Hey Guys!


Okay, so I would just like to apologize for my absentee moments but I’ve actually been preparing for the new year! I want to try doing different things to make sure that everybody is happy.

The first thing that I would like to change is when I will be updating. Rather than Sundays, as it seems that my current life style is stealing all of my time on Sundays, I will be updating on Saturdays instead.

I would also like to change what I update about! Basically I want to help you guys have an idea of when to look for something. I know that some of you specifically read for my poetry, some read for my book reviews, and then I have some random stuff that people seem to enjoy reading.

So, for the first week of the month, I will be posting about stuff in regards to movies, Disney, Harry Potter, or whatever else. I will specifically be talking about pop culture things.

During the second week, I plan on post either poetry or a short story. Every month will alternate depending on this.

The third week, I will be posting something more personal. It might be a story time or just talking about relationships, my family, holidays, or whatever else.

And finally during the fourth week, I will be posting a book review for any book review. If you have a book review that you would like to request, please contact me and I will make sure to write one as soon as possible!


FIXED : I recently had a reader point out to me that they have been struggling to read the titles of my posts from the website because of my background color, which I had not been aware of so I put the website through a bit of a makeover and changed the colors and subsequently the fonts.


Thank you so much for everything that you guys have done for me and all of the changes in my life that has come from this website. I love all of my readers so, so much and I would love to see more feedback in the future. I make sure to respond to every comment and post so please feel free to contact me!

These changes, beyond the colors and fonts of the website, will not officially be implemented until 2018. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT IT IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE 2018? It’s mind boggling to me, like the world was supposed to end like 3 different times in my life and yet here we are.

I love all of you so much and I hope you all have great holiday cheer and an amazing new years and I will see you again on January 6th!


In the meantime, please check out my Instagram and Twitter: @sheswritingmore

  • You Can Buy The White Butterfly Here.
  • You Can Buy The Girl in the Cage Here.



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Sabrina Ingram

Hello, my name is Sabrina Ingram. I am the author of The White Butterfly and The Girl in the Cage. You can find me on my website (www.sheswritingmore.com) where I talk about writing, books, personal things, and much more!

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