Why Do I Write Romantic Tragedies?


It’s a question that I’m asked quite often, especially after people watch some famous romantic tragedy like The Notebook or something like that. They will ask me the dumb questions, “Do you get high from killing off your characters?” or my personal favorite “If you love romantic tragedies, does that mean that all of your relationships are doomed?”


It’s an assumption that is made by a lot of people, if I enjoy writing romantic tragedies then I must be a masochist. Basically, I’m playing the Taylor Swift card, where people ASSUME that I get into relationships so that I have a tragedy to write about.


So, I’m going to paint you a picture, okay?


Let’s say you grew up in a family where there was no love. Maybe your parents were divorced or maybe it had become painfully obvious that they were only married because of you.


Alternatively, you are now of high school age, you are in love and then suddenly and completely out of the view, the guy/ girl breaks your heart.


These people have either grown up, knowing the realities of love. They have looked at romance novels and have scoffed. Most of these aren’t the people who dreamed of falling in love and proving that everything would be okay if only they were in the arms of some muscular man.


When I first started working on The White Butterfly, my first published novel that I actually enjoyed writing, I had just gone through a break up and during this time, I was heartbroken.


I watched movies that were supposedly the movie that you should always watch after a break up and the most annoying theme was the fact that they ended up together. I didn’t want that, during my heartbreak, I wanted to know that I was not alone and I wanted to see an actress feel broken after a break up.


So that’s exactly what I wrote, a romantic tragedy about a girl getting over a break up.


It’s not that I was some cruel human being that wanted somebody to hurt for fun, I just wanted a story that would heal my heart.


I don’t consider romantic tragedies to be a genre that is purposely supposed to hurt you but a story that can heal you if you’re the right person. Whether you were hurt or you need a story that just doesn’t end well or maybe even a good cry.


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