What Do I Believe In?


WARNING: I will talk about the delicate, delicate subject of religion and beliefs. If you can not handle someone not being of the same religion or having different beliefs compared to you, then please go away. Come back next week or something but this is not the week for you.



I am not a religious person, I have grown up watching the Christian belief unfold but I recently took a World Religions class that pretty much introduced me to religions around the world and what they believe in which of course, lead me to question what I believed in personally.


When I first signed up for the class, I actually had been in interested in learning about new languages. As an atheist, I really wanted to look into other religions because I couldn’t find myself relating to Christianity in any shape, form, or fashion.


Additionally, I was under the impression that I had to choose a religion or be atheist, I didn’t think that there was another option until I took the class.


So, what do I believe in?


As I finished the class, I knew that my answer did not lead me to any of the religions that I was introduced to and learned about (which including Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity.) In fact, if my answer did end with these four choices, I would still consider myself to be an atheist.


This is not offend anyone as I believe all of these religions are legitimate and that they bring up good points. All of them have aspects of their religion and belief system that I adore and I believe that regardless of what you consider yourself to be, you are not wrong in any way.


I believe in spirit animals. I believe that there is a certain animal that symbolizes who you are going to be, who you need to be, and who you want to be. I believe this animal can appear in a dream or may be an animal that continuously crossed your path over a period of time when the animal knew that you needed them.


I found mine when I was going through depression for the first time, I found an anime that has a jellyfish in it and then I found my favorite novel (to this day) and then finally, I began having dreams of swimming with Jellyfish. (Jellyfish symbolize peace, faith, acceptance, strength, patience, balance, softness, and truth, by the way)


I believe in herbal medicines and aromatherapy. I believe that scents and tastes really can affect your personality and feelings and emotions in regards to moments and situations. Whether it works because I believe it does or if it genuinely works, it doesn’t matter to me because I believe it. (If you’re into herbal teas, I highly suggest Traditional Medicinals Tea)


I believe in reincarnation. I believe that when we die, we are reborn into another life. I believe that life is a cycle of events that is never ending for our soul, which gives us the ability to learn and grow for our next life, not necessarily for the purpose of learning a religion or mastering a religion but to learn the story of life. I believe that each life is completely different from the one before, allowing your soul to see how your choices may change, and allows you to experience life as differences races and stories. Sometimes I even entertain the idea of birthmarks being our cause of death, and if you have asthma then you might have died of asphyxiation.


I believe in equality. I believe that we are our own people, and that we should support and have opportunities for those that are different. I believe that regardless of sexuality, religion, or race that they should be treated with the same respect.


I believe in raw emotion. I believe in lust and desire and hatred, in happiness and depression and sadness. I don’t think that these natural and primal urges should be ignored. I believe that these things exist because they make us human.


I believe that we have no idea how Earth was created. I refuse to believe that a random man that supposedly exists from nowhere and lived alone for who knows how long decided to create an entire world from the animals that we see today to the dinosaurs from our past. I believe that it is a question that will be one day answered and it probably won’t be in my lifetime or in yours.
I believe in the respect of nature and animals. I believe that nature is sacred and that there is a reason that Romanticism is so special and so important that is resonates with people to this day. I believe that nature is precious and should be treated delicately. I believe that animals are alive with emotions and thoughts and their own way of communication and life which is why I am a vegan.


I believe in peace. I do not believe that we should face our problems with fists, or that we should fight until we reach the top. I believe that the past is the past and our soldiers should be respected and I understand that we have to learn how to fight back but I believe that is should be the last resort. Not the first one.



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