Welcomes to Brunesville 3

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Welcome to Brunesville

Part Three



(Perception Check – 15) As she turned from the Goblin, she noticed a woman running towards the exit on the right followed by a man, and soon after, a group of teenagers chased after them. She paused at the mysterious behavior, curious to know what was happening and decided to follow after, keeping her eye on them.


(Roll- 9) She continued to follow them as they made a turn, and she noticed a kingdom in the vast distance. She wondered if she should really be following them for a brief second as she hoped they were not running towards the kingdom.


(Roll- 2) (Roll-1) Their destination did not seem to be any closer as they continued to run.


(Roll- 5) As the castle neared, she noticed a group of guards running towards the group in front of her and stopped the men as one guided the girl into the castle. Margana froze, nervous to be involved but it was already too late as one of the guards came towards her.


“You are under arrest,” The guard announced as her eyes widened in shock.

“Why?” She squeaked in response.

“You were involved in the chasing of the princess and will be punished.”

“But sir, I wasn-” Margana began before the guard simply cut her off.


“You will be arrested and can make your case to the King before he decides your punishment,” He simply stated, raising his voice a bit to establish authority before grabbing her arm and dragging her towards the group as Margana sent a pleading look towards the group of teenagers that gave her an odd look as they had never noticed her.


(Roll- 4) As the three teenagers and the man walked with her as everyone was dragged throughout the castle, she became concerned that her fate would be death and hoped the King would be understanding.


(Roll- 10) (Roll- 7) The princess takes notice of you as she stood at a distance, observing the group and took a closer look at you, taking a small step forward before simply shaking her head as she assumed that she had simply not noticed you in the bar where everything took place.


(Roll- 20) Once everyone was placed into the small dungeon, she noticed that she was capable of seeing everybody who had been arrested from her place. “Who are you?” The teen boys asked, still confused as to why they had never noticed you.


“I am Margana, I was leaving the city when I noticed you guys begin running and thought you knew the exit,” Margana simply explained, playing with her hands as she observed her surroundings.


(Roll- 13) “You were trying to leave the city?” One of the boys asked, their interest clearly piqued. “Despite what the King has said about the outside world?”


“I actually arrived in the city only this morning,” She revealed as the boys shared a look of surprise. “You had just arrived this morning?”


“Yes, why?”

“No one has arrived in years, my girl,” The older man started. “You are the only proof any one has that this kingdom is not the last of the world to exist. Where did you come from?”


(History Check- 6) Biting her lip, she tried hard to remember once more of where she had come from. “I- I do not remember, I woke up on the outside of the city limits. But I do recall that this kingdom was apart of a story book from where I was from.”


“Our kingdom has become a mere- story to the outside world,” The teenagers commented softly. “It seems a real shame, I can not remember a time that this place was not under lockdown.”


“Did it happen before you were born?” Margana asked as the older man shook his head, “No, my girl. We have all lost track of time. It has almost been like time has stopped entirely.”


“Why would this happen?” Margana asked curiously.


“Well, it is known that magic was outlawed right as everything went down. Disbelievers have prophesied that there is a magic barrier surrounding the kingdom to prohibit people from leaving or coming. This could perhaps explain why you do not remember the outside world and why we are a mere story.”


Margana became nervous suddenly upon hearing that magic has become illegal and looked down at her hands in interest. “Magic is outlawed but you are still capable of performing magic, yes?” She asked curiously as the boys shrugged in response.


“We have not seen anybody who knows magic to find out.”

“Would you like to find out?” Margana asked, looking up.


“You know magic?” The boys asked in surprise.

“Very little as I am still learning but I do know some.”

“Prove it.”


(Magic Roll – 9) (Roll- 9) She brings her hands together as she imagines a single red rose, with thorns prickling her hands as everyone watched this happen, “Well magic still works.”


“What kind of sorcery is that?”

“I am not a sorceress,” She quickly corrected.

“What is that spell?”

“The first that I ever learned, Druidcraft. It has a mirage of other abilities that we can discuss later, but first we need to get out of here. Does anyone have any ideas?”


(Roll-20) (Dexterity Check- 9) “Can I borrow that rose? I think I might have something,” The youngest of the boys asked as she attempted to throw the rose though it landed just shy from his reach.


“Dang it, does anyone else have anything sharpy and pointy?” The boy asked once more.


(Roll- 19) “I do!” The eldest of the teens called out as he pointed out a barrette of sorts.


“Why do you have a girl’s item?” The third teenager asked as he laughed.

“Don’t complain, this is perfect. Throw it to me!”


(Roll- 14) With a swift throw, the youngest teenager caught it and sighed in relief. “Thank you! I hope this works, guys.”


(Roll- 18) After a few minutes of fiddling with the item, he managed to unlock his door. “Guys, I did it!” He cheered excitedly. (Roll- 14)


“You need to be quiet,” The rest of the boys hissed as he began to unlock the first door. (Roll-17)


He continues onto everybody else, including Margana before they began to quietly discuss what their next moves would be.



So, I was not expecting her to actually befriend these guys in any shape, form, or fashion and was rather banking on the Princess helping her. However, this has clearly not happened which has been an interesting turn of events.


Tune in to Find Out on Sunday! (April 22nd)!


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