Counting Calories (Short Story)


She stared at her food, calculating in her head how many calories each and every item on her plate was. Could she really afford the 500 calories that stood on her plate? It seemed like a lot, more than she could handle and she knew that working off these 500 calories would be a lot. It didn’t help that she could hear the snickers surrounding her, she knew what she was. The school’s fat girl.


When she looked into the mirror, she understood how she managed to obtain the title. Her rolls spilled out of her jeans, her shirts were either too tight or went to her knees, and her boobs were just flabby. While they had the size to be attractive, they simply weren’t because she was too big to pull them off and they honestly just looked like pathetic globs of fat adorning her body. Instead of cherishing her boob size, they were her reminder of the size that she hated.


The snickers intensified as a shadow went over her food and something dropped onto the table, the clatter of plates hitting the table and the talk throughout the cafeteria almost seemed to quiet down to watch the exchange, meaning that the person before her was likely no friend of hers, or at least somebody who was friendly considering she didn’t actually have any friends. She didn’t want to look up, she was almost afraid of the interaction that was about to happen, she didn’t want to see what was dropped onto the table because she knew it wasn’t a tray.


“Hey,” The voice was sickly sweet but she recognized it to be more sinister than upon first glance. Because the girl before her was Heather, a girl with admittedly beautiful brown hair that seemed to have almost been kissed by the sun as it cascaded down her back and she knew that the girl also was incredibly skinny. An attribute that she longed for. “You looked a little hungry, so I wanted to give this to you,” The voice continued on as she finally decided to look at what was dropped onto the table. It was one of those Hostess cupcakes, the chocolate ones with the white swirls that she often dreamed about in her sleep. “I got in the mail by mom, she thought I should have something sweet to keep in my dorm but I’m watching my figure. I don’t want to end up looking like you,” The voice was as sharp as knives and the words cut deeper than she would have cared to admit.


“No thank you,” Came her weak response, her voice quiet as she continued to keep her eyes downcast. It was safer to simply look at the plate before her, the pathetic looking broccoli being her focus.


“Oh, but sweetie. You simply look ravenous. That broccoli couldn’t possibly be enough for you, here take it,” The girl continued to encourage, picking up the cupcakes and moving them closer to her plate. “They’re really good as I’m sure you know.” The temptation was strong, the memory of the delectable chocolate and the filling that she would surely find inside was haunting her memory. Perhaps one cupcake couldn’t be too bad? So she decided to hesitantly take it, her hand reaching out to the small package as the girl before her let out a laugh.


“See, that’s why you haven’t lost any weight. You have no control because you’re simply pathetic,” The words hit home. The same words she constantly told herself was now coming out of somebody else but she simply grabbed the cupcake as she pushed her chair back quickly and rushed out of the cafeteria. She tried to run all of the way back to the dorm, ignoring her body slapping against her own flesh as she ran, not even bothering to hold her breasts to stop them from jumping up and down. They were simply a reminder of her body, she ignored Heather’s words. Trying to block them from her mind. As she reached her dorm, she stared at the cupcake as she ripped open the wrapper, the scent of chocolate hitting her nose as tears welled up in her eyes and she realized that she wouldn’t be able to simply throw it away.


She picked it up with her hands, staring at it while trying to will herself to throw it away and forget about it. Ignoring the memory of the last time she did this, when she drove by a McDonald’s and couldn’t stop herself from pulling into the drive thru to get a McFlurry. When she had come back to the dorm, she stared at it as well, trying to convince herself that the vanilla ice cream and Oreo crumbles were not worth the five pounds that would come from this decadent dessert. She had eventually thrown it away, placing it carefully in the trash can encase she changed her mind which she did. Late at night, when everyone else was out partying, she found herself staring at the trash can, laying her bed as she debated it. Did the calories really count at night? Could she eat the McFlurry and not gain anything? Or eat a stick of butter without consequence like she had watched in movies?


She wanted to be stronger, in this moment, the thing that she wanted most was to simply be stronger. She wanted to have the ability to throw away the cupcake and she wanted to go to bed not thinking about that very same cupcake and she dreaded the thoughts of debating whether or not she could fish it out of the trashcan. She hated that she knew what would happen later in the day, when she found herself lost in her own thoughts. She was weak, she couldn’t resist the temptation as she brought the cupcake to her mouth and took a small bite. The sweetness of the cupcake erupted throughout her entire mouth, and she honestly could have let out a moan of pleasure at the delectable taste. It was something that she had craved for so long. All of a sudden, she actually was ravenous and all thoughts of how many calories this cupcake was completely left her mind, as she quickly decided that she would simply deal with it at some other point.


Once she finished the cupcake, she stared at the chocolate on her hands and she felt completely disgusted with herself and it almost felt like she could feel the weight that she had gained from eating that cupcake alone. Her stomach felt full and she felt nauseated, and she could feel the hate for herself bubbling up beyond comprehension. Her mind was racing with thoughts, uncontrollable thoughts that she hated herself for having.


She thought of simply not eating for a little while, there had to be no harm is skipping a meal or two every once in awhile. She surely knew that she had skipped breakfast and lunch throughout middle school after somebody had made a comment that it seemed as though she was losing weight. But maybe skipping meals for longer periods of time could be better? But no, she thought of her relationship with the cupcake and how the moment it stood in front of her, she couldn’t even stop herself from wanting it despite the fact that it was given to her by somebody who only wanted to make fun of her.


No, that simply wouldn’t work. She was too weak but as she stared at the toilet from one of the open stalls, she knew what she had to do. It was the only one that she would be able to feel attractive, it was the only way that she could ever hope to lose weight because she knew that the diet wouldn’t work and she knew that working out was never going to happen. She would take one step into the gym, see all of the attractive and skinny people working out and immediately turn around and walk away. This honestly seemed like the best option and she knew she wouldn’t lose all of the calories from this so maybe it could work? Maybe it was healthy enough to be able to pull it off and it was only until she stopped feeling so gross.


She thought back to Heather, and how they used to be friends before college. Back when Heather was at least 100 pounds heavier and unpopular, just like she had been. They used to bond over their weight problems, joking during gym class that it was just meant for pervy gym classes to stare at girl’s boobs jumping as they were forced to jump. She remembered a conversation, right before the summer of their freshman year.


“So, I’m thinking about trying to lose weight,” Heather had whispered to her in the middle of the night during one of their famous sleepovers.


She had stifled a laugh, “Good luck with that. What are you going to do? Eat a cheerleader diet and work out?” She had asked in a joking manner, genuinely thinking it was all a joke.


“No, of course. I was doing some research and I found some information. An alternative way to lose weight, I think it’s more feasible. You can eat whatever you want and you still wont have to take all of the calories.”


“What is this miracle drug?”



She never thought Heather would actually lose the weight, she thought she had been joking and when she didn’t join her and she slowly began losing the weight, she became more confident and promiscuous until finally they were no longer even friends and in college, it was like they never even knew each other. After some time, she began joining in on the teasing and the joking.


She took a hesitant step forwards, convincing herself that it was a good idea as she knelt before the toilet and took two fingers into her mouth and shoved them until she felt herself gagging. Immediately she withdrew, questioning whether or not this was really a good idea but she wanted to go through with it, she wanted to prove that she was strong enough to do this. So, she took the two fingers once more and shoved them down her throat, ignoring the gagging sensation that went throughout her body as she felt the bile rise up her throat until finally she expelled it. She was strong enough to do this at least.


Unlikely Friendship (Short Story)


Relationships have always been terrifying for me, and honestly I could never tell you why. Maybe it was from watching my parent’s relationship which only existed because of me. Maybe it was because of those middle school relationships where they threw around the “I love you”’s only to be met with dramatic heartbreak. For me, every time I turned around, there was a friend coming to me in tears over some guy who had broken her heart.


That all changed though, I was a teenager who had hormones and eventually, there was a guy where I forgot about those fears. I had somehow tricked myself into believing he could never hurt me, that he didn’t have it in his power to do so. Because in my head, I wasn’t like all of those other girls. I didn’t throw around the “I love you.” I didn’t rush into relationships, I didn’t do this or that. I think I just wanted to trick myself into believing that. I couldn’t possibly be weak enough to get hurt, and I thought I would notice the signs fast enough to stop the pain.


Looking back, I probably did notice the signs but I didn’t listen to them. Because when you see a girl’s name pop up on their phone, you don’t expect anything. You tell yourself to calm down, that they’re likely just a friend and that there is no way they are cheating on you. I also saw the girl and the hug that they exchanged, I wanted to believe it was friendly. I wanted to ignore the look she gave me when the hug was over. I wanted to ignore the way he rubbed her back, the way he seemed to have inhaled her scent and I pretended to believe that the only reason why he smelled of her perfume was probably because of that hug.


We will chalk that naivety up to being a teenage girl, as anyone would have realized. But I continued to ignore it, to deny it. They were just friends and maybe, at the very least she had a crush on him but that was probably the extent of it. I kept noticing her name pop up on his phone, I kept hearing these whispers of something more. But they’re rumors and one shouldn’t believe in rumors.


But that all come to a head on Prom night, the night that every girl dreams of. The perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect date. All of those glamorous things that you hear about in movies. He had picked me up in his dad’s red Camaro, and it had clearly been washed and his dad had cleaned out the car ahead of time. It was a nice gesture and he was incredibly giddy about his dad agreeing to let him drive it. Honestly, I personally thought it was rather cliche that he wasn’t driving his beat up old truck that had paint peeling but he was happy.


On the drive, it was complete silence beyond the music playing softly in the background. I found myself keeping my eyes trained on him, watching as he drove. I had been planning for this note for ages and it wasn’t just the dress that I had been planning but I was planning to let prom night be insanely special. We had talked about it before but I wasn’t ready and I desperately wanted to be. I kept telling myself that everything would be okay. He loved me and I loved him so why not? There was nothing stopping us but I wanted to keep it a surprise for later.


When we get there, we looked like a celebrity couple walking down the red carpet. Likely because the theme was supposed to be a “red carpet” night which is why I was wearing a golden dress, full of sparkles and his tie was a much calmer golden color. We matched and we were clearly a couple. As the first slow song played, he pulled me to the middle of the dance floor. The cheap disco ball that the school had rented was causing my dress to reflect which had caused a couple heads to turn as he pulled me through the crowd. For a minute, it seemed like all was well. I briefly noticed her, standing to the side of the gymnasium staring at the two of us. I didn’t even think twice about it, assuming she was just admiring my dress. I didn’t even notice that she was only staring at him.


While we were dancing, I could feel him drifting away. Not literally, of course. It was like he moved from being present, paying attention to me and holding me close. He was rubbing my back, whispering the lyrics of the song to me and then he just stopped. He moved just slightly away from me, even though he was still holding me in his arms and the whispering stopped. I felt the change but I had no idea why, we were spinning in circles and I noticed that she was still staring. When I caught sight of her again, I noticed her stand up and storm away and when he pulled away from me only moments later, I shouldn’t have been surprised.


I stood there awkwardly for a few moments, staring around me at all of the couples together. One of the couples caught my attention, a girl in a midnight blue ball gown, one of which that had sparkles all over her upper body and she was wrapped up in the arms of her boyfriend. I had no idea who they were but they just looked so peaceful and happy, she was smiling brightly at him as their eyes met each other. He was completely obsessed with her and with one look at them, you could tell they were happy together.


That they had no concerns about anything and he was completely invested, I yearned for that relationship. A relationship that felt present and beautiful and as I stood there, I realized that he probably didn’t leave me to go to the bathroom. I realized that her leaving right before he ditched me was likely no coincidence and as I weaved through the dance crowd, slowly walking away from the reflective disco ball as I fell out of the spotlight. I became wandering the halls, walking around aimlessly. I wanted to find them, I wanted to see the truth. I wanted my suspicions to finally come true.


As I came across a broom closet, one that I had been inside myself with him once or twice before while we were in between classes and I heard a bang coming from inside and I knew. I knew that whatever I was about to come across would effectively end my relationship with the boy inside. I was the girl who had been duped, foolish enough to think that I was special enough to not get hurt by a boy and I finally opened the door, bracing myself.


In front of me, I was faced with the flesh of the boy that I knew. His lower body was completely bare, wrapped around his ankles as the girls dress was hiked up with him right in between her legs. There was no question what they were doing and my gasp from actually seeing them in this position seemed to startle them as she opened her eyes, the moans that were coming out of her mouth stopping as she realized who she was looking at and pushed him away from her and he looked at me in surprise.


“Clare, this is not what it looks like!” He swore to me as I let out a humorless laugh.

“Not what it looks like? You are aware that you’re half naked, right?”


He quickly pulled his pants up, covering himself up as he looked between the two girls. She looked almost conflicted, staring between the two and I saw the heartbreak in her eyes. She seemed so disappointed to hear his words, like they were nothing. “But… Sweetie, don’t you understand? Now we don’t have to hide our love from her.” I realized in that moment that it wasn’t her fault at all, not in this situation. He had been playing her, telling her that he loved her and that everything would be perfect in the end. That it was just a matter of telling me what was happening.


I always thought that when a girl happily allowed a guy to cheat on his girlfriend, I assumed that she was heartless or maybe even hated the girlfriend, in question. But now I understand that is not always the case. Sometimes, the girl is so desperately in love with the guy that she decides to have him in any way that she could, even if it meant that she was the side chick.


He yanked his arm away from her, as he took a step towards me. “You have to believe me. I am so sorry, I just needed a release and Stephanie was willing to give it to me. She claimed she loved me and it was so easy, you never even noticed so I just continued on with it.” My eyes were wide in shock at this point, partially from shock that he was actually trying to defend himself.


“You think it’s okay because I never noticed? You think that excuses you from cheating on me?” I began, tears spilling from my eyes as the anger overpowered me. “You cheated on me! All of the times you told me that you loved me, all of the times that you told me that you saw a future in us, all of those times that we were kissing and all the touches we have had. You were cheating on me the entire time.” I shook my head in disbelief, “And you really expect me to forgive you?”


“I was never lying when I told you that I loved you, Clare. I do, more than you could possibly imagine,” He promised me as the girl scoffed in response, storming away from the closet in a huff.


“You love me? Tell me, do you hurt all of the people that you love?”

“Clare, I’m sorry. But I do love you. With every kiss and every touch, I loved you.”


“It doesn’t matter if you love me, it matters what you do to prove it. By cheating on me, you discredited everything about this relationship. Every kiss, every touch, every ‘I love you’ was a lie. You cheated on me, stop apologizing. Just stop!” I screamed in response, “I can’t believe that I was so stupid to love you.”


“You were not stupid to love me. I love you too.”

“You were cheating on me the entire time.”


No longer having any interest in this conversation, I turned away and started heading towards the exit. I no longer had any interest in being at Prom, a time that was supposed to be extravagant and beautiful and of course, I had found my boyfriend with another girl. This was some sort of ridiculous beginning to a high school movie and I was absolutely disgusted, how could I find myself in this situation? After being so careful? My heart was broken, and I was no longer in any mood to be at such an event. I thought the drama was over as I knew he wouldn’t be following me, he wouldn’t fight for our relationship which was a good thing as I had no plans to allow him to do so.


But while he seemed to be content in our conversation, I suppose Stephanie was not. Because as I was exiting the building, she grabbed my arm and pulled me back. “What do you want?” I asked in annoyance.


We made eye contact and I almost froze, her eyes were filled with tears and the only thing registering in my mind was that she was clearly so upset. “I really did love him,” she whispered in a broken voice. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I loved him, and I believed he loved me. I thought that at some point, he would break up with you and come to me. I thought we would be able to be together,” She continued softly.


“I know,” I whispered softly, finding myself unable to be angry with her. She was in love with him, and obviously she could have stopped herself from letting him cheat on me but she loved him just as much as I thought I had. She wasn’t going to sacrifice her chance to be with him. It was his job to be a decent human being, his job to make the conscious decision to not cheat on me but he never did any of those things. “He’s the cheater, he’s the one that should have controlled himself more.”


“You don’t hate me?” She questioned, surprise etching throughout her voice.

“I kind of wish I did, honestly.” I began. “But no, I don’t.”


She threw her arms around me into a hug, holding me tightly as she choked back a sob. While I felt like my heart had broken as well, I found myself wanting to comfort her. To convince her that everything was going to be okay. Maybe it was because I wanted those same promises, but I knew that she needed it in this moment. She was the secret, the one that was told time and time again that once we had broken up, she would finally get to have him. I was fed the lies, I never knew the truth. She knew but she was fed different lies, lies that they would come out of this together.


“I really wanted to hate you,” She whispered in my ear as we continued to hug.

“I would have hated myself too.”


As she finally let go of me, she smiled gratefully. “Do you think we could be friends?”


I laughed in response, “How about we take baby steps?” which she nodded in understanding. My heart had been broken on Prom night, I had caught my boyfriend making love to another girl and then we broke up before I ended up comforting the girl. That night, we actually did become friends and we would later become best friends even to this day. It’s crazy to me that love can be so heartbreaking and that situations can happen and people still find themselves wanting to comfort each other. We joke about the fact that we could have been lifelong enemies instead of becoming friends, but we are both grateful that never happened.

Only Bones Can Be Beautiful

TRIGGER WARNING: This story will deal with anorexia and bulimia. This story is meant to bring awareness to the issue that comes along with these diseases, the expectations and beliefs that women are expected to deal with. However, if these things trigger you or hurt you, please do not read this story. I love you and you can get through whatever you’re dealing with.



I must be beautiful for I must be loved. I must be able to count the foods I’ve eaten and the calories that I have partaken in must be memorized. I must be able to feel the bones that look almost as though they are bursting through my skin.


Because bones are beautiful and I must be beautiful. The idea that my thighs might touch disgusts me and the image after eating a cupcake haunts me every time I think of giving into my desires. The sweet taste of the sugar as it touches my lips almost seals my fate of the ugly inside as my stomach expands.


For only bones can be beautiful and everyone knows sugar can only be free of the ugly it brings if you do not keep it inside. It started as a whim, curiosity that flooded me and I didnt think of the consequences that may come. I didn’t even look it up because I didn’t think the warnings would happen to me.


But then I noticed, the way it was easier after the first time and then even easier after that. I became scared of my own body as it began desiring that feeling of the food purging itself. I would eat more and more until I could not ignore the feeling anymore. The pit of my stomach and the burning of my throat was the constant reminder of what I had done and the way it made me feel.


I finally looked up the warnings, finally understanding that I am who they speak of on those warning labels and I wonder how nobody has noticed my fluctuating weight the way that I have. The body that I have once loved, watching it become smaller was now my biggest fear. I stopped the purging, I ignored the burning of my throat and the pit of my stomach as I pretended to believe that I was okay even though I knew I wasn’t.


But the feeling kept coming, a monster that wouldn’t go away as I noticed my body change. The way that my pants were no longer baggy or the way the shirt began sticking to my skin. The burning and the pit of my stomach had yet to leave and one day, I chose not to eat anything.


The burning went away, and I felt nothing in my stomach. The feeling was gone and it was a feeling I cherished so much that I didn’t feel the hunger that gnawed at me the next day. I continued to ignore the hunger, relishing in the beauty of my body as it seemed to shrink magically in the mirror. I wasn’t hungry but I was beautiful. Because bones are what make you beautiful and loved, and it was only after a time that I can not remember any more that I felt truly loved and it was long after my body stopped changing because I was no longer living.



This story was about 3 or 4 words short of 250, which was the word limit for the story which is why it is so short. However, I don’t think the length of this story matters but rather the contents.


The story was raw and emotional for me, and it is something that every girl has struggled with and perhaps for some of them, they don’t ever go as far as bulimia or anorexia however the idea of self image weighs down on all of us.


I thought this story was perfect during Women’s History Month, this story resonates with women and teenage girls. They can see this story and see the effects and I think it’s important during Women’s History Month to take notice in the expectations of women.



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My Worst “French” Kiss Story


My worst kiss was not at the fault of the guy in question, we had actually had plenty of amazing kisses before this incident and after it. However, this does stem from a very weird conversation regarding the use of “tongues” in kissing and how in every movie there is, there is always a french kiss at some point in the movie.


To preface this, we were each other’s first kiss and neither of us had ever french kissed each other.


“What do you think french kissing is like?” I had asked, having been the one to bring up the conversation, we had been on a date and were in his bedroom, as we often were at this point in our relationship.


It had taken us a bit before we actually kissed, an entire month to be exact, but it wasn’t like our next kiss was another month away after that. We had grown pretty accustomed to it, which I think honestly might have been the ultimate end to our relationship but that’s not this story.


Instead, he had said, “I have no idea but we could try it if you want.”


With that statement, we pulled in close together as I grabbed his face. Immediately, we began trying to french kiss to absolutely no avail. The truth was that our kiss mostly consisted of trying to shove our tongues into each other’s mouths with absolutely no knowledge of what we were doing.


The kiss lasted only a few seconds before we pulled away, laughing as we agreed to never try it again so I will admit that my experience with french kissing mostly ends at that but it’s a funny story that I remember randomly.


So, tell me, what is your worst kiss?

Was it anything like two dogs licking each other’s mouths like mine was?

Archaeologist’s Sunlight

I brushed my hair out of my face as I walked through to my next building, that was how our school was set up anyways. Each building was for something different; the library, the gym, the humanities, fine arts, sciences, nursing, criminology. You name it, we probably have a building for it.

All around me, the ground was covered in mostly shade, the bright sun was out and I could feel it burning my back but the trees lessened the damage so I continued to stick by the trees.

It wasn’t until I got to the clearing, the space between the building and the trees that the sun hit my skin and I could literally see my hair illuminate in the light, making my hair much lighter than it really was.

The thought crossed my mind as childish as it was, did my soulmate just see me for the first time, did the light shining off my hair catch his attention and is he now looking at me, curiosity and wonder filling his entire soul?

I had watched many movies, and even more books, the countless novels that spoke of this moment was clear in my head and even though I highly doubted it, I still wondered every single time I was exposed to the light.

The thought was absurd, even if I had caught one’s attention, the likelihood of it being my true love was slim as he would probably be doing some gross sport, decked out in some ridiculous uniform for what sport it was.

But even so, I found myself looking around when I saw him.

I was right about him being sweaty, he was wearing a sweatshirt even though it was like 80 degrees outdoors and his face was red though I doubted he was blushing. His eyes, though I have no idea their color, were on me as he rested on his shovel.

I had no idea who he was but the entire situation delighted me, I had attracted somebody and I wondered about the boy, what he was like. What the hell he was doing with that shovel but as there were various other students with a shovel, I suspected that it had to be some sort of class.

I quickly averted my gaze, refusing to look over even though I could still feel his eyes on mine, I opened the door to the Fine Arts building where I had my creative writing class and quickly went inside.

But the end of the class, all thoughts of the boy had left my mind as I headed for the library, knowing that I still had an hour before I had my next class. Our library was always interesting place, silence seemed to be a myth until you further in the back of the building. Gossip immediately reached my ears and even the library was providing the details when I heard something about digging, the image of the boy leaning against a shovel crossed my mind once more.

“What?” I suddenly interrupted, curious as to what the conversation was.

“Archaeology, today’s class finally got to go around and dig! Nobody found anything interested but it sure was attractive to watch those boys dig,” explained one girl.

“Even with how nerdy they are,” added another girl.

I wondered if he was majoring in archaeology which seemed to be an interesting topic to learn about which brought on my question, “Do you have to actually study archaeology in order to be in the class?”

“Oh no, no! I am studying Music Appreciation and I just signed up,” mentioned the girl who had explained to me what was going on earlier.

“You just signed up?”

“Yeah! You kidding me? Hot boys digging and being all sweaty! I am totally in to get a piece of that action,” her words shocked me and quite possibly grossed me out.

“Erm, well when are they meeting?” I didn’t necessarily want to join, I mostly just wanted to find when I could find him. The idea of “accidentally” running into crossed my mind but I figured one cliche was enough.

My answer was never found as something caught my attention, coming through the doors at that exact moment was him, the boy that I had seen earlier. He looked around, pushing up his glasses as he scanned the room, he had taken off the sweatshirt now, when his eyes found mine.

I thought about looking away as I stared into his golden brown eyes but even though I wanted to, something in me wouldn’t allow me to. Maybe it was because of the novels, stuffing in my head that he was the one simply because he had seen me in the sunlight.

“Hello,” hissed one of the girls as I snapped my head back to them.

“Oh, hey, sorry!” I blushed, finally looking away as I turned back to the girls.

“Nothing, she was just answering your question but she had to go, sorry!” she apologized though I don’t believe that she actually meant it. I nodded my head, unsure of whether or not it was okay to walk away now before she spun around, gossiping rapidly once again with one of her friends.

I nodded, thankful to finally have a getaway as I headed towards the poetry section, looking at different books as I always trying to make a better poet out of my self. “Do you know where the archaeology section is?”

I looked up confused when my heart practically stopped as my eyes met his, a soft smile on his face as I blushed brightly. “Unfortunately no, though it is probably near the history section. I am sorry, I don’t work here.”

“You’re completely fine, I just wanted to make conversation,” he replied smoothly, my blush creeping back as I stared at him. “You-You- what?” I stuttered, I was never very good with flirting.

“I saw you earlier today, your hair was so light in the sunshine, it was like you were an angel coming from heaven just as I was regretting my decision to take archaeology,” he cracked a smile and I knew that he was joking.

“You aren’t majoring in the subject?” I was breathing deeply, trying to keep as calm as possible as curiosity peeked.

“No, no, I am majoring in Literature. I just needed an elective and this class looked interesting enough to take,” he replied and I found myself laughing, knowing the feeling so well.

“Literature, huh? Maybe one day you will study about me,” as the concept of becoming a famous author crossed my mind, my dreams coming true with just a thought. I could see the confusion expression on his face as he watched, my soft smile that writing always brought to my face.

“Sorry, I am a Creative Writing student,” she explained as she snapped out of her daze. “It is my passion,” His smile and understanding his eyes were amazing and from that day on, their relationship was sweet smoothing.

Their chance encounters were rare and unlikely, only appropriate for movies and novels that only women were adorned by but their relationship was strong. Their relationship is what lead them to this day…

Her long white dress framed her body perfectly, all possible insecurities were hidden behind the beautiful lace of the gown as her hair and makeup was done by professionals. Their four year relationship lead them to their wedding day.

“It was during the afternoon that I first saw you, the sun was shining as bright as always and this beautiful girl that stood before me was the type to hide in the shadows, not wanting to catch any sort of attention… But then you did, you stepped out of the shadows and allowed the sun to lighten you up, your hair was not much lighter than ever before and I just happened to have looked up,” he began telling the entire world of their romance as he said his vows and it felt as though she was reliving the beginning of their relationship.

“I was sweaty, already regretting my choices to wear my sweater that day completely and I had to take a rest and I leaned on the shovel and looked up. I would have sworn that I had died and gone to heaven at the moment because it was then that I saw you. Your beauty so strong and radiant and you had looked at me for just a moment before continuing on… I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you and I knew I wanted to know… I wanted to know my angel, the Archaeologist’ angel when I was just about to die. You were my sunlight and just the beautiful sight of you strengthened me.”

My brown eyes met his, still entranced by the beautiful color of his light brown eyes as I had been that first day. I loved him far more than I ever could have known now.

“I had always been the one to wish of an amazing fairy tale where he would see me and I would be the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. I had never expected this to happen… That our story would be one for those unrealistic romances… But yet here I am, standing before a man worthy of being on the cover of one of those smutty romance novels and here I am, the heroine finally getting her childhood dreams. I was like an Archaeologist’ sunlight but you were like a Writer’s muse, worthy of being my main subject for the rest of my life and I am standing here before you in hopes of that being the case.”

With my final vows, I moved in to kiss him and I knew that the sunlight was now on both of us, telling the story of the Archaeologist’s sunlight and the writer’s muse.

Hello guys,

I actually first came up with this story on October 19th of this year but I thought I should broadcast that International Archaeology Day had come by and I wanted to SHARE my support for those who have found relics and stories of our past.

I applaud you and I hope you found your sunlight along the way.

I hope you guys enjoyed this!

The Iridescent Dragon – Short Story


Why Was it Written :  This story was written for the ‘Ron L. Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.’ The only requirement was that it was Fantasy or Sci-Fi (I chose Fantasy) and under 17,000 words (3,051 words.)

The Story :

His skin was pale, his hair was as dark as night and his clothes were of a black origin, black pants and a black shirt with a long velvet black rope surrounding his body, swishing around as he walked. His face was planted with a sneer, and his eyes were stuck in a menacing glare.

Nothing about him was good, his soul matched his clothing as he glared towards the beautiful castle. Thinking of the girl that lived in the highest tower, sneering at the idea of the woman who denied his hand in marriage. But a laugh bubbled in his chest, he was going to get his revenge and he knew how. He spun around, his black cape hitting against his ankles as he spun around the stairs, down to the cellar where he kept his prized possession.

She brushed her hair, her blond locks curled softly as her hair fell from the brush. Her soft blue eyes watched the dark hut that laid miles away. She felt bad for denying his hand in marriage, he was a sweet boy but she just didn’t love him and she didn’t want to marry a man she didn’t love. She was a princess, her skin was porcelain and perfect. She was of average height and of delicate build, She wished she loved him but she didn’t.

Her friendship with the boy was long, dating back to when she was just a child and the idea of marriage was far away in reality, they had participated in a fake marriage, a beautiful white dress that looked similar to a wedding dress and a toilet paper veil while he wore a simple black tuxedo. Though, she never saw him as more than friends, she just wanted to wear the dress in a wedding and he readily agreed. But they were no longer children and the kisses on the cheek he gave began to no longer seem innocent.

Her family would have never agreed anyways, they didn’t even accept their friendship. When he came to the doorstep, an engagement ring and a pig for an endowment in hand, her father laughed in his face but still allowed him to ask her. He just wanted her to be happy, she believed. It was my mother that was so against our relationship.

When he asked, he greeted her as a friend before giving a speech that unveiled his feelings before moving onto one knee, a ring on display for her to see. The shine of the diamond glaring at her, wanting her to say yes, his kind expectant eyes wanting her to say yes. But as she looked into his eyes, she knew that he was nothing more than a friend and as she shed a single tear, she told him no.

He vowed revenge, angry as he stormed out and she was left, falling to her knees in tears. But her mother simply told her to get up or she would wrinkle her dress. She wish she shared the feelings he felt for her, everything in her wished she shared the feelings. It hurt her heart that she didn’t.

The scales of his prize possession was of the iridescent type, a beautiful blue and green that looked of the ombre fashion. The creature was of a beautiful type and he knew that she would fall into the trap. The beautiful creature was ordered to stop at her home, feigning to be injured and allow the princess to help him. The creature was then ordered to wait for the perfect time and then kill her, bringing back only her head and his award was the permission to eat the rest of her.

The creature flew, ready to devour his meal. He imagined the princess as something gruesome, skin the color of rotten eggs, nails the color of urine, and hair similar to a bird’s nest. However, as he arrived, stumbling to the ground from his flight as he pretended to be hurt and hit the ground with a large thud, he caught sight of a beautiful girl from the top of the tower. He landed, hoping that wasn’t the girl he was ordered to eat.

He let out a pained cry, smoke erupting from his lips. He hoped they had heard, hoped the bait would work and he knew it did when the beautiful woman appeared from the castle doors, running towards him. Her blond hair shined in the sun, making it seem as though she had an angelic glow about her, her beautiful pink dress danced across the grass as she effortlessly ran.

“Oh my, are you alright?” she whispered in fear, staying back a few feet in fear of him killing her. The dragon knew he had to get her to trust him as he feigned tears, milking the pain for all it’s worth. He watched the Princess’ face, her concerned facial expression growing as she caught sight of the dragon’s tears. She took a tiny step forwards before she began talking, “I’d like to help you, I promise that I will not hurt you.” He knew she was trying to make nice, trying to get him to trust her so he wouldn’t kill her.

“I’m Aria, Princess of Triabethania,” she whispered. “I’m sure you have a name, what’s yours?”

He watched her for a moment, her blue eyes wide with curiosity and an aura of concern. He wondered what this beautiful woman did to anger his master in such a way. “I’m Edgar,” he decided not to give a title, knowing it might scare her off.

“Edgar,” she whispered as though remembering something that happened long ago. “Such a handsome name for such a handsome dragon.” She finally stepped up to him, close enough to touch him as she looked around. “What is hurting Edgar?”

“My foot,” he whispered, sniffling as he talked.

“Oh my, you poor thing!” she exclaimed as she moved to his foot. “Where is it hurting?” she asked, gently as she looked at his feet. “Which one?”

“My left, I’m not sure, it just hurts a lot.” She nodded in understanding, gently lifting his left foot to inspect it, massaging it a bit in attempt to find the sore spot as he watched her soft hands on his scaly skin. She was so gentle, so kind, he wondered what she did to his master, finally he let out a pained cry at a spot in his foot.

“Hmm, I doubt it’s broken…” she whispered softly. “But perhaps you need some ice and rest, I’ll be right back!” she shouted, running off back into the castle. When she comes back, that will be my chance. It’s time..

However when she came back moments later, carrying many tiny bags full of ice, he got stuck on how kind she was, how beautiful she was. “Tell me something,” the dragon ordered before adding, “To take my mind off the pain.”

“I’ve only heard the name Edgar one other time, an old friend of mine used to have this imaginary dragon he called Edgar. He would use him as an excuse when he had to leave or was uncomfortable or whatever,” she whispered. “I miss him.”

“What happened?”

“He asked for my hand in marriage and I couldn’t accept. I couldn’t accept a marriage offer from a man that I did not love, I refuse,” she whispered. “He hates me now, wants some sort of revenge.”

His master hated her and wanted her head simply because she did not accept his hand in marriage? He watched her for a moment, her clear blue eyes filled with tears, reminding him that her eyes were incredibly similar to the color of water. He hung his head in that moment, knowing that killing her would not be an option.

“Don’t cry,” he begged. “You’re too beautiful to cry,” he added after a moment as he watched her, her cheeks pinkening as she looked away. She truly was, her porcelain skin that reminded him of a doll, her blonde hair that shined in the sun, her blue eyes that was the color of the ocean.

Meanwhile, her parents were speaking to a king from a kingdom far away. “She will be married to your son,” they promised. “They fall in love first, however.”

“And if there is no love?”

“I assure you, that will not happen,” as they said this, they glanced to the table in front of them, the tiny pink vial that promised the wedding between their princess and the prince. She would be engaged to be wed by tomorrow night. The prince smoothed his red hair, smiling in the mirror as he thought of the beautiful princess. He was excited to wed her as he has loved her for many years, only watching her from afar as she spent time with a simple commoner.

The princess smiled at the dragon, his foot now wrapped up in case of a sprain, they began to talk of millions of things. She found herself laughing at his jokes, smiling at his stories, blushing at his compliments. She wished him goodnight before she found herself in bed, realizing with a start that she may be falling in love with the iridescent dragon.

He sat on his red recliner, awaiting the sounds of feminine screams, of the realization that he had indeed gotten his revenge. He awaited the death of the girl he once loved but with no avail. Around nightfall, he became anxious, wondering what happened to the creature and where his head was. He looked out his window to see the brightly colored creature with the girl and sighed, perhaps he would receive her head in the morning.

The dragon knew he was falling in love, he wondered what he was going to do. In the night, he scoured the village, looking for a meal and a head similar to Aria’s to give his master. He knew that going back would cause him to be locked away but as long as the beautiful princess was alive, that was all that mattered.

In the home of a small hut, he found the girl that would pretend to be his beautiful Aria. He killed her in her sleep, eating her until he reached her head before delivering her to his master, in hopes that he would believe him.

Aria woke up, excited to see her beloved Edgar, to tell him of her feelings in which she discovered. She knew her mother would never approve but it did not matter for she was in love. She dressed in her very best, styling her hair to perfection before running down the stairs. “It’s not lady like to run!” she heard her mother shout before she was out the doors. She looked around excitedly for Edgar but to no avail, he was gone….

“You’re quite the runner,” announced a deep voice and she glanced to the origin, noticing a red haired boy that was about her age. He stood in formal, princely attire and she recognized him immediately. “Zacharias!” she feigned excitement.

She remembered vividly him staring at her throughout parties and such before taking the chance to bully her friends once she stepped away. She found him unkind and arrogant. “What are you doing here?”

“We are getting married, haven’t you heard?”

She stared at the boy in disbelief, “Like hell we are.”

“We are, our parents set it up! I must admit, I didn’t know you felt that way of me but I am glad to hear you came to your senses,” she falsified her smile, glaring at him as she muttered, “Well if you’ll excuse me for one second.”

She stormed into the castle, letting out a shriek of anger as she stormed towards her mother. “MARRYING ZACHARIAS!?” she screamed, she felt she was going to erupt with anger. She turned down a marriage proposal from her best friend, no way was she going to marry a man she hated!

“Yes dear, he has a good family and morals, his money and power is abundant as well.”

“It just so happens that the man I love has power and morals as well, he is kind and smart and I love him!” she shouted in anger. “I will not marry such a vile human being!”

“You have fallen in love,” her father interrupted. “And why is that I have not met this man yet.”

“Because I know that you will never approve but I don’t care! I love him and it is him I will marry or no one!” she shouted before leaving the castle doors, storming past Zacharias in hopes of finding her beloved Edgar.

“This is not her head,” he growled out after one look at the blonde haired maiden’s head that laid on his table. “WHERE IS HER HEAD?”

“Are you sure it is not her, my master? I can almost swear it is,” Edgar whispered but with no avail as his master did not believe him. “YOU FOOL, YOU CAN NOT EVEN KILL A SIMPLE PRINCESS, WHAT KIND OF DRAGON ARE YOU?!” Edgar glared at his master before taking a deep breath and roaring, his mouth erupting in flames as he gave up. He was in love with Aria and he was going to have her, he was not going to lose her to some jealous lunatic.

Edgar looked at the lifeless body of his master, not remembering the good or the bad but imagining the future that he was now capable of having. He was free and free to love with princess. He left his master’s hut, ignoring the smell of charred flesh that he flew away from. He began to fly towards Aria’s house as her blonde hair caught his attention from a few miles away and he flew towards her. “Aria?” he called out in confusion.

“Edgar!” She screamed excitedly, running towards him and hugging his scaly chest. “Oh you’ll never believe it! My father and mother are trying to force me into marrying some Prince of assholes! But I don’t love him,” She cried as he felt her warm tears sliding down his scales. He felt as though his heart was going to break as he heard her say those words. If she didn’t like a prince, there was no way she would have feelings for him.

“You’ll find the person you love soon enough,” he whispered in response as he heard her tears grow louder. “I have fallen in love!”

She braced herself, awaiting his refusal to share her feelings, awaiting her body to be turned to a crisp from his disgust but instead, he just hugged her tighter and whispered soothing words.

“It’s going to be okay Aria, you won’t have to marry him. I love you.”

However the Prince looked at this affair in disgust, seeing it as nothing more than the monster casting a spell on her, delusioning her into thinking that the creature was somehow handsome or lovable.

He looked on in anger, his hand slowly creeping up to his sword and taking it out. The long shield was sharp, glistening in the sky as much as Aria’s as it awaited for the blood of the Dragon in front of him, hungry for power. He moved forward blindly, his sword gripped in his hand as he moved forward, the couple blind from the act that was about to be committed.

Edgar felt it before he knew what happened, he looked down feeling the searing pain in his chest as he heard Aria scream. His chest had a sword going directly through his stomach, the blood dripping from the tip of the silver sword. He felt the pain searing throughout his entire body and suddenly he fell to the ground, not strong enough to keep up.

“No, no, no,” he heard her whisper, he heard the tears in her voice, he saw them in her eyes when his eyes finally met hers. “This can’t happen to you,” she whispered as she fell down with her. “This wasn’t supposed to happen to you, I love you,” she mumbled again as her tears fell onto his chest as she hugged him. “It’s not fair, no, no, no.”

“Ar-Ar-Aria,” he choked out, his hand caressing her cheek and she finally looked into his eyes. “I love you too,” his hand continued to caress her face as he leaned up, wincing in pain as he kissed her tears. “I love you and I want you to be happy,” he whispered, “Be happy for me.” With that, the light in his eyes disappeared and she knew he was gone, she let out an agonizing cry, not even acknowledging his murderer yet.

“I did you a favor, now you can kiss me,” he finally voiced after watching their exchange in disgust as she tensed up. He waited for her to move away from the monster and waiting for those lips he dreamed of to meet hers but it didn’t come.

He watched as she took the sword from Edgar’s body, the blood splattering all over her body as the blood pooled around his body, bleeding out even though he was already dead. She slowly looked up, her eyes blazing in anger as he watched himself in her eyes. “You’re a murderer,” she finally whispered out, “And you expect me to kiss you?” her voice raised as she screamed at him.

“Why would I kiss a man who killed the one person I loved?” she screamed at him, gripped the sword more as she readied herself for what she planned to do. “But that is okay, I’m getting my revenge. Just because I’m a princess doesn’t mean I won’t get my revenge. You killed my knight in shining armor.”

“I was supposed to be your knight, I killed the monster,” he argued but she just laughed in response. “Actually, I killed the monster,” and with that, she stabbed him in the same way he stabbed Edgar, the look of confusion and shock plastered onto his face. Sometimes, she learned, you fall in love with the person you’re not supposed to fall in love with. Sometimes, it’s the monster who is your true love and sometimes, it’s the Prince that is supposed to die in the story.

My Thoughts : I worry about this story, I think it’s fascinating but it might not be enough fantasy for the story. I think it’s interesting and definitely new for me though.

The Cat Car – Short Story

Why Was it Written : It was for an ‘English 111 : Writing and Inquiry’ assignment which was my college class for the Spring semester of 2016. This was my favorite paper I wrote because it was simply a describing thing like I had to use Imagery, Metaphor, Alliteration, and some other stuff.

The Story :

I had never believed a car chose it’s owner until I came across the creature that I would forever remember as the cat car. I had watched Harry Potter many times as a child and even into my teenage years, listening to Ollivander speak of how the wand chooses its owner but I never believed that this happened in the muggle world.

The black car, the color of midnight, was innocent at first glance but if I had learned anything, there was a reason the night was correlated to monsters that hid in the daylight and of all other evil creation. I walked towards the silent car, watching it nervously as I expected the vehicle to take a bite of her. I opened the door slowly, waiting for the millions of insects to run across the seat but to no avail.

I finally bit back a sigh of relief and sat in the car, turning it on as it roared to life noisily. I cringed at the sheer volume and suddenly a white cloud enveloped her and I jumped out of the car in terror to see the back pumping out large amounts of white hot air. I exhaled, testing the cool air to see her own breath, hoping that may be the reason behind these clouds of smoke but her breath was just as invisible as before.

I bit my lip, now more wary of the car and having very little trust. I finally willed myself to step back into the monster, closing the door to trap the smoke outside before moving the gear shift to drive. The car lurched forward and I cringed at the noise that erupted in complaint.

I knew then there was no way that I would be getting this car but continued to press the gas pedal, curious to see the pluses of the loud monster. With each moment I pressed on the gas pedal the louder it became as the seconds passed like years. The death march seemed to be the tune it followed.

I turned a corner and knew this ferocious beast was a cat disguised as a car. The monsters original complaint had clearly had enough as it turned into a powerful hiss. The roar of the engine accompanying it made it seem as though it were a tiger hunting her. I looked around the inside of the car cautiously, looking for the cat’s teeth but knew it was too clever to leave its weapons out in the ocean. This car, the color of midnight, was another creature of the night that could not be trusted. I quickly returned the creature to its owner and silenced her and the angry cat quietened into a peaceful slumber. This car, I believed, would never see another owner as long as it had a say and was silenced forever.

My Thoughts : I actually started writing this story on my phone while my dad and I were leaving that very same car so yeah… I love the story actually, I thought it was cute even though it was kinda stupid.