Their Best Friend – POEM

WARNING: If you are struggling in any way with suicide, suicidal thoughts, or self- harm then please click out of this. This will be triggering and emotional for some people and if you’re not in the place where you can deal with those things then please click out of this poem.




If you are at the point where you are seriously thinking about it, or even if it has even been a thought that has crossed your mind, please consider calling the number above. It is open 24/7 and they will talk to you about what you’re feeling and talk you out of it. I urge you to call the phone number.



It’s those words

Those words you never thought you would hear

You might not have even known what it was

When you first heard them

I know I didn’t


You think the first time will be the only time

When they are crying their eyes out

And they look at you and admit something that scares even themselves


You think you’re strong enough to help them

Maybe you even are

You take away their best friend


You’re naive to think that it will be enough

You think they wont find another best friend

You’re naive enough until you notice they are hiding their wrists

That they wince when you grab their arm in a certain way


You begin noticing the growing amounts of rubber bands branding their wrists

They are cool enough to be tricked into thinking that they are just an accessory

But I’ve come to notice them from across the room

And every time, I notice the same things


The wince

The nervousness

The depression

The secrets

The lies that are growing every single time you’ve talked to them


The second person comes to you and you want to help

You always want to help

That will never change

But your idea of helping begins to change


You make them show their wrists to you every single day

You’ll find an abandoned corridor at some point in the day

They’ll show you their wrists and all you will see are the scars

The scars that tell you everything that has happened to them


You don’t think to realize they are cutting somewhere else

Somewhere less noticeable

Somewhere that isn’t touched as often

Whether it’s their thighs or stomach


The third person comes and you’ve seen enough loss to last you a lifetime

You wonder if actually going to somebody will make a difference

You wonder if it would be a good idea

Then you notice blood leaking from under their bracelets

And you freak out, you hyperventilate

You end up in the school bathroom for hours on end


A teacher comes to find you at some point

Reprimands you for skipping

Even though they see the tears running down your face

And you find your opening

You’re staring at this teacher

You’re aware that you’re about to lose your friend

But you think that it has to be better than the loss forever


They survive

The survivor in your story of growing lists of people who have passed away

You lose them but that doesn’t surprise you

At least you get to see them alive

You seem them happy with other people

That’s all that really matters at this point


Then you get those words again

Those words of admittance

You’ve been ignoring the signs

The bracelets

You think they have to be decoration


You wonder if they are just flocking to you at this point

You wonder what it’s like

There has to be a reason why everyone is doing this

Why everyone you come to care about ends up saying those words


You make your own best friend

Nothing special

You hope nobody notices

And you’ve experienced enough to know what to avoid.

You make the first cut

The stinging is all you can think about

You wonder how they could ever do such a thing


You leave it alone

Clean up

Stop the bleeding

Then you leave your best friend in a hidden spot

You don’t think you’ll ever do it again


Until you find yourself craving that stinging pain

The realization of what you’re wanting to do

It’s terrifying because you know the harms

There is no believing that the blood dripping from your wrists is healthy.



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