I Would Never Date A Writer.

Writing. Being a writer is crazy, there is this instant connection that you have with all writers and it’s crazy.

You immediately become attached to them, you share their pleasures and connections and you congratulate them.

But some part of me would never date a writer, yes, I am a writer and I would never date a writer.

My boyfriend isn’t a writer but he does write but that doesn’t bother me.

When writing, as many of you probably know, you are constantly struggling. You struggle through writer’s block, through the critics, through getting your book finished or getting it published.

There are so many struggles that writers face and maybe it’s the jealousy and pettiness that is my life but I could never date a writer.

When dating somebody, you have to support them and love them through all they do but let me tell you something.

Every single time one of my writer friend’s came up with a new story line, I was mega jealous especially when I have writers block.

It’s like a salty happiness you have for somebody.

Then you tell a writer that you submitted your story into something and you suddenly feel this immense dread.

Like, are they going to submit their work? Am I going to have to compete against them?

It’s this constant struggle.

So as much as I love being friends with writers, I would never ever date a writer.

Merlin help me if my boyfriend gives up biology for writing. I would never break up with him for it, I love that nerd.

I just mean that I would never willingly go into a relationship knowing that he is a writer…

Sorry writers,

Sabrina Ingram.




I don’t know if any of you guys know this but I actually have a book published on Amazon!

The Title : The White Butterfly

The Author : Sabrina Ingram (Of course!)

Price : $3.99.

Genre : Romance.

What Is It About : 

‘The White Butterfly’ is a story about a girl’s journey through the stages of a break up.
As she begins to go on a mission to understand her break up, she creates a stronger bond with her best friend Rose, and becomes closer to a childhood friend by the name of Chase Mathews, who she had recently gone estranged to.
This book teaches you that you can find love when you least expect it, that you can create a bond between all the tears, and sometimes, the person you’re truly looking for has been there all along. It just took a long time to find them.
This is the story of Belle’s breakup and how it was the start of a new story as well as the ending.
Read as you see her go through the stages of a break up, as well as the stages of falling in love. Along her ride, is the surprising relationship between a pair that once hated each other.

The Link : https://www.amazon.com/White-Butterfly-Sabrina-Ingram-ebook/dp/B01EE9GLZ0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470196123&sr=8-1&keywords=the+white+butterfly+by+sabrina+ingram#navbar

I hope you guys check it out!

Hope you have a good day,

Sabrina Ingram.

Take a Deep Breath – Poem

Take a deep breath and I promise you I’ll survive.

All I’ve got to do is take a deep breathe and hold it in.

Can’t let anyone know what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling.

Taking a deep breath, hoping I’ll survive.

Not sure how to handle you anymore.

Not sure what I’m supposed to say.

Not sure how I’m supposed to feel when your name comes up.

All I ever wanted was a smile blessing your face.

If this is what you wanted then I’m glad you have it.

But why am I feeling this way?

Why am I feeling like there is something missing?

It’s not like this was all your idea.

It’s not like we were a perfect pair.

But your face made me smile

and your words made me skip a beat.

I don’t know why this is happening.

It’s not like this was all your doing.

It’s not like we were a perfect couple.

But your hugs brought me comfort.

If this what you wanted… I’m glad you got it..

I remember when we first met and I remember laughing.

I remember our first words and I remembering smiling.

However, all of that is clouded.

I remember making all our plans and now all I can do is cry.

I have to take a deep breath and hold it in.

I’ve just got to hide until my feelings disappear.

All I wanted was your happiness.

If it’s not me then what can I do?

All I can think of is our past.

All I can think of are the things that remind me of you

and all I can do is hold it in.

All I can do is take a deep breath.

All I can do is reminisce about the past before it becomes too much.

But all I can do hold it in.

I can’t show you what I’m feeling

because it’s not fair to show you.

So when I see you…

When I see you and I don’t speak.

When i see you and I turn around.

Please don’t think I hate you.

Because truly it’s the opposite.

I always felt unwanted.

I always felt unneeded.

It’s not like we were a perfect couple.

But your face made me smile

and your words made me skip a beat.

Your hugs brought me comfort.

I promise you, I’m glad your happy.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t what you wanted.

I’m sorry I’m not what made you smile.

The Rose Petal – Short Story


Why Was it Written : This story was written for Prose contest that I ended up not being able to join because my English teacher couldn’t find a sponsor for me (she had forced me to join in the first place.)


The Story :


The rose was said to come when you first have eye contact with the one. Each time you make eye contact, a rose will appear and start to grow, and then you must take a petal. I only knew the details from what I had seen between my mother and my father.


I was sixteen when I got my first dose from the powers of the rose. I made eye contact with a boy, his brown eyes boring into mine. The shock I felt made me look away from him and instead at the rose. When I looked back up, I noticed that he was also staring at the rose that was growing. A lot of people were now looking in amazement by the speed of the flower.


“Funny how it started when we saw each other?” I joked, and the boy laughed. “I’m really sorry, I’d love to talk but I have to go. Bye!” he told me, as he began to leave. I just smiled in response, and stared at the rose, before grabbing one petal and leaving for home. On my way home, I was already planning to talk with my mother and find out what to do with the vibrant rose petal.


What my mother told me came as a surprise, at first she got really excited before she said, “Honey, there is something I must tell you,” losing her excitement. She then began to tell me of the rose petal. “The rose petal is used for a very specific reason, sweetheart. When you see the rose petal for the first time you must make a choice. You feel a strong attraction to him, but he will not feel the same way just because you made eye contact with him. The magic the rose has, makes you use the petal you have to make him fall in love,” my mother had explained to me.


“Then he will be in love with me?” I asked, and she smiled.


“Yes, for as long as the rose petal survives under the potion, which is why you must take a petal every time you make eye contact or you will not be able to do it in time.”


“What if I want him to fall in love with me naturally?” My mother gave me a sad smile at the question.


“After you make eye contact, it will either be love or hate. Love, if you choose to do the potion or hate if you choose not to. However, if you choose to cast the spell and he had already begun to have feelings for you before the first time you made eye contact, then he will hate you,” my mother explained further.


The choice turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, did I want an artificial love from the person, or did I want the man I was destined to love, to hate me? By the next morning, I had been looking everywhere for him, excited to see him, and wanting to talk to him in general. I had wondered if he liked me, but I had dismissed it quickly. When I finally saw him, I was near the rose.


“Hello rose girl,” he greeted, smiling.


“Hello.” This was followed by a short conversation about a few things but I was happy to hear him talk, and I found myself enchanted by every word he uttered. By the time we had to go to class, I had made my choice.


When I got home from school, I went to my mother and we got straight to work. I was surprised by how easy the potion was to make, needing only sprinkles, the rose petal, and an incantation. Then you are supposed to put it into a food you loved and give it to him. The following day at school, I was excited to give him the cookie.


“Here you go, rose boy!” I told him, smiling as I had seen him early.


“Thanks rose girl,” he replied after I gave it to him. I had blushed, knowing that the effects of the potion was almost instant. After he took a bite, his nose scrunched up in disgust and I knew right away that I made a mistake in our relationship. As he walked away, I heard him mutter how he couldn’t believe he ever liked me. That was the day my heart broke as I lost my chance with my true love.


My Thoughts : When I first wrote the story, it was originally longer and was forced to cut down a lot for this contest, taking away essentially all conversation that was originally here. I personally liked that version more, however I no longer have it.

Never Stop Fighting


I think that there is this time where you think everything is perfect, this moment can be when everything you’ve been planning and waiting for is finally falling into place, this moment could be at the beginning of a relationship, or perhaps you only experienced it as a small child.


Whatever the case may be, everything was perfect and the scary thing is not knowing when it will stop being perfect.


In the end, during the last moments of perfection there is a change. It could be the way the season changed or perhaps it wasn’t anything and it was everything at the exact same time.


Perhaps picking up that penny changed everything for you or perhaps it didn’t. Sometimes you can’t even pinpoint the change and you find yourself somewhere, someplace simply not knowing when but knowing it did.


Those moments are passed the time where you’re scared that the “perfect” feeling is going to leave because you’ve long bypassed it already not being perfect. It is during those moments and those moments only that you truly wonder, what do I do now that everything has changed?


Well you have options, so many options. You have the option to stay and fight like hell because that’s really all you can do. You have the option to hide, hide under your favorite blanket or inside a book or behind a computer and you hide. You hide until you know what is happening, you hide until you can make sense out of things. You hide and you hide and you continue hiding until you have an answer or the last option, the easiest option, is running and running as fast as humanly possible.


You wonder which one to take, you stare at the options until you realize that you already are hiding. When during those moments of realizing that everything is no longer perfect and you begin the wonder of what is to come, you realize something very important.


It is a battle, one of which that you don’t realize you’re fighting until you reach the moment of either fighting like hell and winning the game or running away.


It is during those moments that you realize how strong you are.


I wonder which one I would chose and then I realize, you are constantly choosing. You choose every moment you walk on this earth, every time you eat a piece of food or drink water, you are choosing something.


The battle that you are constantly fighting is never one that you realize you’re fighting until it’s time to really step it up. If you can choose to fight every day, when you are looking at the three paths of choices and which one to choose at the end of what you thought was perfection, you can continue fighting, you’ve been doing it all this time.


So if you feel like you can only fight one last fight, if you feel like you’re drowning like I so often do, remember that fighting is something you do every single day and you can fight. You can always fight and you can always win. You only lose when you choose not to fight. You only loose when you put your armor down and walk away.


Please never stop fighting.

Water for Elephants : BOOK REVIEW

Book Title : Water for Elephants.

Author : Sara Gruen.

Date of Publication : 2006

Rating (Out of Five Stars) : 4.


Book Review


You are first introduced to Jacob Jankowski before anything has started, he is about to go take his finals so he can become an official veterinarian. You learn that the book is set during the depression and that his father was very kind and helped all, even those who could not pay and you learn about his plans for when he passes the upcoming test.


However it all comes tumbling down when right before he takes his exam, somebody stops him and tells him the last thing he ever expected to hear. His parents were dead. Not only were they dead but he also didn’t gain his father vet office because he owed so much money.


Overcome by grief, Jacob Jankowski runs out of Cornell University and finds himself at the train tracks and jumping onto the first train that comes by. From that moment, his new life begins as he says goodbye to the security of money, home, and his father’s practice to the world of what he would come to know as circus life.


This book has so many things going for it, it has a funny male protagonist that consists through the flashbacks and during present time as you are met by a man living in a nursing home in the next chapter and ever alternating chapter after that. You come to love him as Jacob Jankowski : The Vet and Jacob Jankowski : The Elderly. In this sense, the book is rather similar to the beloved book – The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.


However instead of Noah reading to Allie like the Notebook, Jacob is reliving his life from the day that he met Marlena, his love interest to meeting Uncle Al, August, and every one else.


The entire story is a perfect mash-up of love, sacrifice, animals, the circus life, the depression, the temperance act, the romance, the breaking of rules. There is so much happening in this book that you find yourself buried deep in the story until you are taken away, your head coming up for water after a day’s of hibernation.






You’re probably wondering why if I like, no love it, so much than why on earth am I giving the story a 4 instead of a perfect 5? Well, the story had an incredible build up. Like foreplay before you find yourself in a mind shattering orgasm however once we reached the orgasm itself, it was disappointing at best. It seemed rush, like she had given up on the story once Marlena was with Jacob even though there was still so much more.


The last reason why I do not want to give it a five though, is the demise of August. While I find it interesting how that happened, I do not like how afterward he was stampeded or how big of a deal Jacob made of it. How would Marlena not have seen that???


I am not sure, honestly but I did love the book though the ending was rather rocky.


Happy Reading,

Sabrina Ingram.