You’re waiting for him to fuck up

So you can swoop me up

And save me from the man that you clearly so despise

You’re waiting to be my knight in shining armor

After your so called villain chews me up and spits me out.

Like you’ve never hurt me

Like you so wish he will.

You think his fuck up

Will be our make up


You claim that I’m your princess

Like we’re in some Mario game

And I’m Princess Peach

That needs a little bit of saving.


And you’ll be there to stomp on whatever monster threatens me.

You’re waiting for him to fuck up

So that our make up will commense

To prove to me that all your fuck ups

Have and will be erased

Yet as he holds me dear

And your name vibrates on my phone

I must admit that I wondered if we were really done

You claim I’m your princess

and that he’s the villain keeping us away

But what if the roles are reversed

And you’re my villain who chewed me up and spit me out?

And he was my knight in shining armor who protected me.

You’re waiting for him to fuck up

Like you’ll think a make up will commense

You’ll swoop me up and save me from my far away castle

And protect me from my fears

And my tears will be no more

But I don’t need you to swoop me up

And a make up wont commense

I’m stronger than that

and if he fucks up

Then at least you’ve taught me how not to make up

Because a fuck up is a fuck up

And a fuck up should not be a make up and

I’m not a princess

Who needs any saving

I’m the hero of this game

And you’re just a monster following me.



Hello, my name is Sabrina Ingram! I published 'The White Butterfly' on Amazon which you can find a link to on any of my recent posts. You will most likely find me talking about relationships, school, youtube, and writing in general. I love connecting with my fans and receiving feedback for my work!

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