Being a Vegan @ Queens University of Charlotte


So honestly, I’m not going to lie and say being vegan during college is the easiest thing in the world but I will say that my University actually makes it a lot easier than other Universities.


I attend Queens University of Charlotte, located in North Carolina. They actually do label all of their vegan items in the cafeteria and you can look online to see if some of their staples are vegan. They have a soy milk bar, one with original soy milk and one for chocolate soy milk. When the cafeteria is lacking, I often resort to just getting their cereal because you can just look online to see which of their cereals are vegan.


The actual cooked meals section can be very weird. Some of the items are absolutely amazing and then sometimes it’s very questionable. They actually do have a vegan/ vegetarian section for core meals. This section often has some sort of tofu meal, sometimes curry and sometimes vegan chili. They make a lot of use of tofu, beans, and rice. I am not a huge spicy person so that has been my biggest issue in the cafeteria, often leading me to the salad bar or even just getting a bowl of cereal (usually, I’m getting a bowl of cereal, honestly.)


In the Gluten- Free section, they typically have some sort of red potatoes there which is actually my favorite thing at Queens. Randomly, it will be over seasoned or under cooked but that is a very random situation. They also randomly have vegan mashed potatoes which I get so excited about!


Breakfast is obviously a little different, but they always have some fruit that’s obviously vegan and oatmeal. My favorite thing that they have breakfast wise is their hashbrowns and randomly when there is an omelet section, I can beg the guy manning that machine to clean their machine and cook some mushrooms for me.


They have a salad bar with some really dressing (I love balsamic vinaigrette), they also have chickpeas, lettuce, and all of the other basics. They label everything in this section whether or not its vegan which is always fun! I would love for them to add mushrooms though.


They also have a decent deli where they have their breads labelled online and then all of their vegetables and things like that are obviously vegan. I would LOVE for them to add like grilled tofu or something, just to give me something like that and if they added it then my love would be amazing


I actually have an unlimited meal plan which allows me for 5 meal exchanges. So I can go to Lions Den or the Coffeehouse to get stuff there. The Coffeehouse is basically just an unofficial Starbucks so I can get their coffee, I just have to remember to add soy, coconut, or almond milk. As for the food section, they actually have hummus, peanut butter and jelly, and this quinoa sandwich thing.


The Lions Den is actually one of my favorite places to go because I am absolutely obsessed with their Garden Burger, which is this vegan burger that I can add grilled mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, and mustard. It’s my favorite thing at Queens and makes me so happy.


I do randomly get into a protein problem which is why I am so happy that the coffeehouse actually does have vegan protein bars and there is a Harris Teeter .6 miles away from campus that you can easily go to.


Overall, it’s definitely not the easiest thing. You’re going to be constantly battling your temptations when the cafeteria has a really decent thing but being a vegan at University is not an impossible task. It’s gotten easier over the semester as I learned that some of the cereals actually are vegan and I was introduced to Lions Den about midway through the semester. But if it’s something you’re passionate about then it is not hard. Plus, if you’re in a common vegan area, you can always try out some of the restaurants randomly which is something I definitely do every once in awhile.


My Roommate for a Week?!


So I mentioned in the Emotional Support Animal Journey that I briefly had a roommate and I really just wanted to tell that story because I think it is so funny that this happened.


Before I begin telling this story, I am going to preface this story by explaining that we actually don’t have any bad blood. She seems pretty cool and while admittedly, she’s not exactly my kind of person to hang out with, I wish her luck in her journey.


Before moving in, she had actually reached out to me through Email and introduced herself or whatever and I sent a really long email in return, explaining things about me and Apple because I was not aware if she knew or not (they do eventually reach out to your roommate but they don’t explain why you have him and I wanted to explain that!)


She seemed pretty cool but I did immediately notice that we weren’t exactly similar in any way. She was a bit of a partier and definitely a social person which was made very apparent early on. There is nothing wrong with that, I literally don’t care but I just wanted to explain the situation.


I was admittedly surprised that we had been paired together, as we take a roommate quiz about our personalities and we were complete opposites. She hated the cold and wanted to change the temperature in our room the second she arrived to medium rather than high, which is fine and she didn’t mind that I used a fan but I was still really surprised that we had been paired together.


So she moved in on the 24th of August, I moved in on the 17th because of Thrive so I had the room to myself for an entire week. I had hung out in the room all day waiting for her because I didn’t want our interaction to be weird or anything and we talked while she unpacked and I met her parents. They made a lot of comments about the room being small, which is true because I am almost entirely sure that the room was originally a single that was turned into a double but it wasn’t my fault.


After that, we separated and didn’t really see each other for the rest of the day. We would see each other for brief moments but not for very long and it was pretty awkward in general. But for the most part, she was never in the room which is very, very different to me because I am almost always in the room but I actually really liked it. I got some alone time in the room which was very much needed and Apple got plenty of time out of the cage without me having to worry about it.


The only issue that came up was sometimes during the week, she lost her key so I kept having to let her borrow the key to get into the room and I would have to wake up to let her inside the room. Kind of annoying simply because I thought it was super inconsiderate, like you lost your key and I get that you don’t have time to look for it but are you really going to come in at 2am when this is happening?


Mind you, the situation didn’t last very long and on the 29th, she sent me a text explaining that she was moving out into another building because she loved the rooms, the showers, etc, etc. I was actually super excited because at this point, she had lost her key a few times and I had been letting her borrow my key meaning I would have to track her down whenever I wanted to get into the room myself.


Later that day, she started moving her stuff out of the room and I was actually leaving for the weekend so I told her she could borrow my key while I was gone to get the rest of her stuff out of the room. Mind you, she was supposed to have all out of it gone by the 31st but I figured I’d be nice and give her some extra time since she joined a sports team and was super busy.


You would think that if I gave you TWO extra days where you didn’t have to WORRY about me AT ALL then you would get all of the shit of the room? Well, you would think but then you would be wrong.


I came back around dinner time on Sunday and she had some of her stuff out of the room but there was still some stuff there and she gave me the key and explained she would get it out later that day.


Later that day… It didn’t happen. She never showed up.


She finally came either Tuesday or Wednesday and got the last of her stuff. So she lived in the room from the 24th to 29th (5 days) and then got her stuff out of the room on the 4th or 5th of September. (7 days later).


So yeah, that happened. My roommate that lasted for about two weeks if you include the time during where my room simply housed her stuff.


But hey, on a good note, I actually am getting a new roommate soon! She’s my best friend here on campus and one of my best friends in general so I’m really excited about that and BONUS? SHE LOVES APPLE.

My Future Plans


I really wanted to share with you guys what will be happening in the next couple years as things will be changing in my life as I am graduating from High School in a matter of months.


I’d like to start off bragging about myself. Throughout my high school experience, I was involved in just about every single club at my school save for National Honors Society and Gamer’s Club throughout the four years.


Additionally, I published two novels. The White Butterfly, which was published in 2016, and chronicles the life of a girl going through a break-up (and my mom’s personal favorite) and The Girl in the Cage, which was behind a lot of drama before finally being published in late 2017.


While my ACT score was not impressive and my grades were less than sub-par, I was indeed accepted into quite a few schools come my senior year. Out of the six schools that I applied to, I was accepted into four of them with three of them offering a scholarship of some sort.


However, the most important thing to note was that I was accepted into Queens University of Charlotte for the fall semester of 2018. This had been a school that I had fallen in love with in my Freshman year of high school and had basically been my soul school. Where, regardless of what scholarship I got or whatever else, I could not go to a different school if I was accepted into Queens.


If it isn’t obvious enough, I accepted and have since paid for their enrollment deposit.


I will be attended Queens University as I go after my Bachelors in Creative Writing with a plan to minor in European History. A fact that very few may know that follow this website actively is that I have a deep desire to one day write historical fiction. I plan on pursuing my interests while going after what I truly love to do.


I have received some backlash by members of my family, as I will not be pursing some high pay job of being a surgeon or some sort of business person but honestly, my ultimate goal at this point in my life is to follow my passion, my goals, and to make my dream come true. It has always been important to me to ensure that my happiness and well- being is put above the amount of money that I make on a monthly basis.


I will, obviously, find jobs that I believe to be appropriate for me until the day that I can write exclusively for a living. Ideally this would entail a job where I would write for a website or something like that.


For those of you who are wondering about Apple (my ferret) , I will be explaining his journey and his future soon but don’t worry, none of it is bad, it is simply something that I would like to share with you on a separate day. He will obviously continue being in my life, though. He is way too important to me for this not to be the case.


Beyond my future in regards to university, I honestly have no idea. I know that I plan on travelling a lot and that I plan on moving OUT of North Carolina but beyond that, I’m just not quite sure.


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Apple’s Instagram: @apple_the_ferret

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Archaeologist’s Sunlight

I brushed my hair out of my face as I walked through to my next building, that was how our school was set up anyways. Each building was for something different; the library, the gym, the humanities, fine arts, sciences, nursing, criminology. You name it, we probably have a building for it.

All around me, the ground was covered in mostly shade, the bright sun was out and I could feel it burning my back but the trees lessened the damage so I continued to stick by the trees.

It wasn’t until I got to the clearing, the space between the building and the trees that the sun hit my skin and I could literally see my hair illuminate in the light, making my hair much lighter than it really was.

The thought crossed my mind as childish as it was, did my soulmate just see me for the first time, did the light shining off my hair catch his attention and is he now looking at me, curiosity and wonder filling his entire soul?

I had watched many movies, and even more books, the countless novels that spoke of this moment was clear in my head and even though I highly doubted it, I still wondered every single time I was exposed to the light.

The thought was absurd, even if I had caught one’s attention, the likelihood of it being my true love was slim as he would probably be doing some gross sport, decked out in some ridiculous uniform for what sport it was.

But even so, I found myself looking around when I saw him.

I was right about him being sweaty, he was wearing a sweatshirt even though it was like 80 degrees outdoors and his face was red though I doubted he was blushing. His eyes, though I have no idea their color, were on me as he rested on his shovel.

I had no idea who he was but the entire situation delighted me, I had attracted somebody and I wondered about the boy, what he was like. What the hell he was doing with that shovel but as there were various other students with a shovel, I suspected that it had to be some sort of class.

I quickly averted my gaze, refusing to look over even though I could still feel his eyes on mine, I opened the door to the Fine Arts building where I had my creative writing class and quickly went inside.

But the end of the class, all thoughts of the boy had left my mind as I headed for the library, knowing that I still had an hour before I had my next class. Our library was always interesting place, silence seemed to be a myth until you further in the back of the building. Gossip immediately reached my ears and even the library was providing the details when I heard something about digging, the image of the boy leaning against a shovel crossed my mind once more.

“What?” I suddenly interrupted, curious as to what the conversation was.

“Archaeology, today’s class finally got to go around and dig! Nobody found anything interested but it sure was attractive to watch those boys dig,” explained one girl.

“Even with how nerdy they are,” added another girl.

I wondered if he was majoring in archaeology which seemed to be an interesting topic to learn about which brought on my question, “Do you have to actually study archaeology in order to be in the class?”

“Oh no, no! I am studying Music Appreciation and I just signed up,” mentioned the girl who had explained to me what was going on earlier.

“You just signed up?”

“Yeah! You kidding me? Hot boys digging and being all sweaty! I am totally in to get a piece of that action,” her words shocked me and quite possibly grossed me out.

“Erm, well when are they meeting?” I didn’t necessarily want to join, I mostly just wanted to find when I could find him. The idea of “accidentally” running into crossed my mind but I figured one cliche was enough.

My answer was never found as something caught my attention, coming through the doors at that exact moment was him, the boy that I had seen earlier. He looked around, pushing up his glasses as he scanned the room, he had taken off the sweatshirt now, when his eyes found mine.

I thought about looking away as I stared into his golden brown eyes but even though I wanted to, something in me wouldn’t allow me to. Maybe it was because of the novels, stuffing in my head that he was the one simply because he had seen me in the sunlight.

“Hello,” hissed one of the girls as I snapped my head back to them.

“Oh, hey, sorry!” I blushed, finally looking away as I turned back to the girls.

“Nothing, she was just answering your question but she had to go, sorry!” she apologized though I don’t believe that she actually meant it. I nodded my head, unsure of whether or not it was okay to walk away now before she spun around, gossiping rapidly once again with one of her friends.

I nodded, thankful to finally have a getaway as I headed towards the poetry section, looking at different books as I always trying to make a better poet out of my self. “Do you know where the archaeology section is?”

I looked up confused when my heart practically stopped as my eyes met his, a soft smile on his face as I blushed brightly. “Unfortunately no, though it is probably near the history section. I am sorry, I don’t work here.”

“You’re completely fine, I just wanted to make conversation,” he replied smoothly, my blush creeping back as I stared at him. “You-You- what?” I stuttered, I was never very good with flirting.

“I saw you earlier today, your hair was so light in the sunshine, it was like you were an angel coming from heaven just as I was regretting my decision to take archaeology,” he cracked a smile and I knew that he was joking.

“You aren’t majoring in the subject?” I was breathing deeply, trying to keep as calm as possible as curiosity peeked.

“No, no, I am majoring in Literature. I just needed an elective and this class looked interesting enough to take,” he replied and I found myself laughing, knowing the feeling so well.

“Literature, huh? Maybe one day you will study about me,” as the concept of becoming a famous author crossed my mind, my dreams coming true with just a thought. I could see the confusion expression on his face as he watched, my soft smile that writing always brought to my face.

“Sorry, I am a Creative Writing student,” she explained as she snapped out of her daze. “It is my passion,” His smile and understanding his eyes were amazing and from that day on, their relationship was sweet smoothing.

Their chance encounters were rare and unlikely, only appropriate for movies and novels that only women were adorned by but their relationship was strong. Their relationship is what lead them to this day…

Her long white dress framed her body perfectly, all possible insecurities were hidden behind the beautiful lace of the gown as her hair and makeup was done by professionals. Their four year relationship lead them to their wedding day.

“It was during the afternoon that I first saw you, the sun was shining as bright as always and this beautiful girl that stood before me was the type to hide in the shadows, not wanting to catch any sort of attention… But then you did, you stepped out of the shadows and allowed the sun to lighten you up, your hair was not much lighter than ever before and I just happened to have looked up,” he began telling the entire world of their romance as he said his vows and it felt as though she was reliving the beginning of their relationship.

“I was sweaty, already regretting my choices to wear my sweater that day completely and I had to take a rest and I leaned on the shovel and looked up. I would have sworn that I had died and gone to heaven at the moment because it was then that I saw you. Your beauty so strong and radiant and you had looked at me for just a moment before continuing on… I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you and I knew I wanted to know… I wanted to know my angel, the Archaeologist’ angel when I was just about to die. You were my sunlight and just the beautiful sight of you strengthened me.”

My brown eyes met his, still entranced by the beautiful color of his light brown eyes as I had been that first day. I loved him far more than I ever could have known now.

“I had always been the one to wish of an amazing fairy tale where he would see me and I would be the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. I had never expected this to happen… That our story would be one for those unrealistic romances… But yet here I am, standing before a man worthy of being on the cover of one of those smutty romance novels and here I am, the heroine finally getting her childhood dreams. I was like an Archaeologist’ sunlight but you were like a Writer’s muse, worthy of being my main subject for the rest of my life and I am standing here before you in hopes of that being the case.”

With my final vows, I moved in to kiss him and I knew that the sunlight was now on both of us, telling the story of the Archaeologist’s sunlight and the writer’s muse.

Hello guys,

I actually first came up with this story on October 19th of this year but I thought I should broadcast that International Archaeology Day had come by and I wanted to SHARE my support for those who have found relics and stories of our past.

I applaud you and I hope you found your sunlight along the way.

I hope you guys enjoyed this!