Unlikely Friendship (Short Story)


Relationships have always been terrifying for me, and honestly I could never tell you why. Maybe it was from watching my parent’s relationship which only existed because of me. Maybe it was because of those middle school relationships where they threw around the “I love you”’s only to be met with dramatic heartbreak. For me, every time I turned around, there was a friend coming to me in tears over some guy who had broken her heart.


That all changed though, I was a teenager who had hormones and eventually, there was a guy where I forgot about those fears. I had somehow tricked myself into believing he could never hurt me, that he didn’t have it in his power to do so. Because in my head, I wasn’t like all of those other girls. I didn’t throw around the “I love you.” I didn’t rush into relationships, I didn’t do this or that. I think I just wanted to trick myself into believing that. I couldn’t possibly be weak enough to get hurt, and I thought I would notice the signs fast enough to stop the pain.


Looking back, I probably did notice the signs but I didn’t listen to them. Because when you see a girl’s name pop up on their phone, you don’t expect anything. You tell yourself to calm down, that they’re likely just a friend and that there is no way they are cheating on you. I also saw the girl and the hug that they exchanged, I wanted to believe it was friendly. I wanted to ignore the look she gave me when the hug was over. I wanted to ignore the way he rubbed her back, the way he seemed to have inhaled her scent and I pretended to believe that the only reason why he smelled of her perfume was probably because of that hug.


We will chalk that naivety up to being a teenage girl, as anyone would have realized. But I continued to ignore it, to deny it. They were just friends and maybe, at the very least she had a crush on him but that was probably the extent of it. I kept noticing her name pop up on his phone, I kept hearing these whispers of something more. But they’re rumors and one shouldn’t believe in rumors.


But that all come to a head on Prom night, the night that every girl dreams of. The perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect date. All of those glamorous things that you hear about in movies. He had picked me up in his dad’s red Camaro, and it had clearly been washed and his dad had cleaned out the car ahead of time. It was a nice gesture and he was incredibly giddy about his dad agreeing to let him drive it. Honestly, I personally thought it was rather cliche that he wasn’t driving his beat up old truck that had paint peeling but he was happy.


On the drive, it was complete silence beyond the music playing softly in the background. I found myself keeping my eyes trained on him, watching as he drove. I had been planning for this note for ages and it wasn’t just the dress that I had been planning but I was planning to let prom night be insanely special. We had talked about it before but I wasn’t ready and I desperately wanted to be. I kept telling myself that everything would be okay. He loved me and I loved him so why not? There was nothing stopping us but I wanted to keep it a surprise for later.


When we get there, we looked like a celebrity couple walking down the red carpet. Likely because the theme was supposed to be a “red carpet” night which is why I was wearing a golden dress, full of sparkles and his tie was a much calmer golden color. We matched and we were clearly a couple. As the first slow song played, he pulled me to the middle of the dance floor. The cheap disco ball that the school had rented was causing my dress to reflect which had caused a couple heads to turn as he pulled me through the crowd. For a minute, it seemed like all was well. I briefly noticed her, standing to the side of the gymnasium staring at the two of us. I didn’t even think twice about it, assuming she was just admiring my dress. I didn’t even notice that she was only staring at him.


While we were dancing, I could feel him drifting away. Not literally, of course. It was like he moved from being present, paying attention to me and holding me close. He was rubbing my back, whispering the lyrics of the song to me and then he just stopped. He moved just slightly away from me, even though he was still holding me in his arms and the whispering stopped. I felt the change but I had no idea why, we were spinning in circles and I noticed that she was still staring. When I caught sight of her again, I noticed her stand up and storm away and when he pulled away from me only moments later, I shouldn’t have been surprised.


I stood there awkwardly for a few moments, staring around me at all of the couples together. One of the couples caught my attention, a girl in a midnight blue ball gown, one of which that had sparkles all over her upper body and she was wrapped up in the arms of her boyfriend. I had no idea who they were but they just looked so peaceful and happy, she was smiling brightly at him as their eyes met each other. He was completely obsessed with her and with one look at them, you could tell they were happy together.


That they had no concerns about anything and he was completely invested, I yearned for that relationship. A relationship that felt present and beautiful and as I stood there, I realized that he probably didn’t leave me to go to the bathroom. I realized that her leaving right before he ditched me was likely no coincidence and as I weaved through the dance crowd, slowly walking away from the reflective disco ball as I fell out of the spotlight. I became wandering the halls, walking around aimlessly. I wanted to find them, I wanted to see the truth. I wanted my suspicions to finally come true.


As I came across a broom closet, one that I had been inside myself with him once or twice before while we were in between classes and I heard a bang coming from inside and I knew. I knew that whatever I was about to come across would effectively end my relationship with the boy inside. I was the girl who had been duped, foolish enough to think that I was special enough to not get hurt by a boy and I finally opened the door, bracing myself.


In front of me, I was faced with the flesh of the boy that I knew. His lower body was completely bare, wrapped around his ankles as the girls dress was hiked up with him right in between her legs. There was no question what they were doing and my gasp from actually seeing them in this position seemed to startle them as she opened her eyes, the moans that were coming out of her mouth stopping as she realized who she was looking at and pushed him away from her and he looked at me in surprise.


“Clare, this is not what it looks like!” He swore to me as I let out a humorless laugh.

“Not what it looks like? You are aware that you’re half naked, right?”


He quickly pulled his pants up, covering himself up as he looked between the two girls. She looked almost conflicted, staring between the two and I saw the heartbreak in her eyes. She seemed so disappointed to hear his words, like they were nothing. “But… Sweetie, don’t you understand? Now we don’t have to hide our love from her.” I realized in that moment that it wasn’t her fault at all, not in this situation. He had been playing her, telling her that he loved her and that everything would be perfect in the end. That it was just a matter of telling me what was happening.


I always thought that when a girl happily allowed a guy to cheat on his girlfriend, I assumed that she was heartless or maybe even hated the girlfriend, in question. But now I understand that is not always the case. Sometimes, the girl is so desperately in love with the guy that she decides to have him in any way that she could, even if it meant that she was the side chick.


He yanked his arm away from her, as he took a step towards me. “You have to believe me. I am so sorry, I just needed a release and Stephanie was willing to give it to me. She claimed she loved me and it was so easy, you never even noticed so I just continued on with it.” My eyes were wide in shock at this point, partially from shock that he was actually trying to defend himself.


“You think it’s okay because I never noticed? You think that excuses you from cheating on me?” I began, tears spilling from my eyes as the anger overpowered me. “You cheated on me! All of the times you told me that you loved me, all of the times that you told me that you saw a future in us, all of those times that we were kissing and all the touches we have had. You were cheating on me the entire time.” I shook my head in disbelief, “And you really expect me to forgive you?”


“I was never lying when I told you that I loved you, Clare. I do, more than you could possibly imagine,” He promised me as the girl scoffed in response, storming away from the closet in a huff.


“You love me? Tell me, do you hurt all of the people that you love?”

“Clare, I’m sorry. But I do love you. With every kiss and every touch, I loved you.”


“It doesn’t matter if you love me, it matters what you do to prove it. By cheating on me, you discredited everything about this relationship. Every kiss, every touch, every ‘I love you’ was a lie. You cheated on me, stop apologizing. Just stop!” I screamed in response, “I can’t believe that I was so stupid to love you.”


“You were not stupid to love me. I love you too.”

“You were cheating on me the entire time.”


No longer having any interest in this conversation, I turned away and started heading towards the exit. I no longer had any interest in being at Prom, a time that was supposed to be extravagant and beautiful and of course, I had found my boyfriend with another girl. This was some sort of ridiculous beginning to a high school movie and I was absolutely disgusted, how could I find myself in this situation? After being so careful? My heart was broken, and I was no longer in any mood to be at such an event. I thought the drama was over as I knew he wouldn’t be following me, he wouldn’t fight for our relationship which was a good thing as I had no plans to allow him to do so.


But while he seemed to be content in our conversation, I suppose Stephanie was not. Because as I was exiting the building, she grabbed my arm and pulled me back. “What do you want?” I asked in annoyance.


We made eye contact and I almost froze, her eyes were filled with tears and the only thing registering in my mind was that she was clearly so upset. “I really did love him,” she whispered in a broken voice. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I loved him, and I believed he loved me. I thought that at some point, he would break up with you and come to me. I thought we would be able to be together,” She continued softly.


“I know,” I whispered softly, finding myself unable to be angry with her. She was in love with him, and obviously she could have stopped herself from letting him cheat on me but she loved him just as much as I thought I had. She wasn’t going to sacrifice her chance to be with him. It was his job to be a decent human being, his job to make the conscious decision to not cheat on me but he never did any of those things. “He’s the cheater, he’s the one that should have controlled himself more.”


“You don’t hate me?” She questioned, surprise etching throughout her voice.

“I kind of wish I did, honestly.” I began. “But no, I don’t.”


She threw her arms around me into a hug, holding me tightly as she choked back a sob. While I felt like my heart had broken as well, I found myself wanting to comfort her. To convince her that everything was going to be okay. Maybe it was because I wanted those same promises, but I knew that she needed it in this moment. She was the secret, the one that was told time and time again that once we had broken up, she would finally get to have him. I was fed the lies, I never knew the truth. She knew but she was fed different lies, lies that they would come out of this together.


“I really wanted to hate you,” She whispered in my ear as we continued to hug.

“I would have hated myself too.”


As she finally let go of me, she smiled gratefully. “Do you think we could be friends?”


I laughed in response, “How about we take baby steps?” which she nodded in understanding. My heart had been broken on Prom night, I had caught my boyfriend making love to another girl and then we broke up before I ended up comforting the girl. That night, we actually did become friends and we would later become best friends even to this day. It’s crazy to me that love can be so heartbreaking and that situations can happen and people still find themselves wanting to comfort each other. We joke about the fact that we could have been lifelong enemies instead of becoming friends, but we are both grateful that never happened.


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak : Book Review

Book Title: The Book Thief.

Author: Markus Zusak.

Publication Date: 2005.

Rating (Out of 5 Stars) : 2.5.



** This review contains spoilers that the BOOK spoils anyways**


When I first bought this book, I was incredibly excited. I had heard about the hype and how there was a movie coming out (or did it already come out?) On top of that, it was a story set in the WW2 era which meant a lot to me because I have always been fascinated about that time period.


Unfortunately though, I was incredibly disappointed. Perhaps it was the hype behind the story that got me so excited but honestly, throughout the entire story, I felt like I wasn’t allowed to get emotionally invested or worried about any of the characters.


When I first finished the story, I really wanted to write the review right there however, I knew that the review would be incredibly negative and I would have struggled having a coherent thought so I decided to wait a bit and get over my initial reaction so that I come onto the story with a clear mind.


At first, I thought my originally issue was narrator who was supposed to be death and while this still isn’t my favorite thing, it’s not why my rating is so low however, I did want to address it.


Because of the fact that we had a named character that is so well known in the literary and culture of our community, we have a belief of how he is supposed to be. We typically know death as this very emotionally cold and distant character that goes through a lot of death, an aspect that partially excited me about reading the story.


“I do wish that the narrator had been somebody less well known in the world.”


However, I found Death to be emotionally vulnerable towards a story that, while interesting, seemed to be a common occurrence. Plenty of people during that time had been surrounded by death and surely, some of them even have emotional backgrounds but this story didn’t seem to be particularly special enough for such a strong emotion.


While I am perfectly happy that Liesel was not the narrator, I do wish that the narrator had been somebody less well known in the world such as an anonymous person or even somebody that just wanted to tell a story that he had heard from a family member. I think had it been taken with that route, the emotional vulnerability would have made a lot more sense.


Despite this, my biggest issue was actually the tiny notes that were written throughout the story. These notes, I found, often ruined the entire story for me. The narrator was so emotional through the story, reminiscing so much of the story and aspects that you wanted to care about the characters however it would give away the ending far before it ever happened.


The book thief


This aspect of the book kept me emotionally distant from the characters, not allowing me to care enough about the characters and then stabbing me in the heart because after one of the first scenes that we truly get to know him, we immediately find out he’s going to die.


“The writing style just simply left something to be desired…”


With stories that had the ability to easily force me to buy a box of tissues, I enjoy the ability to become emotionally invested as it makes me want to curl in a ball and cry but this story never allows you to do so. Which is primarily why I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I would have liked to.


The story and the characters were marvelous but I do wish that Markus Zusak had taken a better approach into writing the story and sometimes, I even find myself wanting to ask him why he ruined such an emotional plot point. He never let us worry about the lives of characters because he would tell us even though it would be covered later in the book anyways.


I, however, would still suggest this book to anybody who enjoys reading WW2 era books as it does allow for a new point of view of the story. Instead of seeing the characters being involved in the Holocaust, we see a character helping a Jewish man and still being involved in the Nazi party.


The book does allow you to fall in love with many characters and the creativity of the author was exorbitant as well as the historical facts of the time period that the book was centered around. The writing style just simply left something to be desired and I am personally under the belief that the writing style does matter a lot.


I do know that many, many people disagree with me which is why I wanted to be careful about this book review and I would love to hear some of your personal opinions about this book! I didn’t want to go into the political talk of the book or go further into depth because I didn’t want to spoil the book but if you want to talk to me about the book in depth, please feel free to contact me or message me on Twitter!


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This Story is Real…

This story that I have been working on, I think a lot of it has been harder than anything I have ever worked on in my life.


The emotion in this is mind boggling not because of a break up but because it all starts with losing a friend, a thing that is so common yet so unmentioned in stories, a thing so real and so heart breaking.


I think losing a friend is so much worse than losing a relationship, with a friendship, the entire thing is emotion regardless of how bad the friendship was or how dysfunctional it was.


When I started writing this, I had just lost my best friend and all my emotion was thrown into and this story has helped me put a lot of it on paper. The sad thing is about losing a friendship, especially your best friend because you lose that person you can tell everything to.


Losing a relationship, you still have the friend to cry onto and talk to about everything but when you lose that person, it’s hard because you have no one to talk to about it. People can say that they are there for you but they aren’t because they are not your best friend and it’s hard to talk to people with that level of emotion when they aren’t. Which is why getting over a friendship is so much worse than losing a relationship.


Regardless, this story unfortunately has very few good moments. This story is not considered good or happy which makes this story even harder. It’s interesting to read because it is relatable, realistic in all the most devastating ways.


This story is not about losing a friend and then finding a lot of happiness, this story just starts with losing a friend and unfortunately in the real world, the sadness does not end there. In this story, the sadness doesn’t end. The sadness has a break but it never ends.


I don’t want this story to be the one that you can read straight through and have no emotion, I don’t want you to read this story and not understand what is happening. I don’t want this story to be romanticized for there is no romanticism. This story is real.


This story is one of loss, of cheating, of hatred, of love, of friendship, and of so much more.


This is the story of finding yourself after you realize that you have been in a cage for far too long.


If you want to read the first few chapters of this story, it can be found here:


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I Hope You Find… Political – POEM

As an American, I have been surrounded by this election from the very beginning. I have heard of thousands of opinions and thoughts, I have been shocked and disgusted by MULTIPLE parties and of course, I have created my opinions.

I have created these opinions from facts, based off how they interact with other right down to their opinions on the LGBT community, thoughts on Climate Change, and opinions on Abortion.

However, I don’t want to talk about the election because apparently if you’re under the age of 18, you’re completely ignored as you are not mature enough to give opinions on anything.

So instead as I watch the agonizing pain of those who lost and the excitement from those who won, I want to write this… A testament for hope that I believe our nation needs.


For those of you who have lost

In your battle,

I hope you find the strength

To continue fighting.


For those of you who have won

In your battle,

I hope you find that you need

a friend.


For those of you

Affected by

This choice this nation has made.


I hope you find

What you’re looking for.

I hope you find

The justice needed.


I hope you find

That violence isn’t answered.

I hope you find that peace

Is how things must be treated.


These are delicate matters before us

And those matters must be supported.


I hope you find

That you need your friends.

Whether lost in the battles of

what is right and true.



It may seem like a true divide

A divide that may be sickening to one’s stomach

And maybe you did not win in a battle so dear.


But there will come a time

Where the truth is near

and we will need the backs of our neighbors.


For those of you

Plagued by the outcomes


For those of you

Relishing in a win.


I hope you may find

That your neighbors are dear


I hope you may find

That though this may feel divided.


This nation must be more together than ever before.


Instead of participating in violence

And once again dividing us more.


Please find that we must come together

Or all may be lost.


For those of you with no more hope

For those of you with none needed.


I hope you find

That you guys are not so different.


I hope you find

That peace may be needed.

Dear Ex-Best Friend

Dear Ex-Best Friend,

You’re as obsessed with Facebook as I am and I keep running into these open letters, letters that can be read by anyone but is directed to a specific person.

Have you been seeing those too?

I knew I wanted to write this letter, I knew that I had about a million and one things that I wanted to say. It’s funny, our friendship was capable of creating so many emotions between the two of us. Anger, Sadness, Joy, and so much more.

I started writing a book recently, The Girl in the Cage, and it is about a girl who lost her best friend in a rather similar way that we lost each other. There is this one moment, a single moment, that is the final straw and while there are so many other reasons, this is the reason most clear.

It started from the day we met, I wasn’t a big fan of you but our science teacher kept putting us into groups and we were the only two who would work on it in those groups.

We became friends because of that.

But you were very different than any person I had ever encountered before, you were very sheltered and not because you were oblivious or anything but because you were literally sheltered, I mean, you were home schooled.

Your mannerisms were awkward, your approach was a question of the social norm, your kindness was minimal, and your look was one that could kill. You were not exactly approachable.

I wish I could say that changed but honestly, it never did. I would put my blinders up and ignore everything, I would pretend.

You were harsh and cruel in many, many ways. Your opinions were outdated and while we agreed on SOME things, it was not nearly enough.

It didn’t help that having an opinion different from yours is basically out of the question as you were the type to jump at someone, ready to fight at any given moment.

It’s funny, you were my best friend and yet I could never describe feeling so caged up better than I was friends with you and I didn’t even realize it. There is a point in the book, a book I am sure you will never read, that describes looking into a cage and not realizing it at first.

“I created a person that was not me but looked like me. She had my eyes and my hair and even my smile but they were revealed through harsh intakes of doubt. Everything about her on the outside was me and even I believed she was… Until somebody cut her and revealed the girl in the cage.

Her voice was tampered with, the volume turned so low that her words had no impact or meaning. Her mouth was taped shut, not wanting to reveal the truth. Her eyes were covered, refusing to reveal the world as how it really was.”

It feels so cruel to feel this way, you were someone I clung onto after my heart was broken many times, somebody who listened to everything I had to say, and somebody I cared about more than myself.

But that in itself was the problem. I didn’t want to anger you, I didn’t want to upset you, and I tried to do everything in my power to continue being your friend. It wasn’t until my feelings were hurt and I began to think, analyzing our friendship.

I looked back at the friendships I held dearly and lost in order to please you, I began to think of the times that I felt less than nothing, I began to think of the times that I was alone more often than not.

You were somebody that meant so much to me that I was willing to no longer be capable of being myself and I am ashamed of not you but me for this.

I tried so hard and there was no need and I wonder what our relationship would have been had I not caged myself up because it was not you who put me in the cage, it was myself.

I was never angry with you, when I said that, I was telling the truth however I was consistently hurt by you. My heart often felt broken and I didn’t even realize it.

So while every fiber of my being misses you, wanting to pretend that my feelings were not a thing, and as much as I wish that we could have been friends forever… I know that we couldn’t be.

In order for the both of us to be happy, either of us to be, we could no longer be friends and I didn’t realize that at first and while my heart aches when I can’t talk to you and I feel more alone than ever, I know that this was for the best.

I don’t hate you. I don’t think I ever could.

I just don’t want anything to do with you and that kills me.

I hope you find happiness, I hope you find a career and passion that drives you, I hope you find a love so pure and amazing that you are willing to love them without question. I hope for so many things with you. I hope you find much better friends.

I don’t wish you a sad life, I don’t wish you a bad one.

I want you to be happy in whatever happens to you but now I know that I am not someone who will ever be apart of that. I love you deeply.

So I leave you with this, my final parting, as I bid you goodbye.

– Sabrina Ingram.

Letter to My Younger Self

My seventeenth birthday will be coming up in a few days and I have recently been wanting to talk to you guys about a lot of things. I want to be able to share my life and my friends with you, talk about who has impacted my life in a big and super important way.

I was going to say I chose friends because a boy, in a romantic sense, has never impacted my life and can everyone please just say in chorus : “Bullshit.”

I have had romantic involvements that have created my ideal list of personalities that I want and don’t want from a guy because dating gives you an insight about what you want in the future and ignoring just how much they have impacted my life would just be idiotic and unrealistic.

So I have decided not to talk about those who have shaped my life because they know who they are, they know that I wouldn’t be where I am now had they not been in my life. They know how much they meant to me as they were some of my closest friends and they know that they will always matter to me.

Instead, this is a letter to myself. A letter to the freshly turned sixteen year old who thought she knew everything, the thirteen year old who thought her first kiss would be her last, the 11 year old who thought she would never lose any of her friends, the nine year old who was excited to be a grown up and even the six year old who dreamed of being behind the wheel.

At every point in my life, I thought everything would be exactly the same twenty years down the line or I had perfect pristine images in my head that was for sure going to happen. Only for the new year to come around where I would realize just how mistaken I was. Friends would come and go and I matured and needed different people surrounding me and vice versa, fights would pass, boys would be loved and lost.

And I, a little battered and a little bruised would still be me.

Being sixteen was honestly my reality check. The six year old me who was excited to one day drive had magically aged ten years and finally could. It was only then that I realized that this myth of freedom became my nightmare as I realized how much I HATED DRIVING (For all those who plan or have told me that it will change… Trust me. It hasn’t and it will not!)

The freedom in reality was paired with a jumble of nerves and a requirement to trust yourself and others behind the wheel. How am I supposed to trust utter strangers?

The eleven year old, so sweet and so innocent, was convinced she would never lose any of her friends but as years passed and she grew older, friends would come and go. When I was trying to be witty in making a comparison to friendships that came and went, I think of wind. Wind comes in so quickly and sometimes quietly but even so, you immediately feel the amazing impact of the friendship but eventually and just as quickly as it came, the friendship is over and you are moving on.

Just because you are no longer friends with these people doesn’t mean that you hate them, it just means that you guys grew up and drifted apart and you won’t ever forget any of them, they are amazing and they were your friend during a time that nobody else was but that also doesn’t mean you have to be friends with them forever. As amazing as this fantasy is.

The thirteen year old who naively thought her first kiss would be her last. Three years later and she finally did have her first kiss and at sixteen years old, your dreams seemed to be becoming a reality. It was sudden and nothing like what you expected but it was there and you still thought you would marry him but just as sudden as this (even though it was a month into the relationship) , it ended (which took about a month.)

The sixteen year old who thought she had life figured out. Her school, her major, her interest, her romantic life, her friends. She thought she was set and nothing would change.

But at almost seventeen years old, I am finding myself in a battle with my nine year old self who dreamed of growing up. Her innocent mind was unblemished from the real world and full of images and fantasies left her blinded… But me… Now seasoned and though I don’t know everything and I will openly admit that… I know that instead of being excited to grow up, you should be terrified and I am.

I know that I am going to constantly think I know everything right before I am thrown a curve ball that will undoubtedly change everything. At every point, I must be convinced that I will keep all of my friends and  that all of my relationships will not be thrown into a fire.

At almost seventeen, I realize that if I don’t live my life in that way then I will never truly live. That if I don’t love even with the chance of getting burned in the fire, I will never be given the chance to fall in love.

Which, in all honesty, is terrifying. I am walking into my life perfectly aware that my heart may get broken, that I may lose them in my life and I have to believe that everything will be okay in the end.

Are you excited to be seventeen?

No… I am terrified of growing up with that responsibility but honestly, I think the experience will be an amazing one that I will look on in later years and realize how important each and every event was.

So yeah,

Sabrina Ingram.

Why Do I Hate Thanksgiving?

I have a history of writing about the holiday days after the actual holiday but honestly, I don’t celebrate any holiday.

I either disagree with the message, I find the holiday a little ridiculous, or I just find no interest or desire to participate.

But honestly, and don’t plan my murder now, I believe Thanksgiving to be the worst holiday out there.

Now, I know. The gasps I just heard coming from your diaphragm was very loud even from all the way over here.

But honestly, Thanksgiving is celebrated to celebrate what we are thankful for. How do we do this? By overeating, breaking diets, and not doing anything we would typically do.

We complain about every little thing in the world right up until this moment in time and then we are suddenly thankful for everything that the world has to offer.

I personally see it as the “one day I have to pretend I enjoy and like my life so I am allowed to complain for 364 days before I ask for redemption.”

I hate any holiday that focuses on doing something that we are meant to do every single day.

We are supposed to be thankful and loving of all that the good has to offer in our world. All 365 days of the year.

So please, instead of making some ridiculously long post of everything you are “thankful” for this year, acknowledge it every day of your life.

So please, for all you who have created the super long post that references being happy that you have found love, that you have clothes on your back, that you have internet, that you can eat and enjoy food, or even (Merlin Forgive Me) that you have accepted God as your lord and savior.

Please remember all of these things that you are thankful for, remember them every single day of your life instead of once a year. Acknowledge the powers you have received and the gifts that you have bestowed upon you.

Remember these days and how you are thankful for them during moments of anger or sadness. Because these are things that one should be thankful for their entire life.

So even though we don’t eat a feast every single day of the year, please treat it as though it is always Thanksgiving.

Remember to give thanks to what you have received, appreciate all you have been honored with, and love all that you are thankful for.


Anyways, I hope you had a good one!

Sabrina Ingram.