My Vegan Breakfast Staple Foods

Bagel with Vegan Cream Cheese


Most bagels are actually vegan, even though you do have to be careful with most breads as they often put milk or eggs in it. However, most bagels don’t fit the same equation, but it would still be a good idea to read the ingredients just in case!


As for the cream cheese, I will admit that I have not found many vegan cream cheese’s but it was one of my biggest goals when I first became vegan because I LOVED cream cheese. It especially became a goal after I visited New York City and fell in love with vegan cream cheese.


While the vegan cream cheese that I found is not the same from New York, it’s still really good and tastes remarkably like vegan cream cheese. I highly suggest the Kite Hill Original Cream Cheese however there are a few other flavors of theirs that you could always try out!


Kite Hill Cream Cheese


Panda Puffs Cereal with Almond Milk


I will admit that when I went vegan, I had no idea that the cereal itself is almost ALWAYS made with milk. I was super disappointed to find out that I would never get to have fruity pebbles but after a trip to Earth Fare (A Vegan’s Food Heaven), then I found Envirokidz which has many flavors of cereal.


I have tried Choco Chimps, Lemurs Cereal, Koala Crisp, and Panda Puffs. I am definitely planning on trying more and even exploring other companies at some point but right now, I am obsessed with the Panda Puffs Cereal!


The almond milk is definitely not required, I’m sure soy milk, rice milk, or whatever else would be absolutely fine. I just prefer SWEETENED almond milk with my panda puffs cereal.


Envirokidz Cereal


Bacon and Provolone Cheese Sandwich


This isn’t exactly the most breakfast- style foods but it’s definitely one of my favorite foods to eat for breakfast. This was actually one of the first foods that I found that I ate constantly when I first became vegan.


The Lightlife Smart Bacon is my favorite bacon brand, though I will admit that it’s the only brand that I have ever had but it’s really good and paired with Follow Your Heart Provolone Cheese (the BEST vegan- cheese brand), it’s unbeatable.


Make sure to check your bread so that it doesn’t have any milk or eggs, I personally prefer the French bread that can be found in the deli department of most grocery stores.


Lightlife Smart Bacon

Follow Your Heart Provolone Cheese


Raspberry and Peach Oatmeal


Great Value Raspberry Peach Oatmeal is my favorite oatmeal which can only be found at Walmart. Most oatmeals are vegan so any oatmeal or flavors that you prefer are perfectly fine, this is just my preference.