Under the Willow Tree – POEM


We trekked towards the habitual spot

Became united under the Willow Tree

The alluring forestry cloaking us

Giving no glimpse to our antics


As seasons passed and the tree succumbed to the climates

Trifling and rejoicing in the leaves below

The scent would fill us

Reminiscing on the fun times we had

Conscious of the impeding phase


Till the sunshine fled

We jumped and clowned to our hearts content


I traveled lonesome

Awaiting his appearance

Could not fathom how he could be departed

And I let out a bellow

Exposing my sorrowing heart

As I grieved for him to reappear


Dear Boy Who Passed Away…


Dear Boy Who Passed Away,


I honestly have no idea why I am writing this at all. It’s not like you’ll ever read it as you’re long gone and I can’t say anything like I wish you hadn’t done what you had done or I wish you had contacted me before you did because I know it’s unrealistic. You were the boy that lived in my neighborhood and shaped my childhood, but as years passed and houses changed, we were no longer the same people and I know that I could not have done anything.


But that doesn’t change that heartbreaking feeling in my heart as I think of the boy that I once knew and how his mama will now be burying him just as he finally became an adult.


I don’t question why you did it, suicide has never been something that I don’t understand. I don’t question what happened in your life to make this the last option, I know what happened that day. I know that some of the things that you did on that fateful day was completely of your undoing and that in many ways, you probably wouldn’t have been able to get out of it.


Instead, I keep thinking of the memories that I share with you. I think of all the times that your name has crossed my mind in the past couple years. I had never forgotten about and I think that is why when I had found out that you had passed away, I was in complete and utter shock. I had run out of the classroom and had a panic attack as I made a mad dash to my car for no reason than to have a destination from my desire to get away as fast as possible.


You were the boy that lived two streets over, the shorter blonde kid that had the best jokes and rode the same bus as me for 6 years. You were the boy that found my most ticklish spots and wouldn’t let me forget it, the boy that I would walk around the neighborhood with as we searched for stray change on the ground. (I especially remember the day that we found a little over a dollar as we searched between the three streets that were the confines of our own neighborhood.)


I remember the days that I would walk with my dog to your house and I would spend twenty minutes just standing outside, hoping that you would come as I was afraid to knock on the door and this was a time before cellphones were accessible to elementary kids so I had no way of texting you to come outside. I remember that when you finally would come outside, as you always did, you would chase my dog around and try to ride her like a horse, which was honestly more funny than anything else.


I remember that one snowy day that we somehow ended up hanging outside, a time before we ever really knew each other even though we had been living in the same neighborhood for years and we talked about everything. I remember telling you about the field that I had recently discovered, I remember the treck that we tried to make but the river was too icy to cross safely, I remember you drawing things in the snow without letting me see what it was. I used to muse that day that you had liked me… That the day in the snow would have been the turning point for us, as I had a crush on you for quite some time before that day and after.


I remember that day that you got me in detention, one of only two times I have ever been in trouble enough to warrant a detention slip at all, where you had been throwing erasers at me, for what reason I had never learned before in my attempt to make you stop, I called you an elf and landed my second detention of Elementary school.


I remember all of these things, I remember that dopey grin that you had and I remember your voice like I had just heard it yesterday. I remember everything about you from all those years ago.


And then I remember that you’re gone and I realize that I can never talk to you again. I can never find out why you threw those erasers, or if you ever liked me on that snowy day. I can never see you again and you can never make me laugh again.


You’re just a boy that’s gone that I remember so clearly. I can’t say that I missed you as we haven’t spoken since high school but I’m not gonna lie that I don’t… I miss the you in Elementary school and I know that you’ve changed. I know that I’ve changed.


It just hurts that there will never be anymore memories between us because as much as you might not believe, I really did cherish all of those memories. From the good to the bad…


If you see Fluffy from wherever you are, make sure to tell her that I said hi and that I love her, okay?





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The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold : Book Review


Book Title: The Lovely Bones.

Author: Alice Sebold.

Publication Date: 2002.

Rating (Out of Five Stars): 2.


Possible Spoilers Ahead!


When I had first found this novel, I was actually fascinated because I was curious to see how they would handle the aftermath of a murdered girl. My original interest stems from an interest in missing persons cases (I have a suggestion at the end of this if you want to check it out!)


While, I can understand the general popularity of the novel and I would suggest this novel to any young teenager as it is a mature and serious conversation about predators and rape.


However, I found the content to be random. While I do understand that the story followed a fourteen year old girl who had just been murdered and lived in the in between, she randomly started remembering things that I found to be irrelevant or filler pieces.


The most emotionally charged piece in the entire novel, had everything to do with her murder scene which they do describe fairly well. She describes the rape and the murder right until moments before she died and it almost made me break down in tears and I almost walked away completely.


I thought the portrayal of the characters were amazing, I found myself understanding and relating to the reactions of the father, who became obsessive, and Lindsey, who clinged onto beauty and her boyfriend, and even the mother, who wanted to numb herself in a lot of ways, such as the relationship that bloomed between the cop and her.


There were a few chapters that angered me, where they tried to make the situation of the family significantly worse than it should have been, like the competition that the camp came up with after Susie’s murder where Lindsey was.


I loved the idea of what they had, to follow the story of the girl who had been murdered as she watched her family and her murderer’s life unfold. However, I found myself to be ultimately disappointed in the story.


After I finished the book, I found the movie on Netflix and decided to watch it and I must admit, the imagery and the way they treated the movie was amazing. Many of the filler pieces and the stuff that I hated was taken away and they focused on her moving on.


In a crazy way, I preferred the movie over the book which is incredibly upsetting to me and honestly, it ruined the book even more for me.


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