Warnings, Disclaimers, and More




So, as I’ve had a couple issues in the past with my novels. I really just wanted to share some of these warnings, disclaimers, and other relevant information.


  • If I am writing about something triggering, I do try to write a warning in the description box so I highly suggest to make sure you read that before you click on any posts. Some of the things that I have covered in the past are sexual assault, suicide/ suicide awareness, rape, and other incredibly sensitive topics. I am very passionate about these topics but I am also aware that many people struggle with it.


  • I have been known to talk about personal matters. Including story times and open letters which is where a lot of my issues have come into play. However, I NEVER use the person’s name and if it is necessary then I change the name entirely unless I am given permission otherwise. However, this is a rare occurrence so feel free to assume that any name that you may see is not real.


  • In reference to my novels, however, they are pieces of fiction: Any similarities to plot, characters, locations, or anything else is completely coincidental. I use little to none of my personal life when writing my novels and while some may disagree, any similarities is completely coincidental.


  • I have a lot of opinions and my blog will reflect these opinions. With that being said, I am open for discussion in conversation. I am a vegan but I do not expect anyone else to suddenly become vegan. It’s a very serious topics.


  • I am not an expert about ANYTHING. With my conversations about ESA’s or anything else,  I am simply sharing MY experience and this experience is likely different from anybody else’s. I do not claim to be an expert and I am simply sharing my opinions and thoughts about the subject.


  • Many of the photos that I use are from Google searches and therefore are not mine. In the past, I have not been sufficient in indicating this fact but I will be working in the future to ensure that this does not happen. If I have used your photo without accurate credit to you, please email me and I will either change the photo entirely or credit you. I will not be going back to change all of them but I completely understand your disdain for this kind of situation.