Welcome to Brunesville 1


If you want to check out the character page! It will take you to a google document with basic information for the character. At the beginning of every part, I will be posting the character page at the beginning. Feel free to look over it for information in regards to Margana Hazelwood.


Welcome to Brunesville

Part One


Margana woke up with a start, her eyes coming face to face with the dirt as she pulled herself up to notice a wooden sign that said, “Welcome to Brunesville.”


(Wisdom Check- 12) Upon closer inspection, she recognized the name to be from a storybook of sorts, having always regarded it as a piece of fiction but for some reason could not remember anything about the story or how she ended up here.


(Perception Check- 16) After deciding to look around, she stepped further into the town to realize that the town was fairly large, with stores lining in front of her for as far as she could see and vendors everywhere. The vendors had a stark contrast in comparison to the stores as they all seemed to be brightly colored while the stores had a dark aura surrounding them.


Deciding to walk further into the town, she noticed a beautiful jewelry store that almost seemed to be gold in color and before she could even comprehend her actions, she was walking into the jewelry store to see a fashionable woman in a dark blue dress and covered in jewelry from head to toe. Margana recognized the jewelry likely belonged to her, and had an incredibly antique quality.


(Perception Check- 17) Deciding to look around the store, she noticed that there were pieces of jewelry ranging from incredible antiques to modern pieces throughout the entire store, and a laminated sign that says, “DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!”


(Roll – 14) Deciding to talk to the lady, she gave a kind smile that almost didn’t seem to reach her eyes as she guided her around the store, showcasing some of the more expensive pieces.


Even though Margana knew that the woman likely would not tell her, she still found herself asking, “Do you have any magical pieces?” The lady laughed in response, shaking her head, “Sorry, my dear.”


(Perception Check – 21) As she walked out of the store, she looked around once more, curious about her surroundings and still wanting to learn something of what was going on, as she took notice of those walking around as they eyed the vendors in mistrust, and while some were stopping by, for the most part they simply avoided the gazes of the workers, and instead continued to walk into the stores. Some of the stores that she saw was a bar, a small bookstore, a bank, an inn, and a clothing store. While some of the vendors that caught her attention were potions, books, herbs, drinks, and even foods. Additionally, for some reason, she finally takes notice in a man dressed in dark clothing as he held a scroll in front of him, preparing to read the contents in a professional manner.


Curiously, she walked up to the man and as she stood still in front of him, he calmly cleared his throat and recited the scroll calmly, “Take care in the rules and remember not to hurt a soul.”


(Charisma Check – 24) Deciding to delve deeper, she decides to take the opportunity to ask some questions, “I apologize but who are you?”


“I am the scroll keeper, I read the scroll to newcomers. However, there have not been any newcomers in quite some time. The time of disease has come upon us and we are the only ones left.” The man’s voice is very grave, and his malnutrition body almost stopped her from continuing to ask questions despite her burning curiosity but she had one final question.


(Roll- 2) “What rules?” Margana found herself asking as his nose turns upward in her direction, changing his position as he faces the entrance of Brunesville more directly. “Excuse me?” She tried once more, but he continued to ignore her.



So, this story is very interesting to me. I know what I would like for her to do but these rolls keep stopping me from being able to pull it off. I’m incredibly excited to end up rolling a one and I would also like to say that I basically have written a cause- and- effect version of this story.


So based off their roles and what they do, depends on what they manage to get or what they manage to find out. I thought this would be a fun and interesting thing to incorporate into my blog as it lets you have an idea of my creativity and writing style in a way that I have never done before.


What do you think will happen? Do you think jeweler genuinely had no magical items? Would the man have told her more had he not rolled a two? All interesting questions to ask…


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