Emotional Support Animal Journey

Please Note: This is my personal experience and journey in regards to having an Emotional Support Animal. My journey will not match yours or even a stranger’s journey and will be nothing similar to a Service Animal journey. I simply wanted to share what I did to get Apple approved to live on Campus with me.


Hello, so as many of you may know, I began attending Queens University of Charlotte this past August. Which has honestly been the cause of my lack of updating this blog. Which is ridiculous because I feel like I have so much to share with you guys. But I’ve realized that I never explained the process of getting an Emotional Support Animal approved to live on Campus.


The Journey


I knew from the beginning, during the college decision process that whatever school I decided to attend had to allow me to have Apple. Whether it was as a legitimate pet, I lived at home, or he was approved to be an ESA.


The first misconception that you should know about ESA’s: They do not have to receive a certification in order to be an ESA. Emotional Support Animals are exactly that- emotional support and they are very different from Service Animals. Websites like CertaPet and so much more can not guarantee that your pet will become an ESA.


My relationship with CertaPet is actually very weird. I had decided to start searching for routes to go that would allow me to bring Apple and I genuinely did believe that CertaPet could give you the ability to have an Emotional Support Animal on Campus. I ended up paying the absurd amount of money that they wanted after I took the test that told me that I qualified to have an Emotional Support Animal and I was set up with a meeting with one of the people that work for CertaPet and explained my situation.


Which I quickly learned that CertaPet doesn’t really work with colleges and institutions but with the help of the person that you’re set up with, will write a letter explaining your situation to apartment owners and other places that do not accept pets. Under certain laws, Emotional Support Animals are allowed to live with you as long as it is for a health reason. It is illegal not to allow you to live in an apartment simply because of your animal. However, it doesn’t work the same with Universities and Colleges and I was actually refunded by CertaPet due to this but I did start up an online correspondence with the Mental Health Professional that I was connected with.


She strongly believed that I qualified for an Emotional Support Animal and was willing to help me and explain the process to me in any way that she could.


A lot of this journey is directly related to Queens University. It may be different for every university but I emailed the head of the Disability Services and explained my situation. I had a meeting with him where he explained that I needed to provide documentation of my mental illness that also indicated that they believed I would be a good candidate for an emotional support animal.


The problem with this fact was that I had been diagnosed officially about a year ago with PTSD and a Generalized Anxiety Disorder that was brought on by PTSD. However, I no longer saw a Therapist as I struggled with communication during that time (and I am still apprehensive about it).


So when he asked for documentation, I emailed my past therapist and asked for my medical documents that indicated my official diagnosis and sent it to him.


His follow up question was asking if there was anyway that he could contact my therapist and talk to them. Under permission by the mental health professional that I met through CertaPet, I gave him my official Therapist’s name and number but that we no longer spoke and I no longer attended sessions and also gave him the name and number from CertaPet, explaining that they knew my situation better but that they were never an official therapist of mine.


After a few days, I received an email back that I had been approved for having an ESA.


The second misconception that you should know: ESA’s do not have to have official training to deal with your mental illness. They do not have to trained to notice and help you deal with your panic attacks or whatever other issue you have. They are simply meant to be an emotional crutch and do not require specialized training.


Apple actually does sense my panic attacks and knows to lay on my feet so that I can pick him up and allows me to hug him until I calm down. He has also been known to sense when I am about to have a panic attack. I believe it’s remarkable that he can do this but I imagine that it is because I have had issues with panic attacks since before I got him, and every time I was freaking out, I would grab him and hold him until I calmed down. I suppose he started notice signs when this was about to happen.


Something surprising? I was never asked if Apple was up to date on his rabies or ferret distemper shot. Right before I moved to Queens, I did go to the vet where he received both of these shots but I was surprised that I was never asked for documentation to prove this fact.


As for Apple’s life on Campus?


I try to take him out for daily walks unless it is raining or if I am too busy which allows him to meet and interact with a lot of the students on campus. He’s pretty popular and as I’m walking him, I often hear HIS name being called out from across campus. I think it’s safe to say that Apple’s pretty popular around here.


Misconception about Ferrets: Ferrets are capable of walking on a leash. Like all animals, they must be trained to do so and may not like it a whole lot due to the lack of freedom. But it is possible. However, they can not wear collars because if they’re head can fit through it then they can and collars don’t really work for them so you have to find a ferret harness which usually also comes with a leash! (I have like 3 leashes from attempts of trying to find Apple the right size since he’s so small.)


Otherwise, he just lives in his cage (which I upgraded to a ferret nation that is literally taller than me) and plays around in my dorm room. I originally had a roommate but that was a short lived experience (that I will explain very soon into the future) but I do plan on getting another one.


Where is Apple allowed to go?


Apple is allowed to be in my dorm, the hallways of my dormitory, and campus grounds. He, however, is not allowed to go into classrooms, the cafeteria, the coffeehouse, restaurants on campus, or other dorms. He is not a service animal and is not trained in a way that allows him to go to these places.


Can people pet him if they see him?


It is important to remember that ESA’s and service animals are very different from each other, especially in this situation. While Apple is not a pet, he is also not working when you see him around campus.


The reason why you can not pet a service dog is because it distracts them from their owner which can be very bad encase the person goes through an episode or situation and is need of their service animal.


While Apple does help me in many ways, the situation is not the same. Because of this, I do allow people to pet him. Partially because I love giving people the opportunity to experience petting a ferret and partially because Apple absolutely adores the situation. Unless I am dealing with something (and I would not be walking him if that was the case) then I don’t have a problem with people petting him or holding.


HOWEVER, it should be noted that this is my decision about how to handle the situation and other people might decide on something else. Allows ask if you can pet the animal, regardless of whether you know they’ll allow it because you never know. Do NOT get upset if they say no because there is a reason. Do not ignore their wishes, do not be rude, and simply accept their response.


If it is a service animal, please don’t even bother asking. The answer is no and the harness clearly says “DO NOT PET.” They are working and are not there for your enjoyment and neither are ESA’s however Service Animals are completely different and it is simply not allowed.


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Top 5 Vegan YouTubers


I have never been a YouTuber, save for a short time where I posted cringy videos that were way too long and essentially unedited until I ultimately deleted them and traded YouTube for this blog.


But I have been obsessed with YouTube for years and YouTube is what really inspired me to make the decision to go vegan and I really just wanted to share with you the five people who I adore and made me feel confident about a decision that changed my entire life but I don’t regret even a moment of it.



1. Kalel


Kalel is an amazing YouTuber who has made me feel better about veganism all of the time. There are moments of accidents, where you accidentally eat something that has milk or eggs in it. There are moments of incidents where you order food at a restaurant and they put cheese in it even though you asked them not to.


In a video that she posted recently (I’m Not Really a Vegan? 4/5) , she talks about percentage. Where she cut out foods but still owned purses and leather. She talked about being a certain percentage of being a vegan and it meant a lot to me that she did this. I only went vegan recently and I’ll admit that I’m more plant based diet than I am anything right now. I want to go vegan where I take out leather, cotton clothing and items.


Not only does she talk about the struggles of being a vegan, she talks about becoming a healthy vegan, posts what I ate in a day, and even talks about vegan foods you must buy. There are two people on this list that convinced me to go Vegan when I began debating it and she was the other one. I realized that I wasn’t saying goodbye to good food, I was just changing what I ate and I was making a more conscious decision about what I was doing.


Vegan Food You Must Try

I almost ate beef?


2. SweetPotatoSoul


SweetPotatoSoul is the other person that convinced me to go vegan when I was doing research. Her entire YouTube is filled with amazing recipes of vegan Cinnamon Rolls and food during Thanksgiving. She talks about what you can make with a certain amount of food such as 30 dollars or whatever else.


When it comes to being a vegan, there is this huge myth that veganism is both expensive and just eating lettuce but that’s just not the truth. It’s possible and while vegan food at restaurants tend to lean towards the more expensive side, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.


Vegan Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

How to Veganize Anything

Vegan Chickpea “Tuna” Salad

Cheap Vegan Meals for $30


3. The Vegan View


The Vegan View is a group of girls talking about everything that has to do with veganism. They taste test vegan foods, talk about veganism as a culture, and even why vegan’s don’t eat different things.


The Vegan View was found around the time that I actually went vegan, and it allowed me to see the point of view of different reasons why vegans didn’t eat something. I enjoyed seeing multiple different opinions and I realized that no vegan is the exact same which I really appreciate.


Why Vegans Don’t Eat Fish?

6 Vegan Comebacks You Need to Know

Is VEGAN Fashion Actually Ethical?


4. Margot Lee

Margot Lee may be specified for college students when it comes to the vegan community online. I had actually started watching her YouTube videos about college when I noticed that all of her meals were vegan and I got really curious until I realized that she was actually a vegan.


She makes you feel like you can actually be a vegan at University, and it’s pretty nice to see somebody in college life being able to succeed as a vegan on nutrition basis.


What I Eat in a Day (Vegan + At Home)

What I Eat in a Day (VEGAN- ON- THE GO)

Vegan What I Eat in a Day at College


I don’t know if it’s obvious yet but I am OBSESSED with ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos.


5. Pick Up Limes


I’ve always liked her videos, as she makes you feel confident about your life and your decisions. She shows you vegan foods and how to videos which is something that I will forever adore.


On top of that, if you’re looking into becoming a vegan, I highly suggest checking her out. Not only does she talk about insanely important things when you’re considering veganism, but she also has really easy vegan recipes that I highly suggest looking into.


Vegan Nutrition Basics

Pantry Essentials

Beginner’s Guide to Veganism



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Our Relationship Q&A

Do you guys remember the first time you saw each other?



I don’t, unfortunately. I knew of his existence before we officially met because he was my brother’s best friend but I don’t remember the first time I actually saw him.



It was a day that me and Andrew were going to hang out at Josh’s. Drew had just seen his sister, I marveled that he had one. He pointed her out wearing that red dress which is how I noticed you. I replied that you looked nothing alike.


Do you remember the first time you guys met? Where was it?



This is actually kind of a funny story, which I should preface by explaining that he is my brother’s best friend. So, basically this was one of the first times that he had ever come over to my house and he was coming back to the bathroom and my bedroom and my brother’s bedroom were right beside each other and he came into my bedroom, got all flustered and apologized and then immediately closed the door and ran back to my brother’s bedroom. I wasn’t even effected by this because I had gotten so used to it but it’s a funny story now that we are together.



Official meeting is hard. The first time we ran into each other was when I continued the tradition of walking into her room on accident. The first time we really spoke however, that I can remember was me walking into the house with Andrew and she offered me Galaxy ice cream. She didn’t have blue so she used orange instead. It tasted like cheese cake.


How long were you guys just friends?



We met when I was 15 years old (2015), and we weren’t even friends until I was about 17 years old. It all started after I was becoming friends with that little group and I hugged one of our friends, and he made a joke about the fact that I didn’t hug him so I did and we hugged every time we saw each other after that and slowly became friends. However, we became really close in November, 2017 and got together on May 28th, 2018.



Officially about a year. Although I counted her as a friend since the day she let on that she had read Magnus Chase.


How do you think being friends first has affected your relationship?



I feel like when we both really acknowledged that we liked each other, it took away the requirement to get to know each other. We had been really good friends for the past 6-7 months and had known each other for years so we knew a lot about each other and I think the fact that we became friends first was definitely a good thing.



It helped us skip the awkward getting-to-know-you phase. We were able to progress our relationship further in a lesser amount of time.


How long did you guys have feelings for each other before you got together?



It should be noted first and foremost that he was in a relationship for a good amount of our friendship but I started having feelings for him in about January, 2018. I never told him, I never acted on the feelings or anything like that. I actually spent a good amount of time avoiding the fact that I liked him, and I even tried to move on once but it just never worked out.



Straight friend zone until about a week before we got together. She was there for me and I began to see that she wasn’t just crushing.


Complete the Sentence: “My boyfriend/ girlfriend is ____.”



My boyfriend is: present. He has been there for me through so long, even back when we were just friends. He helps me through my anxiety and comforts me when I’m not feeling well. I feel so comfortable with him and I can talk to him about everything. I am so lucky that I got to fall in love with my best friend.



My girlfriend is: Ardent.

(Ardent means enthusiastic or passionate.)


What is your favorite thing about each other?



My favorite thing about him is how much he cares. I love how fast he is to support his friends, how fast he is to protect them and care for him.




Her genuine nature. If she loves or hates something, they know it.


What is your least favorite thing about each other?



My least favorite thing about him is how self- deprecating he is. He doesn’t realize how absolutely amazing he is and just sees the absolute worst in himself. I wish he could see the version of him that I see.



How quickly she jumps to a conclusion. She usually thinks the worst possible thing and reacts accordingly. It requires a lot of conversation and explanation but I wouldn’t change it save to put your mind at ease.


Do you guys share any hobbies?



He actually does write a bit, he’s a fantasy writer and has written fanfiction in the past but I think that’s about it. He’s also a big reader!



Reading. And writing (to a lesser extent on my behalf as you are MUCH more prolific.)


Who is the dominant one in the relationship?



Him, I would say.



Can’t say. We’re kind of autonomous. Neither seems to take the lead.


What is the story behind how you guys got together? When was your first kiss?



So, basically, we were hanging out with a group of our friends and alcohol was involved. We were in each other’s arms and then all of a sudden, he was looking at me and he kissed me. He ran away to the bathroom after that and we talked about what it meant for our relationship and we got together.



Not a very romantic one. I’d just ended a very long relationship and with the help of my friend’s comfort and a bottle of tequila, I decided to go with my feelings.


He had just gotten out of a relationship. Is he 100% sure you’re not a rebound or whatever?



I’d been done with the relationship for a long time before it ended. It had gotten to a point where I was hurting myself more by staying. It was a bit quick, and perhaps in-advisably so. But rebound holds the stigma of being ingenuine and it’s not that. Sometimes I think it was a bit classless for how quick it was, but it wasn’t a rebound.



I wanted you to see his response to this question first. I’m not going to lie that it hasn’t been a concern of mine in the past. However, I can assure you that he is an absolutely amazing guy who would never do such a thing. There were a lot of issues in that relationship (that I will never, ever discuss) and while we don’t have the best timing in our relationship. I would never, ever change that. I completely trust him in his words and I hope you guys keep an open mind about him because he’s not going away any time soon.


What was your first road trip? Where to? How long? Why?



Our first road trip was about a week after we got together. We were both invited to a mutual friend of our’s wedding. I had to be there a day early as I was a bridesmaid and I invited him to come along with me so I wasn’t rooming alone at the hotel (because I’m a chicken) and this was all planned after we got together. It was for 2 days, the day before the wedding and then we left right after it. The wedding was in Roanoke and we stayed in a really colorful hotel, one of the Hilton’s where my mom works!



The wedding. Only about two hours to Roanoke for two days.


When did you guys first say “I love you” to each other? Did you hold back or did you say it the moment you began to feel it?



It was actually during the road trip. Which might seem super soon but we had known each other for years beforehand and it just felt right. We kept making references that we felt a lot for each other and he made it clear that he wanted to say it during a time where he was sure I believed him until finally, he just said it and I said it back.


Though, interestingly enough. I had told him that I loved him as a friend beforehand. I had written a secret decoding message where I told him how much he meant to me and how special he was and I said, “I love you (nlt).”



I held off for a full 24 hours.

(He means after he felt it)


What was your first date?



We went to Geeksboro (the coffee shop in Greensboro) and played the 36 Questions to Fall in Love and just got to know each other on a romantic basis. We spent so many hours just talking and then we came over to my house and played video games and just talked a bunch.



Geeksboro. It was a rather peaceful affair of getting the finer details about each other.


What is your favorite memory of being together?



My favorite memory of him was probably way before we were even dating. All of our friends had decided to go watch a movie and we decided not to go with them (for a couple of reasons). We spent the entire time talking about ghost encounters,  past friendships, and we watched ghost videos on YouTube before we decided to watch Moana on Netflix.



Dancing at the wedding.


How would you describe your relationship?



Since we were friends for so long, I think it’s very clear in our relationship. We can talk about anything and we know each other super well so we’re always showing each other stuff that we like on Facebook or whatever else. Alternatively, we are also super gooey and romantic and can be kind of cringy in that way.



Two similar and awkward young people with a strong connection doing their best to forget the past, prepare the future, and live the present as happily as they can for themselves and their partner.


What do you guys typically do together?



We typically play Skyrim on his PS3 that he keeps at my house, we watch horror movies, we talk a lot, and some other things…



Talk, watch stuff, make out.


What does he think of Apple? What does Apple think of him?



He absolutely adores Apple! I think I’ve spoiled him to the idea of having a ferret. My mom considers him to be Apple’s father and Apple absolutely adores playing with him.



I love the little guy and think he’s adorable. And I don’t know, can’t speak ferret.


Are you guys going to be doing a LDR (Long Distance Relationship) while you’re in college? How do you plan on handling that? 



We do plan on doing a LDR while I’m at college. I will be going to University in Charlotte while he will be near Greensboro, which is about an hour and a half drive. Because of this, we will be able to see each other quite a bit (though it will be problematic while I can’t have my car) and he does plan on coming over and I plan on coming home a lot. Otherwise, we plan on using the video chat on Messenger and texting a lot.



Same way I handle everything. A day at a time. I trust her fully and while I’ll probably get worried about her safety sometimes, I know she’ll be okay. And I’m going she’s going to be going out there and making her life better. I can’t wait wait to see the person she grows in to. And it’s not like it’s anywhere to forever. We’re going to keep in touch.



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I Have a Patreon… So Let’s Talk




So, I really wanted to talk to you about Patreon.


What is Patreon?


Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators and allows them to make money in a easier fashion through their supporters, readers, and followers.


Why Does This Concern You?


While it is possible to earn money through this blog, through ads that are presented around you. It is not a reliable way of earning money which is why I began to look for alternative ways of earning money which lead to my introduction to Patreon.


After a bit of time while I worked on creating Patreon, I am finally ready to introduce you to my patreon!


What Will You Find on Patreon?


On Patreon, I will be creating exclusive content that will never be posted on the blog.


Things you may see on Patreon

  • Polls for the Next Book Review on Here
  • Exclusive Content
  • Early Access to Rough Drafts
  • Q&A’s from Characters in Novels
  • Q&A’s from me!
  • Acknowledgement in Finished Works
  • Acknowledgment at the end of EVERY post!


Okay… This sounds great but how much is it?


I completely understand if you guys can not afford this. This is not a requirement and the money alone is exactly why I am still keeping this blog. You will not be losing me every Saturday. You will simply be hearing from me more often on Patreon with exclusive content and information.


If you can not afford this right now, or ever, then I completely understand and I urge you to return on Saturday for my upcoming blog post.


However, I currently only have one pricing option open for $5 (or more) a month. You can pay more than 5 dollars but 5 is the bare minimum and regardless of how much you pay, you will still be seeing the same thing as EVERYONE else.




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I Have Completed Six Bucket List Items!


When I first began this blog, I created the ultimate bucket list and it occurred to me recently that I have probably knocked off a few items from my bucket list over the last couple months. So, I decided that I wanted to talk about each one of the individually.


Visit the Statue of Liberty


Visiting the statue of liberty has been on my bucket list for quite some time and there is actually an interesting story that happened while my group was at NY and we were just about to board a ferry so we could see the Statue of Liberty up close when our leader got a phone call from a teacher that had stayed at the hostel while we were doing things.


Basically, an incident in the planning of the hostel had messed up a little and we were supposed to leave the hostel a day earlier than we were planning. So, we had to rush all the way back to Brooklyn to grab our things before the hostel threw it onto the streets and we had to make last- minute plans.


Ride a New York Subway


This is such a weird bucket list item, but I come from a really small city in North Carolina and the idea of a public, underground system was actually mind boggling.


During the week that we spent in New York, we exclusively rode the subway and walked everywhere. At times, it was incredibly busy and your legs were killing you from trying to put all of your strength into not falling and at other times, there were people kind enough to get up from their seat to let you sit down.




But so many interesting things happened on the subway, including overhearing conversations between couples and seeing all walks of life sitting together in a peaceful environment. There was even a situation where these two shirtless teenager came into the subway and started pole dancing!


Go to a Book Signing + Meet an Author


The inner nerd in me has always wanted to attend a book signing, and the writer part of me has always wanted to hold a book signing. But for this particular conversation, I went to the book signing of Robert Beatty and it was such a fun experience. The line was ridiculously long but it was definitely worth the wait.


Go to a Renaissance Festival


I have always been fascinated with the Renaissance/ Medieval time period and to experience something like the festival first hand was absolutely amazing. I loved listening to the music and experiencing the shows and movies and my mom’s boyfriend made it even more special by letting us use these gold $1 pieces. I bought so much tea from the festival that it proves how much of a problem I have. I EVEN DRESSED UP.


Check out my Instagram for pictures related to the Renaissance Festival (you have to go a little back but it’s worth it!) @sheswritingmore


Go to Carolina Rebellion


Carolina Rebellion is one of the most fascinating things that I have ever done, because it’s an experience that is truly like none other. It allows you the chance to experience different bands and fall in love with bands that you haven’t listened to in awhile.


I had not listened to Black Veil Brides since middle school but the second I was standing in that crowd, the middle school version of me died from happiness and fell in love with the music all over again and I think that is the magic that is Carolina Rebellion.


If you wanna see videos from Carolina Rebellion 2018, check out my Instagram! @sheswritingmore





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What else is on my bucket list?

The Ultimate Bucket List

The Changes in My Life…


Hello guys!


So, it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded something so I’m gonna make my return by explaining the changes that have made in my life. These changes will be the focus of topics for the next coming weeks so I hope you enjoy this and that you find some interest as I will be mostly working on these things.


First, I went Vegan!


I will definitely be explaining the reason behind why I did this, the changes that have occurred in my body, and my life since this decision but I definitely don’t regret it. It’s been an amazing experience that I am still enjoying to this day.


Second, I went to Carolina Rebellion.


This is not a topic that I will discuss too much more on this site but I would love to make a post about my experience there and what it is in general. I had so much fun though!


Third, I went to New York City!


I had been in New York only once before, but it was a very small city and was nothing compared to New York City. I will definitely be sharing plenty of my experience in New York City and what it was like to be a VEGAN in New York!


Fourth, I am now in a relationship.


In time, I definitely plan on posting more about this relationship and our love story but I really wanted to share this now because I know that many of you have been here with me since day one, when I was going through a fresh break- up and I have even shared some of my dating experiences on here so I thought you guys definitely deserved this piece of information. Until I get around to it, I am slowly posting pictures on my Instagram so feel free to follow me so that you can at least see pictures until then! AND NO, I DID NOT MEET HIM ON DATING SITES. @sheswritingmore)


Until then, please check out these other posts. Many of these things are completely new for me so most of them will be related to relationships and even my break- up saga.


This is in order of when I posted it, meaning the break – up playlist was more than a year ago while Online Dating was about 2 months ago. Love you guys! 



The Break-Up Playlist

10 Things to Do After a Break Up

Dear Ex Letter

Dear Future Husband

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What’s AWESOME about Having a Crush

Give Your Girl Her Favorite Flower NOT Roses

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This is For the Single Ladies

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First Date Rule: Do Not Ride in His Car!

Online Dating (Tinder, OkCupid, Hot or Not)


What Do I Believe In?


WARNING: I will talk about the delicate, delicate subject of religion and beliefs. If you can not handle someone not being of the same religion or having different beliefs compared to you, then please go away. Come back next week or something but this is not the week for you.



I am not a religious person, I have grown up watching the Christian belief unfold but I recently took a World Religions class that pretty much introduced me to religions around the world and what they believe in which of course, lead me to question what I believed in personally.


When I first signed up for the class, I actually had been in interested in learning about new languages. As an atheist, I really wanted to look into other religions because I couldn’t find myself relating to Christianity in any shape, form, or fashion.


Additionally, I was under the impression that I had to choose a religion or be atheist, I didn’t think that there was another option until I took the class.


So, what do I believe in?


As I finished the class, I knew that my answer did not lead me to any of the religions that I was introduced to and learned about (which including Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity.) In fact, if my answer did end with these four choices, I would still consider myself to be an atheist.


This is not offend anyone as I believe all of these religions are legitimate and that they bring up good points. All of them have aspects of their religion and belief system that I adore and I believe that regardless of what you consider yourself to be, you are not wrong in any way.


I believe in spirit animals. I believe that there is a certain animal that symbolizes who you are going to be, who you need to be, and who you want to be. I believe this animal can appear in a dream or may be an animal that continuously crossed your path over a period of time when the animal knew that you needed them.


I found mine when I was going through depression for the first time, I found an anime that has a jellyfish in it and then I found my favorite novel (to this day) and then finally, I began having dreams of swimming with Jellyfish. (Jellyfish symbolize peace, faith, acceptance, strength, patience, balance, softness, and truth, by the way)


I believe in herbal medicines and aromatherapy. I believe that scents and tastes really can affect your personality and feelings and emotions in regards to moments and situations. Whether it works because I believe it does or if it genuinely works, it doesn’t matter to me because I believe it. (If you’re into herbal teas, I highly suggest Traditional Medicinals Tea)


I believe in reincarnation. I believe that when we die, we are reborn into another life. I believe that life is a cycle of events that is never ending for our soul, which gives us the ability to learn and grow for our next life, not necessarily for the purpose of learning a religion or mastering a religion but to learn the story of life. I believe that each life is completely different from the one before, allowing your soul to see how your choices may change, and allows you to experience life as differences races and stories. Sometimes I even entertain the idea of birthmarks being our cause of death, and if you have asthma then you might have died of asphyxiation.


I believe in equality. I believe that we are our own people, and that we should support and have opportunities for those that are different. I believe that regardless of sexuality, religion, or race that they should be treated with the same respect.


I believe in raw emotion. I believe in lust and desire and hatred, in happiness and depression and sadness. I don’t think that these natural and primal urges should be ignored. I believe that these things exist because they make us human.


I believe that we have no idea how Earth was created. I refuse to believe that a random man that supposedly exists from nowhere and lived alone for who knows how long decided to create an entire world from the animals that we see today to the dinosaurs from our past. I believe that it is a question that will be one day answered and it probably won’t be in my lifetime or in yours.
I believe in the respect of nature and animals. I believe that nature is sacred and that there is a reason that Romanticism is so special and so important that is resonates with people to this day. I believe that nature is precious and should be treated delicately. I believe that animals are alive with emotions and thoughts and their own way of communication and life which is why I am a vegan.


I believe in peace. I do not believe that we should face our problems with fists, or that we should fight until we reach the top. I believe that the past is the past and our soldiers should be respected and I understand that we have to learn how to fight back but I believe that is should be the last resort. Not the first one.



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