First Date Rule: Do Not Ride in His Car!


This rule makes perfect sense if you’ve had my WORST date ever and it’s a story that I actually debated telling you guys completely separate from this because of how BAD it genuinely was.


I should preface this by explaining that he had newly joined my friend group that consists of just about all guys. He was a little forward and crazy, not in a bad way, I guess but definitely not in a normal way.


It should also be noted that I had just gotten out of a relationship at the time and was kind of hesitant when it came to a relationship. It didn’t help that he was kind of clingy beforehand.


The date began by him accidentally going to the apartment complex next door because he was so convinced that he knew exactly where I lived and didn’t bother to use GPS. We were on the phone for 20 minutes while he angrily yelled that he was at my apartment even though I was outside waiting for him already.


But this is not my story exactly, in fact, I don’t really care about it. It was more considered to be a red flag rather than anything else so we still continued onto the date.


He was a new driver, which might have been a huge part in this story and it was not something that I was fully aware of before the date but his mom was following his car which definitely didn’t help his annoyance with the entire situation.


But once I was finally inside his car, he explained to me that he had to stop by the bank which was once again fine. He went to one of those drive through banks and did his business. It’s the next event that I believe to be the chain reaction as to why I will never go on a first date that revolves around me being inside their car.


He didn’t look behind him before he started driving, he didn’t look behind him before he decided that it would be easier to reverse. This car was directly behind him when he rammed into this man’s car.


This car had not been moving, this car had actually been in park when he reversed into this poor man’s car that had his headlights on.


Yeah, he got into a car accident that was ENTIRELY his fault. Thankfully the guy had decided not to press charges but his mom decided that it would be a better idea and that the man would not get angry if the guy wasn’t driving right after this. So, he got into his parent’s car while his mom drove the car that I was in.


The first date that involved a car accident and also included his mom driving me to Sheetz where the guy and her finally switched. Why I didn’t demand to go home right then and there is absolutely beyond me. Perhaps I was just nervous or completely in shock but we finally did get to go see the movies that we wanted to see.


It was a drive- thru where there was a double feature. Doctor Strange and honestly, I couldn’t even tell you what the second movie was about.


We watched Doctor Strange fairly quietly as I sat in his car, I am still a huge Marvel fan to this day so there was nothing wrong with that. In fact, my favorite part of this entire date was probably that movie.


However, it was during the second movie that neither of us cared about that things… changed?


He got more talkative and more touchy feely. It was not in a bad way, it was more of him guiding me to where I laid in his shoulder and we held hands. It was just really awkward for a first date?



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