I Have Completed Six Bucket List Items!


When I first began this blog, I created the ultimate bucket list and it occurred to me recently that I have probably knocked off a few items from my bucket list over the last couple months. So, I decided that I wanted to talk about each one of the individually.


Visit the Statue of Liberty


Visiting the statue of liberty has been on my bucket list for quite some time and there is actually an interesting story that happened while my group was at NY and we were just about to board a ferry so we could see the Statue of Liberty up close when our leader got a phone call from a teacher that had stayed at the hostel while we were doing things.


Basically, an incident in the planning of the hostel had messed up a little and we were supposed to leave the hostel a day earlier than we were planning. So, we had to rush all the way back to Brooklyn to grab our things before the hostel threw it onto the streets and we had to make last- minute plans.


Ride a New York Subway


This is such a weird bucket list item, but I come from a really small city in North Carolina and the idea of a public, underground system was actually mind boggling.


During the week that we spent in New York, we exclusively rode the subway and walked everywhere. At times, it was incredibly busy and your legs were killing you from trying to put all of your strength into not falling and at other times, there were people kind enough to get up from their seat to let you sit down.




But so many interesting things happened on the subway, including overhearing conversations between couples and seeing all walks of life sitting together in a peaceful environment. There was even a situation where these two shirtless teenager came into the subway and started pole dancing!


Go to a Book Signing + Meet an Author


The inner nerd in me has always wanted to attend a book signing, and the writer part of me has always wanted to hold a book signing. But for this particular conversation, I went to the book signing of Robert Beatty and it was such a fun experience. The line was ridiculously long but it was definitely worth the wait.


Go to a Renaissance Festival


I have always been fascinated with the Renaissance/ Medieval time period and to experience something like the festival first hand was absolutely amazing. I loved listening to the music and experiencing the shows and movies and my mom’s boyfriend made it even more special by letting us use these gold $1 pieces. I bought so much tea from the festival that it proves how much of a problem I have. I EVEN DRESSED UP.


Check out my Instagram for pictures related to the Renaissance Festival (you have to go a little back but it’s worth it!) @sheswritingmore


Go to Carolina Rebellion


Carolina Rebellion is one of the most fascinating things that I have ever done, because it’s an experience that is truly like none other. It allows you the chance to experience different bands and fall in love with bands that you haven’t listened to in awhile.


I had not listened to Black Veil Brides since middle school but the second I was standing in that crowd, the middle school version of me died from happiness and fell in love with the music all over again and I think that is the magic that is Carolina Rebellion.


If you wanna see videos from Carolina Rebellion 2018, check out my Instagram! @sheswritingmore





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What else is on my bucket list?

The Ultimate Bucket List


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