Nine Most Memorable Things in 2018

My Mom and Mark Got Engaged


When I first started this blog, my mom was actually going through a divorce with a man that I absolutely hated. I do plan on posting something really special for their wedding which is set for June 2019. I was actually there and was fully aware that it would be happening.


I Graduated High School


I never talked about this but I actually graduated later than I had originally planned. Instead of graduating in May like everybody else, I actually graduated in July because I had to take an online class due to a scheduling mishap. High School was definitely not the best years of my life but I am so glad that it’s over so that I can continue on with my life.


I Went Vegan


I can not believe it’s almost been a year since I went vegan. I actually went vegan very early on in the year and it boggles my mind that it’s only been a year. I feel like a lot of my experiences and my life has kinda been shaped around this and has helped me in a positive light. It’s been one of the best decisions I ever made and I cant wait to see what happens in 2019.


I Visited NYC for a Week


One of the best things about this trip was easily the vegan food. Before I went vegan, I had no idea just how many things I could still eat when I finally made the decision. But going to New York was an entirely new ball game, everywhere we went had vegan options and this one off the wall place we went to and didn’t even realize was vegan. Visiting everything and experiencing the city through food was the best part of the entire trip and I don’t think I could ever forget it.


I Started Queens University of Charlotte


In August, I began attending Queens University of Charlotte with a major in Creative Writing. Surprisingly enough, my minors have always been the same but I have slowly been fine tuning them to be what I want which is why my official minors are Jewish Studies and Philosophy. Queens has been an amazing experience, where I tried Laser Tag for the first time, walked 2.4 miles in the snow just so I could have pizza from Mellow Mushroom, had many late nights with my friends.


I Went to NYC on Halloween


This is probably one of the most random things I have ever done in my life. About 3 or 4 days before we left, the conversation began because my friend had won free tickets to see Hamilton for October 31st. We were in the front row and everything but at the time, we were obviously in Charlotte, NC so there was so much driving involved. We found the Hell on Wheels truck and followed it for 20 minutes and then finally got to see Hamilton. It was one of the most amazing, exhausting, and hilarious 24 hours of my life.


Below is the Vlog that my friend had made, I am not heavily featured in this but that red volkswagen is my lovely car so that’s always fun!



Madison Surprised Me On My Birthday


This is honestly one of the sweetest things in my entire life. My roommate surprised me on my birthday by decorating my side of the room with over 40 balloons. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing in the world and I love her dearly. Shout out to her for also taking me to Cinnaholic!


I Went to Carolina Rebellion


I went to Carolina Rebellion with Mark, my mom’s now fiance but at the time they were simply dating and it was absolutely amazing. I found my childhood and fell back in love with Black Veil Brides all over again. I don’t think I could ever forget this experience and the music that came along with it!


My Relationship


So I actually did date somebody in 2018. It was an unfortunately short relationship but it’s definitely memorable for multiple reasons and even though we are no longer together nor are we talking anymore, I still think it’s noteworthy to indicate that entire situation.


Bucket List Completion: Seeing a Broadway Play!


Under the Willow Tree – POEM


We trekked towards the habitual spot

Became united under the Willow Tree

The alluring forestry cloaking us

Giving no glimpse to our antics


As seasons passed and the tree succumbed to the climates

Trifling and rejoicing in the leaves below

The scent would fill us

Reminiscing on the fun times we had

Conscious of the impeding phase


Till the sunshine fled

We jumped and clowned to our hearts content


I traveled lonesome

Awaiting his appearance

Could not fathom how he could be departed

And I let out a bellow

Exposing my sorrowing heart

As I grieved for him to reappear

#BlackFriday Shopping Haul!

I actually don’t remember the sales for about half of it and I will not be including the final cost for anything that I bought because I always go a little crazy when I’m shopping and I just don’t feel like admitting that I went absolutely insane.


For those of you who will likely share their concern that I went Black Friday shopping, I went with my mother and her fiance and we actually went to some pretty calm places. Mind you, there are plenty of other shops that we went to and didn’t ultimately end up buying anything (i.e. Michaels and Rue 21).


Hot Topic




Hot Topic always has some decent sales on Black Friday and this one was no exception. All of their t-shirts (except for Fashion Tees) were $10 and with Crimes of Grindelwald having just recently come out, of course I HAD to buy a Niffler t-shirt, do you know me at all? 




This shirt actually was on sale for $12 dollars due to it being a fashion tee, but I didn’t realize that this was considered to be a fashion tee at the time so when I was at check- out, I was lucky enough for them to let me buy this shirt for $10 dollars. 




Hot Topic also had a generalized sale of buy one, get one half off. But the thing that I got for half off was actually a Christmas present for my lovely, lovely roommate so I will not be advertising that gift on here (as Christmas has not come around yet).


But this is a holiday advent jewelry set, where it’s supposed to come with a bracelet and 12 charms in each one of these advents, where you open one a day every day before Christmas. Do you remember the chocolate versions? It’s the same concept! 


Bath and Body Works




For this sale, it was buy 3, get 3 free and I always go a little… crazy when I’m at Bath and Body Works and as you all know very well, I am a STRONG believer in Aromatherapy so I bought a lot of their collection of that.




Arometherapy’s Comfort, featuring scents like vanilla and patchoulli, shower steamers. The goal of this is to put it in your showers, right outside the steam/ water and let it melt slowly and it’s supposed to bring comfort. I fully believe in Aromatherapy, but I am a little nervous about shower steamers and was curious to see how it would work. 




Aromatherapy’s Sleep, with the new scent of Black Chamomile, pillow mist. I thought that a pillow mist was fitting for an aromatherapy meant for sleep which is why I bought it and admittedly, I’m really excited about the fact that they have a new option for their sleep aromatherapy as I hate the smell of lavender and it made me less likely to use it as I wanted to desperately avoid the scent. 




With my newfound single life, as my past relationship has officially dissolved, I decided to play around with Arometherapy’s Love, featuring scents of Rose and Vanilla, Body Scrub to see what would happen in the love department of my life.




Aromatherapy’s Stress Relief, featuring scents of Eucalyptus and Spearmint, Concentrated Room Spray. I haven’t been talking too much about my dorm life but recently, it has come to my attention that some of my residential hall neighbors have complained about the scent coming from my dorm, AKA Apple’s fault. Because of this, Madison helped me buy one of those room sprays that spray every 5 minutes and I bought a carpet de-odorizer but in case those things don’t work, I also bought this and I thought both my roommate and I could really use this to our advantage.




Aromatherapy’s Focus, featuring scents of Eucalyptus and Tea, nourishing Body Oil. I really feel that every college student needs this. It helps them focus on the task at hand, such as homework instead of getting distracted by their own mind. 




Aromatherapy’s Happiness, including scents like Bergamot and Mandarin, Body Wash and Foam Bath. Happiness has probably been my internal struggle for the longest time and this honestly does make me feel a little better. 




This one doesn’t have a picture to come along with it but I decided to look around at the vegan snack boxes since I had a little extra money and came across UrthBox. I only bought one of their vegan snack boxes, their large one with 25+ snacks but for Black Friday, if you bought anything on the store then you got an extra box so I will be having two snack boxes coming in soon enough and I was actually planning on showing you guys what is inside the boxes! While I wouldn’t typically reveal how much I bought, I’m actually really proud of this deal as I bought two large snack boxes for $39.99. The box typically costs 49.99 but I also got another $10 off using HONEY!




I had actually heard of vegan cuts before, as I had found a lot of videos on box openings and really, desperately wanted to try a box. I would have gone with Vegan Cuts for my snack box but the UrthBox was ultimately cheaper for more snacks today but I still got to buy their Vegan Chocolate Treasure Chest for $32 dollars and free shipping, compared to original cost of $76.15, not including shipping. I will also be doing a video regarding on the contents of this box as well! 


JC Penney’s


This is a lavender, white, and grey sweatshirt with some sort of down arrow design to the top of the sweatshirt. It was actually one of the first things I saw at JC Penney’s and I just had to have it. I can’t recall what it was on sale for, as you’ll notice within time but I’ve always loved some of JC Penney’s clothing even though it’s typically on the girlier side.




It probably doesn’t surprise anybody that you can find me in the boy’s section of many stores and JC Penney’s is no exception. As you can see on the tag, this shirt is typically $20 but on Black Friday, it was a mere $5 dollars. FOR A HARRY POTTER SHIRT NO LESS.



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The Devil’s Arithmetic: Book Review

Book Title: The Devil’s Arithmetic.

Author: Jane Yolen.

Publication Date: November 1988.

Rating (Out of Five Stars): 4.5.

Book Review

I should preface that I have always been fascinated by Nazi Germany and the happenings in Concentration Camps. Perhaps this is a morbid fascination and it’s not a fascination that I can explain very easily. It’s just there, something that is never ending and will randomly catch my heart once more. It’s been a topic of interest for me ever since 6th grade when we began learning about in History class. Because of this, I have read many stories set during this time period (which I am actually hoping to reread and will likely post book reviews of them after I finish them).

Admittedly, I actually watched this movie before I ever read the book. In my Sophomore year of high school, we read Night by Elie Wiesel and then we watched The Devil’s Arithmetic. I personally wish we had read this book and then watched the movie, not because I disliked Night because on the contrary, Night is actually one of my favorite novels but simply because it would have made more sense to me to read the book and then watch the movie.

After reading The Book Thief, which was one of the first book reviews that I ever posted on here (The Book Thief by Markus Zusak : Book Review), I actually stepped away from the entire genre for quite some time. I had been so badly disappointed by the novel that I simply stepped away but like every other time, there was just something that brought me back. Perhaps it was this story that kept running through my head, a story that I desperately want to write, or perhaps it was something else but regardless, I was brought back to it.

Which means I was on a new hunt for a novel, and I remember watching this very movie and I became curious about the book itself. This is not a comparison of the movie, mostly because I don’t totally remember what actually happened in the movie but I will be making a review about this book, which is what you’re reading right now.

The story is about a young girl in the modern time who is sick of remembering and doesn’t understand the significance of Seder or why it even matters and definitely didn’t understand why her family acted the way they did until she opens a metaphorical door, looking for a religious figure from the Jewish religion and finds herself transported back in time to 1942 and eventually finds herself in Auschwitz after attempting to attend a wedding.

The story was detailed and explained many things, it was interesting to see how people reacted to this young girl and her attempts of telling the future and how nobody seemed to understand and I was amused by the fact that she told stories from the present time and passed them off as movies that actually existed.

But more specifically, I liked the reality of the situation. You had Riftka, who was clearly meant to be the voice of reason. She knew how to survive and she was the character placed to explain what was happening and while this is common in many novels, especially in one of these novels where things need to be explained to a degree, I felt like she genuinely belonged in the story and that she was used for more than just explanation which was refreshing.

I found myself entranced throughout the entire study, not being able to take me eyes off the text and anytime I was forced to, I would think about the novel constantly until I could come back. I wanted more to be explained, I wanted the story to be longer, I wanted the story to never end.

It entranced me until the very last word and it was absolutely fascinating, and mostly I never wanted the story to end. That story could have been three times the length and I still would have been fascinated. The way the girl’s mind worked and how the author decided to handle the fact that she was from another time and even the idea of making her incredibly sick beforehand so that her family would right it off as being sick was fascinating.

I was also surprised during many moments, especially in relation to the children. Essentially, and I don’t consider this to be a spoiler, children under the age of 14 were not allowed to live on the camp and so every time the commander came, children who were clearly incredibly younger than 14 would have to hide in the trash. The most surprising part is the fact that the guards were in on it and would even try and warn the children that they needed to hide and while nothing was done if the child was found outside of the trash, they would still try and help by warning them which was surprising. Nazis are portrayed as being fully evil, in both history and literature and yet you had this moment where Nazis were helping children survive.

A rare moment of humanity that surprised me but also pulled me into the story further.

I would have been this novel a five, as I believe it possibly deserved it but I do feel there are moments that they could have spread out. I would have loved to see a lengthened conversation between her and her Aunt Eva once she returned home and I felt that the moments right before she returned were very fast paced and could have benefited from slowing down a bit.

Tips for Dating Somebody with Anxiety!


I would first like to begin by saying, that as someone who has anxiety, the ways that you can help me versus how you may be able to help your significant other may be drastically different. These are not bullet- proof tips for everyone in the world, but they could give you an idea of how to approach the situation. But if you really are at a loss and none of these tips are working, talk to your partner. At the end of this, I will be linking different websites discussing the same topic for those of you who do not find this article useful.


It is important to understand their anxiety. For everybody, the root of their anxiety can be different and for some, it may be generalized anxiety or social anxiety. Maybe their anxiety could be connected to a different issue altogether, like PTSD.


Things you can do to understand:

  • Get them to talk
  • Notice their triggers
  • Stay calm and kind
  • Be there for them


You might find them asking you questions. They might want to know when you’re driving and when you’re safe. They may ask you to reassure them and when I say this, trust me. They hate that they feel this way. They hate that they have to know that you’re okay. They hate having to ask the questions but here is something very important to understand:


Their brains hate them. That’s how I’ve already described it to my boyfriend. Their brains are telling them the most horrible things, reading into something out of nothing and remembering the weirdest conversations and noticing the slightest differences. They will get this vibe during conversations that something is off and they have to know what the difference is.


Now every time I see that Tumblr post that says, “More tips to date somebody with anxiety,” or something like that, people are always talking about the fact that some of these things are ridiculously clingy and are signs of unhealthy relationships.


I’ll admit that the clingy thing has merit but it’s not the sign of an unhealthy relationship. Demanding to know your locations at all times and wanting to know that you are safe are two totally different things. People with anxiety fear both of these things, they don’t want to come off as clingy and they definitely don’t want you to feel like you’re in an unhealthy relationship so if that is something that you feel or don’t like, then please don’t continue on just because you feel bad for them.


People with anxiety don’t want to trap you and they don’t want you to be unhappy. So please, if this is how you are feeling then don’t stay in the situation. Making this decision is hard and honestly, I have a hard time believing anybody could ever want to love me and I feel this is a common feeling among a lot of people with anxiety. If this is not something you can handle, they would likely understand.


But please, don’t lie to them and lead them on. Don’t tell them you can handle it when you can’t, don’t tell them that it’s okay if it’s not.


It’s not impossible to date somebody with anxiety but I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy. But if you’re willing to date them, then hug the beautiful person and tell them that it’s okay. Tell them that you will try and help them in anyway that you can. Tell them that you’re trying to understand and start a line of communication. Do they know their triggers? Do they know how to handle their anxiety? Do they have anything they want you to do when they’re struggling?


Start the conversation. That’s the most important thing.


Other sites that may help you!



Thought Catalog

Their Best Friend – POEM

WARNING: If you are struggling in any way with suicide, suicidal thoughts, or self- harm then please click out of this. This will be triggering and emotional for some people and if you’re not in the place where you can deal with those things then please click out of this poem.




If you are at the point where you are seriously thinking about it, or even if it has even been a thought that has crossed your mind, please consider calling the number above. It is open 24/7 and they will talk to you about what you’re feeling and talk you out of it. I urge you to call the phone number.



It’s those words

Those words you never thought you would hear

You might not have even known what it was

When you first heard them

I know I didn’t


You think the first time will be the only time

When they are crying their eyes out

And they look at you and admit something that scares even themselves


You think you’re strong enough to help them

Maybe you even are

You take away their best friend


You’re naive to think that it will be enough

You think they wont find another best friend

You’re naive enough until you notice they are hiding their wrists

That they wince when you grab their arm in a certain way


You begin noticing the growing amounts of rubber bands branding their wrists

They are cool enough to be tricked into thinking that they are just an accessory

But I’ve come to notice them from across the room

And every time, I notice the same things


The wince

The nervousness

The depression

The secrets

The lies that are growing every single time you’ve talked to them


The second person comes to you and you want to help

You always want to help

That will never change

But your idea of helping begins to change


You make them show their wrists to you every single day

You’ll find an abandoned corridor at some point in the day

They’ll show you their wrists and all you will see are the scars

The scars that tell you everything that has happened to them


You don’t think to realize they are cutting somewhere else

Somewhere less noticeable

Somewhere that isn’t touched as often

Whether it’s their thighs or stomach


The third person comes and you’ve seen enough loss to last you a lifetime

You wonder if actually going to somebody will make a difference

You wonder if it would be a good idea

Then you notice blood leaking from under their bracelets

And you freak out, you hyperventilate

You end up in the school bathroom for hours on end


A teacher comes to find you at some point

Reprimands you for skipping

Even though they see the tears running down your face

And you find your opening

You’re staring at this teacher

You’re aware that you’re about to lose your friend

But you think that it has to be better than the loss forever


They survive

The survivor in your story of growing lists of people who have passed away

You lose them but that doesn’t surprise you

At least you get to see them alive

You seem them happy with other people

That’s all that really matters at this point


Then you get those words again

Those words of admittance

You’ve been ignoring the signs

The bracelets

You think they have to be decoration


You wonder if they are just flocking to you at this point

You wonder what it’s like

There has to be a reason why everyone is doing this

Why everyone you come to care about ends up saying those words


You make your own best friend

Nothing special

You hope nobody notices

And you’ve experienced enough to know what to avoid.

You make the first cut

The stinging is all you can think about

You wonder how they could ever do such a thing


You leave it alone

Clean up

Stop the bleeding

Then you leave your best friend in a hidden spot

You don’t think you’ll ever do it again


Until you find yourself craving that stinging pain

The realization of what you’re wanting to do

It’s terrifying because you know the harms

There is no believing that the blood dripping from your wrists is healthy.



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Broken Smile

Dear Boy Who Passed Away…

Our Relationship Q&A

Do you guys remember the first time you saw each other?



I don’t, unfortunately. I knew of his existence before we officially met because he was my brother’s best friend but I don’t remember the first time I actually saw him.



It was a day that me and Andrew were going to hang out at Josh’s. Drew had just seen his sister, I marveled that he had one. He pointed her out wearing that red dress which is how I noticed you. I replied that you looked nothing alike.


Do you remember the first time you guys met? Where was it?



This is actually kind of a funny story, which I should preface by explaining that he is my brother’s best friend. So, basically this was one of the first times that he had ever come over to my house and he was coming back to the bathroom and my bedroom and my brother’s bedroom were right beside each other and he came into my bedroom, got all flustered and apologized and then immediately closed the door and ran back to my brother’s bedroom. I wasn’t even effected by this because I had gotten so used to it but it’s a funny story now that we are together.



Official meeting is hard. The first time we ran into each other was when I continued the tradition of walking into her room on accident. The first time we really spoke however, that I can remember was me walking into the house with Andrew and she offered me Galaxy ice cream. She didn’t have blue so she used orange instead. It tasted like cheese cake.


How long were you guys just friends?



We met when I was 15 years old (2015), and we weren’t even friends until I was about 17 years old. It all started after I was becoming friends with that little group and I hugged one of our friends, and he made a joke about the fact that I didn’t hug him so I did and we hugged every time we saw each other after that and slowly became friends. However, we became really close in November, 2017 and got together on May 28th, 2018.



Officially about a year. Although I counted her as a friend since the day she let on that she had read Magnus Chase.


How do you think being friends first has affected your relationship?



I feel like when we both really acknowledged that we liked each other, it took away the requirement to get to know each other. We had been really good friends for the past 6-7 months and had known each other for years so we knew a lot about each other and I think the fact that we became friends first was definitely a good thing.



It helped us skip the awkward getting-to-know-you phase. We were able to progress our relationship further in a lesser amount of time.


How long did you guys have feelings for each other before you got together?



It should be noted first and foremost that he was in a relationship for a good amount of our friendship but I started having feelings for him in about January, 2018. I never told him, I never acted on the feelings or anything like that. I actually spent a good amount of time avoiding the fact that I liked him, and I even tried to move on once but it just never worked out.



Straight friend zone until about a week before we got together. She was there for me and I began to see that she wasn’t just crushing.


Complete the Sentence: “My boyfriend/ girlfriend is ____.”



My boyfriend is: present. He has been there for me through so long, even back when we were just friends. He helps me through my anxiety and comforts me when I’m not feeling well. I feel so comfortable with him and I can talk to him about everything. I am so lucky that I got to fall in love with my best friend.



My girlfriend is: Ardent.

(Ardent means enthusiastic or passionate.)


What is your favorite thing about each other?



My favorite thing about him is how much he cares. I love how fast he is to support his friends, how fast he is to protect them and care for him.




Her genuine nature. If she loves or hates something, they know it.


What is your least favorite thing about each other?



My least favorite thing about him is how self- deprecating he is. He doesn’t realize how absolutely amazing he is and just sees the absolute worst in himself. I wish he could see the version of him that I see.



How quickly she jumps to a conclusion. She usually thinks the worst possible thing and reacts accordingly. It requires a lot of conversation and explanation but I wouldn’t change it save to put your mind at ease.


Do you guys share any hobbies?



He actually does write a bit, he’s a fantasy writer and has written fanfiction in the past but I think that’s about it. He’s also a big reader!



Reading. And writing (to a lesser extent on my behalf as you are MUCH more prolific.)


Who is the dominant one in the relationship?



Him, I would say.



Can’t say. We’re kind of autonomous. Neither seems to take the lead.


What is the story behind how you guys got together? When was your first kiss?



So, basically, we were hanging out with a group of our friends and alcohol was involved. We were in each other’s arms and then all of a sudden, he was looking at me and he kissed me. He ran away to the bathroom after that and we talked about what it meant for our relationship and we got together.



Not a very romantic one. I’d just ended a very long relationship and with the help of my friend’s comfort and a bottle of tequila, I decided to go with my feelings.


He had just gotten out of a relationship. Is he 100% sure you’re not a rebound or whatever?



I’d been done with the relationship for a long time before it ended. It had gotten to a point where I was hurting myself more by staying. It was a bit quick, and perhaps in-advisably so. But rebound holds the stigma of being ingenuine and it’s not that. Sometimes I think it was a bit classless for how quick it was, but it wasn’t a rebound.



I wanted you to see his response to this question first. I’m not going to lie that it hasn’t been a concern of mine in the past. However, I can assure you that he is an absolutely amazing guy who would never do such a thing. There were a lot of issues in that relationship (that I will never, ever discuss) and while we don’t have the best timing in our relationship. I would never, ever change that. I completely trust him in his words and I hope you guys keep an open mind about him because he’s not going away any time soon.


What was your first road trip? Where to? How long? Why?



Our first road trip was about a week after we got together. We were both invited to a mutual friend of our’s wedding. I had to be there a day early as I was a bridesmaid and I invited him to come along with me so I wasn’t rooming alone at the hotel (because I’m a chicken) and this was all planned after we got together. It was for 2 days, the day before the wedding and then we left right after it. The wedding was in Roanoke and we stayed in a really colorful hotel, one of the Hilton’s where my mom works!



The wedding. Only about two hours to Roanoke for two days.


When did you guys first say “I love you” to each other? Did you hold back or did you say it the moment you began to feel it?



It was actually during the road trip. Which might seem super soon but we had known each other for years beforehand and it just felt right. We kept making references that we felt a lot for each other and he made it clear that he wanted to say it during a time where he was sure I believed him until finally, he just said it and I said it back.


Though, interestingly enough. I had told him that I loved him as a friend beforehand. I had written a secret decoding message where I told him how much he meant to me and how special he was and I said, “I love you (nlt).”



I held off for a full 24 hours.

(He means after he felt it)


What was your first date?



We went to Geeksboro (the coffee shop in Greensboro) and played the 36 Questions to Fall in Love and just got to know each other on a romantic basis. We spent so many hours just talking and then we came over to my house and played video games and just talked a bunch.



Geeksboro. It was a rather peaceful affair of getting the finer details about each other.


What is your favorite memory of being together?



My favorite memory of him was probably way before we were even dating. All of our friends had decided to go watch a movie and we decided not to go with them (for a couple of reasons). We spent the entire time talking about ghost encounters,  past friendships, and we watched ghost videos on YouTube before we decided to watch Moana on Netflix.



Dancing at the wedding.


How would you describe your relationship?



Since we were friends for so long, I think it’s very clear in our relationship. We can talk about anything and we know each other super well so we’re always showing each other stuff that we like on Facebook or whatever else. Alternatively, we are also super gooey and romantic and can be kind of cringy in that way.



Two similar and awkward young people with a strong connection doing their best to forget the past, prepare the future, and live the present as happily as they can for themselves and their partner.


What do you guys typically do together?



We typically play Skyrim on his PS3 that he keeps at my house, we watch horror movies, we talk a lot, and some other things…



Talk, watch stuff, make out.


What does he think of Apple? What does Apple think of him?



He absolutely adores Apple! I think I’ve spoiled him to the idea of having a ferret. My mom considers him to be Apple’s father and Apple absolutely adores playing with him.



I love the little guy and think he’s adorable. And I don’t know, can’t speak ferret.


Are you guys going to be doing a LDR (Long Distance Relationship) while you’re in college? How do you plan on handling that? 



We do plan on doing a LDR while I’m at college. I will be going to University in Charlotte while he will be near Greensboro, which is about an hour and a half drive. Because of this, we will be able to see each other quite a bit (though it will be problematic while I can’t have my car) and he does plan on coming over and I plan on coming home a lot. Otherwise, we plan on using the video chat on Messenger and texting a lot.



Same way I handle everything. A day at a time. I trust her fully and while I’ll probably get worried about her safety sometimes, I know she’ll be okay. And I’m going she’s going to be going out there and making her life better. I can’t wait wait to see the person she grows in to. And it’s not like it’s anywhere to forever. We’re going to keep in touch.



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