Top 5 Vegan YouTubers


I have never been a YouTuber, save for a short time where I posted cringy videos that were way too long and essentially unedited until I ultimately deleted them and traded YouTube for this blog.


But I have been obsessed with YouTube for years and YouTube is what really inspired me to make the decision to go vegan and I really just wanted to share with you the five people who I adore and made me feel confident about a decision that changed my entire life but I don’t regret even a moment of it.



1. Kalel


Kalel is an amazing YouTuber who has made me feel better about veganism all of the time. There are moments of accidents, where you accidentally eat something that has milk or eggs in it. There are moments of incidents where you order food at a restaurant and they put cheese in it even though you asked them not to.


In a video that she posted recently (I’m Not Really a Vegan? 4/5) , she talks about percentage. Where she cut out foods but still owned purses and leather. She talked about being a certain percentage of being a vegan and it meant a lot to me that she did this. I only went vegan recently and I’ll admit that I’m more plant based diet than I am anything right now. I want to go vegan where I take out leather, cotton clothing and items.


Not only does she talk about the struggles of being a vegan, she talks about becoming a healthy vegan, posts what I ate in a day, and even talks about vegan foods you must buy. There are two people on this list that convinced me to go Vegan when I began debating it and she was the other one. I realized that I wasn’t saying goodbye to good food, I was just changing what I ate and I was making a more conscious decision about what I was doing.


Vegan Food You Must Try

I almost ate beef?


2. SweetPotatoSoul


SweetPotatoSoul is the other person that convinced me to go vegan when I was doing research. Her entire YouTube is filled with amazing recipes of vegan Cinnamon Rolls and food during Thanksgiving. She talks about what you can make with a certain amount of food such as 30 dollars or whatever else.


When it comes to being a vegan, there is this huge myth that veganism is both expensive and just eating lettuce but that’s just not the truth. It’s possible and while vegan food at restaurants tend to lean towards the more expensive side, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.


Vegan Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

How to Veganize Anything

Vegan Chickpea “Tuna” Salad

Cheap Vegan Meals for $30


3. The Vegan View


The Vegan View is a group of girls talking about everything that has to do with veganism. They taste test vegan foods, talk about veganism as a culture, and even why vegan’s don’t eat different things.


The Vegan View was found around the time that I actually went vegan, and it allowed me to see the point of view of different reasons why vegans didn’t eat something. I enjoyed seeing multiple different opinions and I realized that no vegan is the exact same which I really appreciate.


Why Vegans Don’t Eat Fish?

6 Vegan Comebacks You Need to Know

Is VEGAN Fashion Actually Ethical?


4. Margot Lee

Margot Lee may be specified for college students when it comes to the vegan community online. I had actually started watching her YouTube videos about college when I noticed that all of her meals were vegan and I got really curious until I realized that she was actually a vegan.


She makes you feel like you can actually be a vegan at University, and it’s pretty nice to see somebody in college life being able to succeed as a vegan on nutrition basis.


What I Eat in a Day (Vegan + At Home)

What I Eat in a Day (VEGAN- ON- THE GO)

Vegan What I Eat in a Day at College


I don’t know if it’s obvious yet but I am OBSESSED with ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos.


5. Pick Up Limes


I’ve always liked her videos, as she makes you feel confident about your life and your decisions. She shows you vegan foods and how to videos which is something that I will forever adore.


On top of that, if you’re looking into becoming a vegan, I highly suggest checking her out. Not only does she talk about insanely important things when you’re considering veganism, but she also has really easy vegan recipes that I highly suggest looking into.


Vegan Nutrition Basics

Pantry Essentials

Beginner’s Guide to Veganism



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My Vegan Breakfast Staple Foods

Bagel with Vegan Cream Cheese


Most bagels are actually vegan, even though you do have to be careful with most breads as they often put milk or eggs in it. However, most bagels don’t fit the same equation, but it would still be a good idea to read the ingredients just in case!


As for the cream cheese, I will admit that I have not found many vegan cream cheese’s but it was one of my biggest goals when I first became vegan because I LOVED cream cheese. It especially became a goal after I visited New York City and fell in love with vegan cream cheese.


While the vegan cream cheese that I found is not the same from New York, it’s still really good and tastes remarkably like vegan cream cheese. I highly suggest the Kite Hill Original Cream Cheese however there are a few other flavors of theirs that you could always try out!


Kite Hill Cream Cheese


Panda Puffs Cereal with Almond Milk


I will admit that when I went vegan, I had no idea that the cereal itself is almost ALWAYS made with milk. I was super disappointed to find out that I would never get to have fruity pebbles but after a trip to Earth Fare (A Vegan’s Food Heaven), then I found Envirokidz which has many flavors of cereal.


I have tried Choco Chimps, Lemurs Cereal, Koala Crisp, and Panda Puffs. I am definitely planning on trying more and even exploring other companies at some point but right now, I am obsessed with the Panda Puffs Cereal!


The almond milk is definitely not required, I’m sure soy milk, rice milk, or whatever else would be absolutely fine. I just prefer SWEETENED almond milk with my panda puffs cereal.


Envirokidz Cereal


Bacon and Provolone Cheese Sandwich


This isn’t exactly the most breakfast- style foods but it’s definitely one of my favorite foods to eat for breakfast. This was actually one of the first foods that I found that I ate constantly when I first became vegan.


The Lightlife Smart Bacon is my favorite bacon brand, though I will admit that it’s the only brand that I have ever had but it’s really good and paired with Follow Your Heart Provolone Cheese (the BEST vegan- cheese brand), it’s unbeatable.


Make sure to check your bread so that it doesn’t have any milk or eggs, I personally prefer the French bread that can be found in the deli department of most grocery stores.


Lightlife Smart Bacon

Follow Your Heart Provolone Cheese


Raspberry and Peach Oatmeal


Great Value Raspberry Peach Oatmeal is my favorite oatmeal which can only be found at Walmart. Most oatmeals are vegan so any oatmeal or flavors that you prefer are perfectly fine, this is just my preference.

Why Did I Go Vegan?


This is the most common question that I’ve heard since the moment that I became vegan. “Why did you do it?” Like it’s some unimaginable concept that somebody could become vegan, that somebody could make the decision to change their eating habits to this degree.


I’ll admit that I changed a lot, it wasn’t even one of those things that I slowly began to cut things out, all of it was simply gone one day. I had one last day where I ate tuna sandwiches and cereal and almost had half a thing of nutella as my parting goodbye. It was a decision, something that came about from a moment of curiosity.


I was struggling with food, something that has been an on-going battle which will definitely be something that I discuss more in the future. At the time, I was 200 pounds and felt absolutely disgusting and I was binge eating all of the time. I was not in a good place.


And then one day, I was on YouTube and I found all of these vegan YouTubers. I started watching vegan videos, like foods and recipes. I watched videos on why people became vegan and why people were not vegan and I became curious.


I started watching documentaries and videos of how animals are treated and it was during “Cowspiracy” that I had this epiphany. Or rather this general disgust. I was watching how cows were treated and I just couldn’t stomach the idea of eating meat ever again. I couldn’t stomach the idea of being the reason why these animals were being mistreated.


But it wasn’t just that, I was going through some things. I was unhappy and sad and I hated my body and I hated my diet. I didn’t think Veganism would fix it but I wanted to try.


Alongside all of these reasons, I have chronic stomach pain where I randomly get stabbing pains in my stomach which came after Gallbladder surgery back in November of 2015. I wanted a way to make this better and I knew that there was a possibility that changing my diet would positively impact this problem.



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