Welcome to Brunesville 4

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If you want to check out the character page! It will take you to a google document with basic information for the character. At the beginning of every part, I will be posting the character page at the beginning. Feel free to look over it for information in regards to Margana Hazelwood.


Welcome to Brunesville

Part Four



(Roll- 14) (Dexterity Check- 14) Once everyone was free, the boys had formed a plan and had even decided to include her into the plan rather than leaving her alone as the rest of the boys sneaked out of the dungeon and began to go down the hall, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.


(Roll- 7) (Roll- 19) Unfortunately, just as she rounded a corner, the rest of the boys leaving her as the princess caught sight of her and stared for a moment.


(Roll- 18) “You look rather familiar,” The princess drawled in thought.


“I’m sorry, princess?” Margana asked, “I have arrived in an attempt to become a maid of the castle, unfortunately, I have gotten lost on my way,” Margana lied as the princess hummed in thought.


(Charisma Check- 10) The princess hummed in thought, “I had not been aware that father was planning on hiring a maid. No matter, he is no longer here though how about this? I will allow you to come back tomorrow when father gets here and will force him to see you.” Margana’s eyes widened in surprise, “That is mighty kind of you, princess.”


“No matter, no matter. I am actually in need of a maid anyways. I recently fired my last one, asked too many questions that one did. Now, leave.” Margana nodded swiftly, bowing lightly before quickly walking down the hall in an attempt to leave the castle.


(Roll- 1) When she finally left the castle, she looked around for the boys to no avail and began to decide about what her next moves should be. She thought about abiding to the Princess’ request but eventually decided against it, in fear that she would one day remember what had happened that day and would realize that the prisoners have run away and figure out it was her.


With that, she looked around her and noticed the woods coming from the right in the distance and began to head in that direction.


(Perception Check- 15) As she walked, she didn’t even notice a young boy coming up from behind her until she felt something rub against her dress as he attempted to find money and attempted to grab his hand.


(Dexterity Check- 10) However, as her hand reached to stop the boy, he quickly withdrawn and took a step back, fear overcoming him as he cowered away from the young girl.


“You are much too young for this,” Margana snapped before reaching into her began for her coins and giving him ten. “I am not a horrible person and I suspect if you tried to ask for money rather than stealing, you would not fail in this attempt. You’re young,” Margana advised, before trying to turn away. (-10 Coins)
(Roll- 2) “Thank you so much!” The young boy shouted from behind, as Margana decided to refrain from responding though adorned a soft smile on her face.



Not super long but she is officially out of the castle, broke, and on her way to the forest. What shall happen?




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