, a geisha is a girl who is trained at a fairly young age in the art of dance, shamisen, and a few other things. She is given heavy amounts of makeup and is paid to entertain a man but this is nothing like prostitution as sex is typically not involved unless they are your Danna.


Unfortunately, you basically loose all control of yourself while you live in Okiya and still paying off the debts from school expenses, medical, and actually living in the Okiya. The aspect where you learned about this time period which focuses on girls is so fascinating that I couldn’t put the story down.


This follows the story of a popular and well known Geisha from before she even began training, to being sold to the Okiya for a sizable amount and more. The story follows her life through World War II.


But enough about what the story is about! Sorry, I really loved the mini history lesson that was ingrained throughout the entire story.


The writing, while at times long- winded and worthy of a good yawn, still had this ability to captivate you as it spoke, specifically if you were interested in the historical aspect of the story and learning more about being a geisha.


Of the many “famous” novels that I have written, this one definitely had the most personality and contained the ability to captivate somebody who wouldn’t typically enjoy reading.


If you enjoy historical fiction or have no idea what a geisha is, I would highly recommend this book but be aware that at times, it is long winded and hard to follow. I had to walk away quite a few times because I would get bored from the same talk as for quite a few chapters, it is fairly repetitive.


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3 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden : Book Review”

  1. This definitely wasn’t my favorite book review that I have ever given as I wasn’t sure what to say. It did fantastically with the historical aspect and with explaining things but at times, it went too far and kept repeating everything which wasn’t my favorite part of the story… Sorry if it wasn’t a very interesting review!


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