Blue Telephone Boxes


I am somebody who fears of the day that I have to use

The blue telephone boxes that line my campus

Ensuring my safety as I slow down within feet of it

Wondering if this is the moment that I will have to use it.


The blue telephone boxes that are there to keep you safe

But are also the reminder of every bad thing that could happen.

Before they were stories, told to you as a little kid to make sure you behaved.

Now we have bright blue telephone boxes to remind us of everything


Now that we are older, we are becoming the focus of the stories.

The blue telephone boxes that line the campus I walk down every day is my reminder

Of the bad things that could happen if I stayed out too late

Or if I made the wrong move during a conversation that I have


When you are talking to a stranger and you quickly take note of the closest one

So that you can calculate whether you can survive and make it to the blue telephone box.

I am someone who is constantly on guard, taking in the nearest blue telephone boxes

I am someone who worries of becoming a little girl’s worst nightmare


Because the blue telephone boxes that ensure my safety

Are also the scariest reminders of reality that I have ever come to face.



Published by

Sabrina Ingram

Hello, my name is Sabrina Ingram. I am the author of The White Butterfly and The Girl in the Cage. You can find me on my website ( where I talk about writing, books, personal things, and much more!

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