My Novels

  1. The White Butterfly


PRICE: $8.99.

FOUND ON: Amazon.

GENRE: Romantic Tragedy.


INFORMATION: “The White Butterfly is a story about a girl’s journey through the stages of a break up. As she begins to go on a mission to understand her break up, she creates a stronger bond with her best friend Rose, and becomes closer to a childhood friend by the name of Chase Mathews, who she had recently gone estranged to. This book teaches you that you can find love when you least expect it, that you can create a bond between all the tears, and sometimes, the person you’re truly looking for has been there all along. It just took a long time to find them. This is the story of Belle’s breakup and how it was the start of a new story as well as the ending. Read as you see her go through the stages of a break up, as well as the stages of falling in love. Along her ride, is the surprising relationship between a pair that once hated each other.”


THOUGHTS: When I first started writing this novel, I’m not even going to deny that I began writing it after my heart was utterly shattered and this story was my catharsis. I spent a lot of my time getting over that break up within these pages after I tried to find movies that I could relate to and I just couldn’t find anything which inspired this story. I wanted to write something that any girl going through a break up could relate to and I feel like I did a really good job with this story and it gives you a really good crying session.


2. The Girl in the Cage.


PRICE: $9.99.

FOUND ON: Amazon.

GENRE: Romantic “Tragedy.”


INFORMATION: I created a person that was not me but looked like me. She had my eyes and my hair and even my smile but they were revealed through harsh intakes of doubt. Everything about her on the outside was me and even I believed she was… Until somebody revealed the true cage that she had been inside all along. Her voice was tampered with, the volume turned so low that her words had no impact or meaning. Her mouth was taped shut, not wanting to reveal the truth. Her eyes were covered, refusing to reveal the world as how it was. But even though I was now introduced to the world, I was still missing my eyes, my voice, and even my words. I was not myself even though I was saved… And now… I must find out who I am… The first day of this story… It was the day I was released from the cage that I didn’t even realize that I wanted out of so desperately.


THOUGHTS: This story was in no way affiliated with any personal events during my own life at this time though this story did receive a lot of criticism by those who thought they knew me for this exact reason. In all reality, this story follows a girl who realizes she has lost herself amidst a toxic relationship with her friends and her family and chronicles her life as she gets through this. As she finds herself once more and figures out she is and who she wants to be. This story deals with toxic relationships, abuse, and friendship.