Welcome to Brunesville 2

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If you want to check out the character page! It will take you to a google document with basic information for the character. At the beginning of every part, I will be posting the character page at the beginning. Feel free to look over it for information in regards to Margana Hazelwood.


Welcome to Brunesville

Part Two



She looked around once more, taking notice in the vendors that didn’t seem to be nearly as busy as some of the other stores and decided that she would talk to them. Noticing a Goblin who looked particularly more kind than the others surrounding him dressed in lavender clothing and seemed to be selling fruits and wines, she decided to walk towards the man.


(Charisma Check – 15) “Hello sir,” She began softly and in a sweet manner. “I was just curious if I could ask you some questions?”


(Roll – 19) The Goblin smiled, completely surprising Margana as he gestured her to continue.


A little apprehensive, she bit her lip as she debated if this was really a good idea before sighing. “So, I’m not from here. In fact, I’ve never been here in my life and I have no idea how I got here. I tried to ask the scroll keeper but he wasn’t very responsive. So, I have to ask somebody. What are the rules here? What is going on?”


(Roll – 20) The Goblin didn’t seem to be fazed in the slightest as he sighed, looking nervously between the other vendors before sighing. “There are many rules in regards to this small town. The King had revealed to us some time ago that there was a disease going through the entire world and that in order for us to survive then we must stay here forever and never leave in order to survive this sickness. Since that day, the king has not left the palace however after some time, and in order for us to know how many animals have died, the knights were sent out to tag every living creature. After that, a rabbit had been found in somebody’s yard without a tag and people came to believe that animals had not been affected by this disease as they were superior to us. Which has resulted in the consumption of any animal to be completely prohibited and you must send either money for foods to the king in order to not be sent to jail. This has resulted in mass- malnutrition and health concerns across our city and many, including myself, have come to believe that there has not been any disease wracking the world. You are our proof. Our living proof that there has been no disease. Tell me child, what was the last thing you remember?”


(Roll – 20) “Not much, I had been fighting a monster and then the next thing I knew, I was waking up on the outskirts of this town.” The Goblin nodded in understanding before taking out an incredibly small, round vial of glittery gold liquid. “Perhaps this can help you in your journeys… However, don’t take it quite yet…”


Margana smiled softly, taking the vial in curiosity as she examined the glittery contents that sloshed in the vial before smiling a thank you. “Thank you, thank you so much,” She whispered softly as she placed the gold liquid into her bag as she turned around to leave, bidding the man goodbye, he stopped her wait. “Wait, you should leave.”


“Leave?” She had questioned in confusion.

“I can not leave but you can. Leave before it’s too late.”

“Why can you not leave?”

“I am being tracked, they don’t know of your existence.”

“I want to help.”

“You’re of no help if you are dead.”



So fun fact, the Goblin was very much inspired by the story from Christina Rossetti, “The Goblin Market” and had she rolled low with his perception of her, he was going to try and sell the same drink from the story to her. That version of the story was called the “Goblin Market Quest” but instead, he absolutely adored her and gave her a potion!


What do you think the potion is capable of doing?




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