Six People I Would Want to Eat Lunch With!

    1. Ali Benjamin (Author)


Ali Benjamin is the author of my absolute favorite novel, A Thing About Jellyfish. This novel got me through a serious depression and it’s one of my most priced possessions even though it’s more of a recent novel.


I chose her to be on this list because I think she would be an absolutely fascinating person to talk to and I could use the opportunity to ask her questions about novel (like how she came up with using jellyfish, what gave her the idea, how did she manage to execute this story line.)


2. Brad Gemmell (Scientist)


Brad Gemmell made it on the list because of a short story that I was working on a couple of years ago. It’s not a very good one but I was trying to write a story about characters under the sea dealing with the Oil Spill off of the Gulf of Mexico.


When I was doing research for this story, I found out about his work involving jellyfish and while I think he is probably the most intimidating on my list, I would love to take the opportunity to ask him about jellyfish and his finding and how he came about it.


3. Mila Kunis (Actress)


Mila Kunis is somebody that if I were to say that I looked up to anybody, it would probably be her. She is such an interesting and funny human being and I am absolutely obsessed with watching videos of her interviews but she completely won my heart when I found out about how she put donations to planned parenthood in Joe Biden’s name.


I think that if we were to sit down and have lunch together, it would be a very fun experience with a lot of laughter and discussion happening while I would mostly be in awe.


4. William Shakespeare (Author)


William Shakespeare is practically the father of my entire genre, romantic tragedies, and he was such a brilliant and intelligent mind. I’d love to hear him talk about his process and his work, have his opinions on his own characters.


On top of that, he lived during an amazing time period. The Renaissance. I’d love to hear what life was like during that time from somebody who actually lived it, hear what the art was like, the atmosphere, the politics.


5. Ashley Graham (Model)


I have always struggled with my self image, which isn’t surprising as I am a girl who grew up in a world where skinny is cherished and bones are beautiful. But I’m not skinny and I’m not bones. I never thought I was beautiful, it wasn’t something I genuinely believed I was but when I first heard of Ashley Graham, I realized that curves can be beautiful. That the world does not cherish bones as much as I thought they would and I have never felt more comfortable in my body.



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